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It's finally 2021! Our warmest wishes to you for a freylekhn nay yor (happy new year). Is this a good time to commit to learning Yiddish? Attending more workshops to play, sing, and dance? Or maybe even volunteering for KlezCalifornia? We welcome your participation!

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Becoming Sholem Asch, with David Mazower
Sunday, January 10, 4pm Pacific Time
A yeshiva student who became a provocative dramatist, bestselling novelist, and embattled prophet, Sholem Asch was Yiddish literature’s first modern celebrity. One of the best-known Jewish public figures for over half a century, Asch’s writings included bestsellers in English translation, and smash hits on the Yiddish stages of Warsaw and New York. His 1907 play God of Vengeance resulted in a famed obscenity trial in New York and has inspired many adaptations and reworkings, including Paula Vogel’s recent hit Indecent. This illustrated talk by Asch’s great-grandson will put his career as a playwright in the wider context of his life and work, including many public and private images showing the private face of this most public figure.

Presented by Yiddish Book Center. Co-presented by Yiddish Theatre Ensemble and KlezCalifornia.

Klezmer Workshop Series Presented by KlezCalifornia
Freylekhe Lider, with Jeanette Lewicki
Sunday, January 31, 11am Pacific Time
Sing along with songs for dancing, laughing, clapping, toe-tapping, celebrating, and warming up a crowd. We will include upbeat tunes with comical lyrics from Prince Nazaroff, Aaron Lebedeff, the Ruth Rubin collection, and some of Jeanette's own arrangements for the gonifs klezmer band and the San Francisco Klezmer Experience (a.k.a. Klez-X). These are great songs for a group or a band to play, or for you to sing around the house; we will make written charts and lyrics available on KlezCalifornia's Tune Archive. Co-presented by Congregation Chochmat HaLev.

Save the date: Sunday, February 21, 11am Pacific Time, The Jewish Sound, klezmer instrumental workshop with Cookie Segelstein.
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Klezmer & Yiddish Music Links
Maqsoum and more from album Ultraviolet, with Farnakht (Zoe Aqua on violin and Mattias Kaufmann on button accordion).

Dos Karantin Lid (Quarantine Song) was created for the 11th Kleztival in Brazil. Author and singer Zhenya Lopatnik contemplates the feelings of people stuck in their countries due to the traveling restrictions. In Zhenya's sand art, she imagines them becoming birds who finally can meet somewhere safe.
Yiddish Language Links
Learn the basics of Yiddish conversation with Motl Didner in fifteen minutes a week at 10am Pacific Time, through the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene.

Oysgezoomt, meaning “fatigued or bored by Zoom” has won third place in the American Dialect Society's awards category of Zoom-Related Word of the Year.
Other Yiddish Culture Links
Jewish Soul: Ten newly-restored Yiddish classical films on five Blu-Ray disks for a discounted $29.97 plus shipping. Three are available for stand-alone purchase ($9.99) or rental ($4.99). Bay Area film critic Lincoln Spector reviews each film. The set will soon be borrowable at no charge from the Jewish Community Library.

Hershey Felder, known for his portrayals of classical and American composers on the theatrical stage, performs as Sholem Aleichem in the world premiere of Before Fiddler – Live From Florence. Sunday, February 7, 5pm Pacific Time with an additional week of “on demand” access. Tickets $55,

Yinglish Popular Music: Mickey Katz, the Barton Brothers, and Allan Sherman -- a six-class course about bilingual parodies -- with Ronald Robboy, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-2:15pm Pacific Time, beginning January 5. Tuition $200-$275.
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Honor Wall
Howard Freedman
In memory of David Shneer, who remains a shining light.
Alice Webber
Recognizing the incomparable Michael Wex … and the tireless Judy Kunofsky.
Deborah Kohn
I was born and raised in Cleveland, where I developed a love of the Yiddish language. My parents also were born and raised in Cleveland, but they didn't learn English until they attended public school's kindergarten. While Yiddish was spoken in my home, it only was spoken amongst my parents, their parents, and their siblings. On the other hand, until at least the 4th or 5th grade, I never knew the word ‘refrigerator,' only ‘frigidaire.’  
Dmitry Budker
In honor of the millions of victims of communist terror in Russia and elsewhere. Let us not forget!
Carolann Biederman
In Honor of Laura Sheppard.
Jeffrey Hoffen
Our deepest condolences over the passing of Reuben Rosloff. May your many memories be for a blessing. Love, Cheryl, Jeff, Jeremy, Jessica
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Judy, thank you for all you do to bring Yiddishkayt to the world.
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