March 27, 2017
Volume 96, Issue No. 27
2016-17 Officers


  Tom Hanson


  Jeff Condit


  Julie Derrer


  Chris Elsberg


  Mike Bell


  Daryl Empen
2016-17 Board of Directors
   Steve Tollenaer
   Marla Andich
   Steve Fitzsimmons
   Kevin Peterson
   Tarre Kroft
   Sheila Guse

   Ruth Sanders
   Kevin Murphy




  Chuck Dyson
  Joe Robb

  Jerry Upchurch

  Liz Loveless

  Tom Hanson



  Steve Schroder

  Tom Hanson



  Jonathan Turner



  Bill Cleaver

   Sheila Guse,Chair



Jennifer Von Kaenel



   Sheila Guse, Chair


Membership Roster
A full listing of our membership roster is available in the Members Only area of our website.

Upcoming Events, Fundraisers, Dates
We need help BEFORE and AFTER our regular meeting next week to fill Easter Eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Lincoln Park.  If you can come at 11 am to help, or stay after, it is appreciated. 

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The Opening Act
    Club President, Tom Hanson called the meeting of March 27, 2017 to order.
   Jonathan Turner once again provided the entertainment.
   Tom brought before the membership, a number of news items.  First, he informed us that the next inter-club would be a luncheon gathering in Geneseo on April 11. 
    He also reminded us that this Sunday, Moline would be having its Annual Pancake Day at Culemans Hall in Moline. 
    Tom also informed us that next Monday we will be doing a variation on our annual egg stuffing project for the park board.  Instead of having that activity serve in lieu of the program, the filling process will start at 11:00 a.m. next Monday.  The meeting will start at its regular time and following the meeting, we will go back to finishing up whatever hasn't been stuffed yet. 
    Speaking of eggs, the egg hunt will be held at Lincoln Park on April 8.  Not sure what Tom was thinking of, but he closed out this announcement with the admonition to "please bring clothes." 
    Chris Elsberg gave us an update on the First Day Fund as well as the AKTION Club, which looks like it's going to be brought to life with the assistance of ARC. 
    Mike Bell gave an announcement of a social outing and fundraiser in support of the Jordan Club. 
    The Andich's gave us an update on roses.  They need a count this week, so if you have any tickets which haven't been paid for, please get on this. 
    Birdies for Charity will have its kick-off on April 10th.
    The bags tournament will probably be held sometime in September.
    In fun and fellowship, the $4.00 prize was won by the Kartel.  For the third week in a row, Jerry Upchurch still basking in the relaxation of California, won the wine prize.  

The Feature Attraction
The program was given by Laura Adams of WQPT and Black Box Theatre.  She gave a brief presentation on her past experience, jobs and a cute reminisce about how she met her husband.  Black Box was opened in January.  Laura gave a summary of current and coming attractions.  She gave a brief verbal tour of the facility on 5th Avenue in Moline.  

Upcoming Programs

April 3rd     Easter Egg Filling, Midwest Food Bank
April 10th   Alleman or Rocky Key Club
April 17th   Quad City River Bandits 

Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day: "Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." ~ Benjamin Spock