February 20, 2017
Volume 96, Issue No. 22
2016-17 Officers


  Tom Hanson


  Jeff Condit


  Julie Derrer


  Chris Elsberg


  Mike Bell


  Daryl Empen
2016-17 Board of Directors
   Steve Tollenaer
   Marla Andich
   Steve Fitzsimmons
   Kevin Peterson
   Tarre Kroft
   Sheila Guse

   Ruth Sanders
   Kevin Murphy




  Chuck Dyson
  Joe Robb

  Jerry Upchurch

  Liz Loveless

  Tom Hanson



  Steve Schroder

  Tom Hanson



  Jonathan Turner



  Bill Cleaver

   Sheila Guse,Chair



Jennifer Von Kaenel



   Sheila Guse, Chair


Membership Roster
A full listing of our membership roster is available in the Members Only area of our website.

Upcoming Events, Fundraisers, Dates
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The Opening Act
Club President Tom Hanson called the meeting of February 20th to order. 
Once again providing the entertainment was Jonathan Turner, and his President's Day Singers.
There are a number of reminders we received. First, Liz reminded us of the bowling tournament March 11.  There is still time to polish those bowling shoes and practice your hooks. 
Steve Schroder reminded us that the next inter-club meeting would be held Tuesday, February 28th with the Bettendorf lunch crowd.  This should be an enjoyable event, and give many of us an opportunity to see the latest destruction on the Iowa side of the Interstate-74 bridge. 
Julie reminded us of the next food pantry loading on February 22 at 9:00 a.m. at the usual place.
Steve Andich had whipped the membership into a frenzy from the last performance of The Rosettes, and when they get back from their next gig, we should expect an encore performance. 
We have been invited to participate with the Moline Club on May 4th for a Trivia Night.
March 5th, the Geneseo Club will be having a pancake breakfast, which should restore those carbs lost in the mental exercise of the Moline Trivia Night. 
On February 24th, there will be yet another Trivia Night, this time for the benefit of the Botanical Center.
Another new member was inducted into the mysteries of Club membership.
In Fun and Fellowship, the Kartel won both prizes, the cash reward, as well as a bottle of wine imported from the generosity of the Loveless family.  

The Feature Attraction
The program was given by one of our own members, Daryl Empen. His presentation was on the Broadway Historic District.  He began by defining the historic district and the boundaries of this area.  He also discussed the unique and distinctive features of several of the historic district homes, including the two homes that Daryl and his wife had purchased and have refurbished.  He closed the program with an excellent presentation that had been prepared in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the district.  

Upcoming Programs

February 27th  Anthony Peoples, WHBF, Channel 4 TV
March 6th        Mark Peterson, Spastic Paralysis Research

Thought for the Day

"I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of grace and beauty." ~ John F. Kennedy