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Water, Water Every Where
and not a drop for its intend purpose
Federal coercion against the Klamath peoples
On 22 August 2022 the Federal government threatened the livelihood of several hundred families, our community, our neighbors, the foundation of our government districts, and our future.

Individuals and organizations, not within the limits of K.I.D.'s boundaries, individuals compliant with federal edicts and demands, entities that are government organizations are openly threatened in this letter.

This is not the act of a government that is working for the people to ensure domestic tranquility This is an act to coerce policy and to intimidate local government decision making.

And yet this same government condemns these actions in other contexts in the following words...

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Definition of Terrorism
Under Section 2 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002:

(15) The term ‘‘terrorism’’ means any activity that— (B) appears to be intended— (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;
FYI: Klamath Irrigation District, Enterprise Irrigation District, Pine Grove Improvement District, Klamath Basin Improvement District, Sunnyside Irrigation District, Malin Irrigation District, Shasta View Irrigation District, Van Brimmer Ditch Company are all special government districts formed under Oregon State Law.

Klamath Irrigation District exposed and unprepared to defend its actions as we await government information!!!
On 23 August 2022, under extreme duress from Federal coercion, the K.I.D. Board of Directors reluctantly ordered the closure of the A canal without any legal or contractual obligation to do so.

Since then the B, C, G, and D canals have begun to collapse in upon themselves due to the rapid reduction of water. Normally we go through a 3-4 week dewatering period. Millions $ in damages are currently occuring that must be repaired prior to next spring.

We are awaiting a response to our numerous requests for legitimate authority to order this action. Response is due from Reclamation by 5pm on 25 August 2022.

Closing the A Canal fundamentally undermines the mission of the District, its fiduciary responsibilities, violates its contractual obligations, and is done so without authority to cease delivery property to the people who pay for the storage, operation, and maintenance of the Link River dam.

K.I.D. has requested the legitimate and legal authority Reclamation is using to demand the District to fail to perform its contractual and legal obligations.

Please read the multiple letters K.I.D. has sent to Reclamation which are currently unanswered.

Contract 14-06-200-3784 states, "The District SHALL deliver water to District lands." The District has no discretion in this obligation.

Oregon Revised Statute 545 does not give the District authority to withhold water deliveries from patrons with full paid assessments (taxes paid to the government district).

Reclamation's 22 July 2022 letter does not cite any jeopardy to any species. Any water in the lake above 4,138.0 (arguably a buffer to a true biological need of 3.28' (at 4,137.8) to prevent pelican predation at a reef to the entrance of Pelican Bay.


River flows to the ocean are increasing!

The former lake beds and marshlands that used to be habitat for 1000's of animals is now dry and barren.

400 miles of wildlife habitat created by K.I.D.'s irrigation system is now decimated. Animals attempting to raise their brood are now scrambling to find suitable habitat...that no longer exists due to poor policy decisions.
The K.I.D. Board of Directors will meet on 26 August 2022 (time yet to be deconflicted) to review any new data Reclamation may produce to understand how to best protect the District.
Klamath district complies with water shutoff after feds...

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. - After initially indicating it would defy the federal government's order to shut off water to the Klamath Project, the Klamath Irrigation District has closed the A Canal under duress from officials threatening to withhold...

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