Knee Special Interest Group Newsletter  
March 2020 
SIG Leadership
Chair: Brandon Schmitt 
Vice Chair: Kelcie Wittman 

Welcome to the revamped knee SIG newsletter, based on feedback at CSM.  It will be shorter and sweeter. We plan to send more frequent, digestible, clinically applicable content. Thanks to John Dale for creating this infographic. Anyone interested in doing one please reach out to me.
Also, be aware that the deadline for submission for abstracts and proposals for Education Sessions is fast approaching for CSM 2021.  See the information below for details.  If you are interested in a Science Meets Practice session, please reach out to me directly to discuss, as these sessions are processed differently than the traditional Education Sessions.
As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.
Brandon Schmitt
Knee SIG Chair
Science Meets Practice Sessions Science Meets Practice (SMP) sessions are a unique combination of platforms and clinical application content being provided by the AASPT at the annual CSM. These sessions are developed through a joint effort between the AASPT Section Programming Chairs, SIGs and Research Committee. "Outside" SMP submissions will not be accepted. Topics will be developed based on the research submitted and accepted for presentation at the annual CSM.
Format The format can be best understood by reviewing the tightly organized, fast-paced schedule which drives the unique nature of these sessions:
00:00 - 00:05 Overview of session format
00:05 - 00:29 Presentation of 3-4 short platforms
00:29 - 00:35 Moderator led Q&A
00:35 - 01:00 Moderator led case study integrating platforms
01:00 - 01:22 Dialogue #1
01:22 - 01:44 Dialogue #2
01:44 - 02:00 Moderator led Q&A/Summary of session 
For platform presenters: Your platform is very brief (6min). Basically a quick summary. Questions asked will be quick and to the point. Please make your responses brief. The case study is the opportunity to expound in more detail. You will be asked how your research might apply to the case.

For dialogue presenters:
Dialogues are thoughtful exchanges on topics that are emerging in the profession and related to the program presented. They may represent/explore current variations in practice, possible directions for future research, or a reexamination of established ideas. The two presenters should make every effort to include the presented research in a clinical application during their presentation. 
Platforms will be on related concepts believed to be of interest to the audience attending the upcoming dialogues. However, they may or may not be on the exact same topic.

Final Session Assembly 
Once the platforms are selected, the Education/Research Committees will assign platforms and moderators to relevant dialogues in order to final the SMP session.    


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