June 2022
Sholem Aleichem, Friend of Yiddish Culture,
Many thanks to those who attended or donated to the two events we co-presented in May to raise funds for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians. The in-person Ukraine Benefit Concert in Sonoma County raised more than $12,000 for International Resource Committee, Global Giving's Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, and World Central Kitchen. The international web event Tsvelf far Ukraine raised $58,000 for numerous charities of the donor's choice, primarily HIAS and American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. FYI, in Yiddish, the country's name is pronounced Oo-kra-yi-neh.
On Shevuis (which begins at sundown on Saturday, June 4, the tradition is to eat milkhigs (dairy), so we bring you a picture of mouth-watering cheesecake. Find your favorite cheesecake recipe among the 238 million on the web!
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Presented by KlezCalifornia

Sunday, June 12, 11am-12:45pm Pacific Time (calculate your local time HERE)
Broadcaster and music writer Andy Muchin takes a deep dive into the career of The Barry Sisters and the musical mash-up they helped to popularize, Yiddish Swing. Claire and Merna Barry, born Clara and Minnie Bagelman in the Bronx, New York, were among the earliest and best-known Yiddish Swingsters with their lively renditions of Jewish music set to a jazzy beat. With their sweet, tight harmonies and consummate artistry, the sisters performed on radio and television, in nightclubs, and on concert stages for nearly forty years, including as stars of a 1959 U.S. friendship tour of the Soviet Union.

Co-presented by Jewish Community Library and Jewish Folk Chorus of San Francisco.

Sunday, June 12, 2-3pm Pacific Time (Please confirm your local time)
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research chief archivist Stefanie Halpern will provide a tour of the organization’s archives of Jewish life and culture in Eastern Europe. She will also introduce the Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Online Collections, the newly-created digital archive of four million documents covering a vast range of topics and experience.
A free presentation by the Jewish Community Library. Co-presented by KlezCalifornia.

Presented by KlezCalifornia

Sunday, June 26, 11am-12:45pm PT (calculate your local time HERE).
Ukraine has been a home for Yiddish poets, songsters, and writers for centuries. The music of Jews living in Ukraine influenced, and was influenced in turn, by the music of their non-Jewish neighbors in villages and small towns (shtetlekh), and later in large cities. We will explore poets from Kyiv and from the legendary underworld of Odessa, and night songs from neighboring villages. Register now!

Presented by KlezCalifornia
Sunday, June 26, 2-3pm (calculate your local time HERE).
This monthly online conversation Salon is for fluent (flisik) Yiddish speakers.

Di teme far Yuni vet zayn: Vos volt geven di oysergeveyntlekhste (magnificent) visnshaftlekhe (scientific) antdekung (discovery)? Vi volt es gebitn di velt, un vos far a hashpoe volt es gehat af aykh?

Klezmer & Yiddish Music Links
Meydelekh un Vaybelekh, Tantst a Dreydl (Girls and Women, Dance Around), sung by Eleonore Biezunski. From the album Yerushe, whose link includes audio excerpts of additional songs. This was one of numerous songs taught in Cindy Paley's course for KlezCalifornia in May, Yidish Lider vegn Froyen (Yiddish Songs about Women). We hope to offer another Yiddish song course with Cindy in the Fall.
Yiddish Language Links
Watch the comedy duo Yelena Shmulenson and Allen Lewis Rickman perform Mikhl Rosenberg’s classic 7-minute sketch (in Yiddish and English) about a very confused Yiddish-speaking immigrant who thinks he’s going to hear Yankl the Khazn but he’s in for a surprise.
Other Yiddish Culture Links
Check out this short (33 sec.) video from the "National Archives of Shvitz (Poland)," 1883, as "collected" by the performing group known as Klezmer Aerobics and "presented" by the rabbis of the Yeshiva Gedola.

Let KlezCalifornia know (here) if you find an online klezmer aerobics video longer than a minute or two and we'll put the link on our website. The DVD and VHS tape “My Yiddish Workshop - Shvitz! that used to be sold by Workers Circle are no longer available.
Nu, What Else?
Honor Wall
Beverly & Paul Alexander:
In memory of Alby and Wallie Kass. The vibrations of their music will never die away.
Mordecai bH:
In blessed memories of Brana Lesnar, my mother, who drove me across Philadelphia weekly for four years to study music so she and I could play with the klezmer band she hired for my bar mitsve and who passed unexpectedly on the following Shabes, and of my own dear son Steven Kai, who passed two years ago and had been named after my baby brother who didn't make it to his first birthday.
Elaine Elinson:
In memory of Anna Feldman Gomberg, my grandmother. With deep appreciation for the diaries she left us with tales from the banks of the Rostovitsa River to the sweatshops of Chicago. 
Rosie Gozali:
My father picked the car songs we sang on the way to a visit with the relatives or an occasional museum. Along with Americana songs such as, “It’s a grand old flag, it’s a high flying flag," etc. were songs by the Barry Sisters. Being in the back seat of the car made it impossible to escape them. Oy! Who knew that decades later I’d be part of the Jewish Folk Chorus of San Francisco, singing those same Barry Sisters songs! I grew to love them and the language they were sung in, Yiddish.
Talia Shaham:
I would like to honor Yaakov and Shulamit Goldberg, nonagenarians in Palo Alto, on their birthdays! I've known Yaakov and Shulamit most of my life as they were friends with my parents since the 1940's. They are truly Yiddish culture lovers with deep roots, and have enjoyed KlezCalifornia events over the years and currently. Yaakov especially enjoys the music and has played the harmonica and violin, while Shulamit has always loved the dancing. May their interest in Yiddish culture continue to enrich their lives! Wishing them all the very best with love.
Barbara, Marc & Larry:
In memory of our beloved Alfredo Rothenberg. Never forgotten, always in our hearts and minds.
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