Intellectual Property Investigations and Patent Infringement
A major technology company retained us to find out whether some other business was making and selling its products that were protected by patents. We found that it was happening and went to the factory where products were being made, determined how much was being made, tracked those products to Mexico, followed those products into California, and bought those products in the United States to support a litigation case. Need information to protect your IP? We have been doing these cases for a long time for leading technology organizations.
Procurement Conflicts of Interest? Kickbacks?
A Fortune 200 client wanted to know whether the head of its procurement unit in South America was getting kickbacks in cash from vendors. We know how to do those cases and got the goods on the employee receiving the kickbacks. We stopped the bleeding and amped up the profits! When your own employees are getting kickbacks, you are overpaying for goods and services.
Sanctions and More Sanctions
Is an organization or person under sanctions or on a watch list? Are you going to be violating OFAC or other regulations by selling to a business? We can figure it out.
Christmas Lucy
Happy Holidays!
Lucy is a fashionista of the first degree. Check out her holiday ensemble from a leading couture house.

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