February 6, 2017
Volume 96, Issue No. 20
2016-17 Officers


  Tom Hanson


  Jeff Condit


  Julie Derrer


  Chris Elsberg


  Mike Bell


  Daryl Empen
2016-17 Board of Directors
   Steve Tollenaer
   Marla Andich
   Steve Fitzsimmons
   Kevin Peterson
   Tarre Kroft
   Sheila Guse

   Ruth Sanders
   Kevin Murphy




  Chuck Dyson
  Joe Robb

  Jerry Upchurch

  Liz Loveless

  Tom Hanson



  Steve Schroder

  Tom Hanson



  Jonathan Turner



  Bill Cleaver

   Sheila Guse,Chair



Jennifer Von Kaenel



   Sheila Guse, Chair


Membership Roster
A full listing of our membership roster is available in the Members Only area of our website.

Upcoming Events, Fundraisers, Dates
We have out famous Kiwanis Bags Tournament T-Shirts for Sale!  We have various sizes in this year's black and yellow versions, and previous year's green and gray.  Only $5!!!  Great work or workout shirts, or cheap gifts for Christmas!  Call or email Daryl if interested or to make arrangements to purchase.

Dining Tour Books are in. Our goal is to sell 80 books, and we have sold less than 30 to date.  These makes great gifts.  Cost is $35, with $10 coming back to the club, and this can be billed to your account.
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The Opening Act
Club President Tom Hanson called the meeting of February 6th to order. 
Johnathan Turner again provided the entertainment.  In recognition of that festive New Zealand holiday, Waitangi Day, Johnathan entertained us with some of his favorite New Zealand Maori holiday songs. 
In a slight deviation from his standard presentation, President Tom named his Kiwaniian of the Week as being the members of House Committee. 
For clarification, scholarship applications for Rock Island High School and Alleman High School Students should be submitted by March 1.
We were also reminded of the golf outing June 21 in Aledo. 
As we were reminded last week, the Kewanee Club is holding its Pancake Day March 18.  Hopefully it will be a beautiful day, and a beautiful day for driving a few miles down the road for a high carb breakfast. 
As if golf and pancake eating isn't enough, we were also reminded of the bowling outing in Geneseo on March 11.  It's about time to work on those polyester team bowling shirts. 
As a follow-up to the presentation last week, a representative of the Alleman High School Key Club reported on how the events worked out during Catholic Schools Week. 
Julie next gave us a summary of service projects and events coming up.
Guests included representatives of the Alleman High School and Thorogood Marshall Key Clubs. 
Then, for the announcement we have been waiting for, and to the wild delight of the membership, Steve Andich announced that in recognition of Rose Day coming up sooner than you realize, the the Rosettes, coming back to town after rave reviews in Alpha and Rio, will be performing on the Botanical Center Stage next week. 
In Fun and Fellowship, the Kartel won $5, which it graciously donated to the Key Clubs in attendance.  The wine prize, a sweet red wine that would go with most any dish, was won by Jennifer. 

The Feature Attraction
The program was given by a leader of the Elephant Club.  Obviously, one of the first points in the program was to explain what the Elephant Club is and how it aquired its name.  It was explained that the Elephant Club members serve as mentors for victims of domestic violence.  On June 15 at 5:00 p.m. there will be a "Flowers In The River" ceremony, a touching and annual event of this group.  It truly is a unique program of men taking steps to curtail domestic abuse. 
Upcoming Programs

February 13th  Julie Derrer, Kiwanis Service Projects
February 20th  TBA
February 27th  Anthony Peoples, WHBF, Channel 4 TV
March 6th        Mark Peterson, Spastic Paralysis Research

Thought for the Day

"Too much of a good thing is a wonderful thing." 
        ~ May West