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...and the passion for the Music continues!


KLYMAXX is excited to announce that YOU can see them perform live online from wherever you are on your favorite electronic device on Saturday, June 29th. Their performance at the Old School Legends Of Funk Diabetes Awareness Concert will be streamed live at 8:00pm Pacific Time (PDT) 11:00pm Eastern Time (EDT) and 3:00am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Tune in, and not only be entertained by KLYMAXX' exciting show, but also being a part of raising awareness and support for Diabetes, a chronic condition in which abnormally high levels of glucose is found in the blood. Many people who have diabetes do not know that they do. Please be a part of this raising awareness by participating in the ticket buying of this Legends Of Funk Concert at:
Just $9.95 to help raise awareness for this chronic condition and enjoy a great musical concert in the comfort of the location of your choice.
So, be there from somewhere!
OR ----If you are in the Bakersfield, California area come to the Fox Theater on "H" Street and participate in the live energy performances of the classic old school artists you have always enjoyed experiencing their live shows.
Either way, don't miss this Great Cause concert. It will be the most talked about concert of the summer!

Check out KLYMAXX' performance calendar for the concert dates near you.  They are gearing up to make you "Pause".  Their performance dates will be in Pomona & Bakersfield, California and then onto Greenwood & Jackson, Mississippi.  Here's the link to their calendar page:

Pay-Per-View Diabetes Awareness Concert: Legends of Funk 09/29/19
Pay-Per-View Diabetes Awareness Concert: Legends of Funk 09/29/19


06/28/19 - The Basement; Pomona, California
08/09/19 - Leflore County Civic Center; Greenwood, Mississippi
08/10/19 - Thalia Mara Hall; Jackson, Mississippi
09/07/19 - Ladies Legends Of Funk & Freestyle; Redondo Beach, California
10/26/19 - Funktober Fest; Stockton, California
Friday, June 28th, 2019 @ 10:00pm (PDT)
Funktastik Fridays presents KLYMAXX 
3000 S. Thomas Street
Pomona, California 91766

What's Good FAMILIA!!! This is another SHOW you DON'T!! want to miss..
June 28 come see KLYMAXX performing all their hits live .. at FUNKTASTIK FRIDAYS located at The Basement in Downtown Pomona don't miss out brought to you by Dj Cazel Present and 364 Entertainment ! Hit me, Charlie Garcia, or my Boy Cruz Rubio up for ViP bottle service and tickets @ 323-767-6257


Saturday, June 29th, 2019
Pay-Per-View Live Concert Performance
- 8:00pm (PDT) / 11:00pm (EDT)

Dignity Health/ Community Wellness Program along with Globalminds Entertainment and Events in Association with Gladstone & Myers Enterprises, presents a Pay-Per-View Diabetes Awareness Concert: "Old School Legends of Funk" on Saturday, June 29, 2019 to raise financial support for the awareness of creating environments that meet each patient's physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Dignity Health also believes this healing philosophy promotes the well being of their staff and the places they serve.

Please support this most needed awareness by participating in this Pay-Per-View concert for just $9.95 on: https://streamingmedialive.cleeng.com
Featuring musical Artists Lakeside, Klymaxx, Slave, Andre Ray formerly of LTD and Mind Body Soul feat. Dr. Funk, this will be an enjoyable great, high energy concert not only for just entertainment but to support innovation, faith and compassion, advocacy and action for diabetes care. 

Saturday, June 29th, 2019 @ 7:00pm (PDT)
Old School Legends of Funk
2001 H Street
Bakersfield, California 93301

Global Minds Entertainment presents "Old School Legends of Funk" Diabetes Awareness Concert Tour 2019, featuring Lakeside, Klymaxx, Slave, Andre Ray formerly of LTD and Mind Body Soul feat. Dr. Funk.  Doors open at 7:00pm, show begins 8:00pm VIP Meet & Greet with Photo Op Early Entry @ 7:00pm.


KLYMAXX , the all-female band (AFB) with the 80's R&B/Pop musical hits, "Meeting In The Ladies Room", "The Men All Pause" and "I Miss You" Billboard magazine's #3 song of 1986, as well as into the 90's with the #4 R&B hit, "Good Love" now being performing with a new revealing experience of professional high energy, commanding funky rhythms and sensual melodic movements that is a musical journey you will never forget!    
Thank you for the opportunity to continue to bring you updates on the adventures of KLYMAXX featuring Cheryl Cooley .  We appreciate your continued support.  Stay tunes for more Music, more Events and more News!   
...and the passion for the Music continues!




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