February 2024

Sholem Aleichem, Friend,

KlezCalifornia is very pleased to announce that we have met the $18,000 challenge from The Fred Isaac Fund to our Yiddish Culture Fund! We are so grateful for the generous gifts from 251 of you!

Through The Yiddish Culture Fund, KlezCalifornia is awarding grants twice a year to help develop the next generation of Yiddish culture leaders and producers in the San Francisco Bay Area (and elsewhere, if a streamed event). Grants we awarded last Fall are described on our website. Watch your email for announcement of the next grant application cycle this Spring. We also are continuing to fundraise towards the goal of a $50,000 Yiddish Culture Fund, and we welcome your support!

At the same time, we are excited that KlezCalifornia has resumed presenting and co-presenting events, including an event-filled weekend in the East Bay February 24 and 25.

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Presented by KlezCalifornia

Flisik Yidish Salon

Sunday, February 18, 2-3pm PT (online – calculate your local time HERE). 

This monthly online conversation Salon is for fluent (flisik) Yiddish speakers. No charge.

Di teme far februar vet zayn: Velkhe fir pozitsyes oder shteles volt ir af keyn shum oyfn nisht maskem geven ontsunemen, vifl me zol aykh nisht batsoln? Far vos nisht?

װעלכע פֿיר פּאָזיציעס אָדער שטעלעס װאָלט איר אױף קײן שום אופֿן נישט מסכּים געװען אָנצונעמען, װיפֿל מע זאָל אײַך נישט באַצאָלן? פֿאַר װאָס נישט?

More info and registration »

Jeremiah Lockwood: Lecture & Concert

Co-presented by KlezCalifornia

In-person at Stanford on Tuesday, February 20. Lecture at 12pm, concert at 5pm.

Join Stanford's Annual Clara Sumpf Lecture Series, featuring this year's lecturer, Jeremiah Lockwood, for a day of scholarship, music, food, and drink. Jeremiah Lockwood, a Stanford alum, is a scholar and an accomplished musician with an expansive knowledge of musical traditions and techniques that range from cantorial sacred music to Piedmont blues. As both musician and academic, he imagines how the power of “lost” forms of Jewish music can articulate keenly felt present needs. Lockwood will be celebrating the launch of his book Golden Ages: Hasidic Singers and Cantorial Revival in the Digital Era (UC Press).

More info and link to registration (space limited) »


Santa Cruz Jam Session

Presented by KlezCalifornia

Thursday, February 22, 7-9pm at Gilman Brewing in Santa Cruz

Join local musician (and KlezCalifornia Board member) Dmitri Gaskin as well as several visiting klezmer musicians for a casual jam session. Grab a beer and listen in or bring your instrument and play along.

More info »

Songs of Jewish Women

Co-presented by KlezCalifornia

Saturday, February 24, 6-9pm at Urban Adamah, Berkeley (in person only)

Join an international trio of klezmer musicians and local legends Veretski Pass for an evening of music and community dance. Berlin-based violinist Craig Judelman, Latvian-American Accordionist Ilya Shneyveys, and Cantor Sarah Myerson celebrate women’s contributions to Yiddish song, exploring traditional life and changing roles for women in Eastern European Jewish culture. Joined by Berkeley's Veretski Pass, the evening includes traditional Yiddish dancing led by Cantor Myerson.

More info »

The Joy of Jewish Music and Dance

Co-presented by KlezCalifornia; supported in part by KlezCalifornia's Yiddish Culture Fund

Sunday, February 25, 1-4pm at the JCC East Bay, Berkeley (in person only)

Join the JCC East Bay for the second edition of a new monthly series celebrating “The Joy of Jewish Music “The Joy of Jewish Music and Dance!” – this time with music by Asaf Ophir, Zina Posen, and Ivan Velev, and dancing led by Bruce Bierman.

1pm: choose between learning music or dance technique and styles

2pm: dance party focusing on the dances and tunes taught in the prior hour

3pm: informal music jam

More info and link to registration »

Yiddish Culture Links

Enjoy this video of a presentation by Ayelet Brinn on A Revolution in Type: Gender and the Making of the American Yiddish Press. The event February 4 was presented by the Jewish Community Library and co-presented by KlezCalifornia!

What did our great-grandparents eat for breakfast? An interesting panel discussion on Eastern-European Jewish culture from The Forward.

Nu, What Else?

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Honor Wall

Fran Quittel:

In memory of Grace Kaminstein z"l. Originally from Rome, Italy, Grace married my childhood best friend Dr. David Kaminstein z"l and with Dave became an active member of Kesher Israel Synagogue in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Grace was active in the congregation and sisterhood, beloved for auctioning off irresistible home-cooked Italian haute cuisine dinners, and as the synagogue's pre-school French teacher. She will be missed.

Fran Quittel:

In honor of Freya Hain on the occasion of her second birthday on February 1, 2024.

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