August 22, 2016
Volume 95, Issue No. 48
2015-16 Officers


  Chris Elsberg


  Tom Hanson


  Jeff Condit


  Adam Bain


  Mike Bell


  Daryl Empen
2015-16 Board of Directors


   Kevin Peterson

   Tarre Kroft

   Sheila Guse


   Tom Plechaty

   Ruth Sanders

   Kevin Murphy



   Steve Fitzsimmons

   Bob Braun

   John Kustes     





  Chuck Dyson
  Joe Robb

  Jerry Upchurch

  Liz Loveless

  Tom Hanson



  Steve Schroder

  Tom Hanson



  Jonathan Turner



  Bill Cleaver

   Sheila Guse,Chair



Jennifer Von Kaenel



   Sheila Guse, Chair


Membership Roster
A full listing of our membership roster is available in the Members Only area of our website.

Upcoming Events, Fundraisers, Dates
Dining Tour Books are in, and will be available next Monday!

Monday, Sept 5th, Labor Day Parade
Walkers AND/OR Drivers are needed to hand out peanuts, especially since
Sheila Guse, one of our regulars, will be unavailable as she has been named one of Rock Island's Citizen's of the year!
Please let Daryl Empen know if you can help.

Saturday, Sept 17th, 8th Annual Bags Tournament
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The Opening Act
     Club President, Chris, called the meeting of August 22nd to order. Jonathan Turner and his Lunar Orbiters provided the entertainment.
     The first announcement concerned a beloved member and past president, Duncan Reid. Duncan apparently is suffering from some health problems, and while he is not entertaining visitors, our thoughts and prayers are offered up for him.
     Sheila Guse announced that October will be cheese month. We will be hearing more of this from our own Queen of Cheese.
     Julie announced that the Birdies contributions came in at over $3,600. Thanks to all who participated and still can participate.
     Bags is warming up and if you can help on this annual fun event, contact Mike Bell.
     Food pantry loading will be at 9 a.m. Wednesday, August 24.
     Liz reminded us again that the NAMI Walk will be held September 24th. On the 12th, Heidi will be making a presentation focusing on NAMI.
     On August 29th, we will be visited by our Lieutenant Governor.
     Rotary has fired up a test balloon for a Circa 21 social event on December 7th. Give this some thought and be ready to make a decision next Monday. The presentation will be Christmas oriented.
     Dining Tour books will also make their presence known starting next week.
     With the Labor Day parade coming up quickly, participants are needed to reflect the spirit of the Club.
     Pre-sale peanuts will also be available shortly.
     In fun and fellowship, Julie won the $3.00 preliminary prize, which she graciously donated back to the Club. Bob Braun won the grand prize of a palate-tingling chardonnay from the vineyards of Pioneer Hybrid. 

The Feature Attraction
The program was given by Ken Barnds of Augustana. Ken is specifically involved in enrollment and enrollment strategies at Augustana. He began by describing his job role as well as what new events are happening at Augustana. Basically, these are in four categories according to subject matter: the attractive and compelling location of the school, its position as being ranked number 7 in terms of academic all-Americans in the sport scene, the program called Auggie Choice which involves a $2,000 grant to Auggie students, and CORE, a program to provide guidance on life paths. In addition, new looks have been afforded to Westerlin Residence Hall, former Carlson Residence Hall and the Hanson Center. There are hopes for repurposing of the pool, remodeling of Centennial Hall, and repurposing the Student Center to accommodate the new Brunner Theater Center.

Upcoming Programs

August 29th  David Ross, Rock Island County


Tuesday, Sept 6th   Joint Meeting with Rotary


Sept 12th      Heidi Huiskamp, Honorary NAMI Chair.

                    Invite family, friends and colleagues to this

                    important and inspiring talk!

Thought for the Day

"There is one four-letter word you don't hear much anymore-cash."-Bob Goddard