July/August, 2020
THE KNIGHT CAP - Council 5150
Happy Fourth of July !!!

Making it Thru.......2020

Vivat Jesus, Brothers !!!

We have actually made it to the mid-point of 2020, and most of us, thanks be to God, are still navigating our way thru this unusual year. All of us can agree that it has been a most interesting time and I pray that you and your family continue to be well.

The challenges of 2020 have caused us to embrace technology, whether we wanted to or not! There have been so many firsts for the Knights, starting with the roll out of the extraordinary new Exemplification (Degree) Program that eliminated secrecy and offered Brothers the first opportunity to invite our spouses/family to witness the ceremony of initiation into the Knights association.

Then, because of the pandemic, the new exemplification became even more open to witness, as Supreme announced on-line presentations, making it extremely convenient to welcome any new members and promote them to Third Degree status in less than one hour. What an INCREDIBLE CHANGE. Although some may argue that we have abandoned the tradition and history of the Knights, it is the opinion of many that these changes are needed to continue the growth of the Knights of Columbus. This enables our fraternal association to do so much more good for our communities. That is truly the reason that Father McGivney created the Knights, and that is the reason that God has always smiled upon our group of faithful men.

The pandemic did not stop our Council from answering the call of Father McGivney to help, and with Brother Knights throughout the world, we celebrated Pope Francis' approval of the promulgation of a decree recognizing a miracle attributed to the intercession of the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, The pope’s action means that Father McGivney can be declared “Blessed,” the step just prior to sainthood. An additional miracle attributed to Father McGivney’s intercession will be required for his canonization as a saint.

Of the seven Council meetings of 2020, four of them have been remote meetings. This is the first time ever, that our Brothers have been able to join the meeting from the comfort of their home (for better or worse) and via their computer or phone join our discussions of goodwill and prayer. After returning to the Council Hall for the June meeting (although we did live stream the meeting as well), it was decided to take the meeting back to a fully remote format, because of the recent spike of Covid cases within Central Florida, for the July meeting. My hope is that more of our inactive Brothers, may find the time to turn to their computers to join us in on-line meetings, and to this goal we will continue to utilize technology to live-stream our meetings, even when we resume physical meetings at the Hall. Please invite your Brothers to at least watch, if not attend in person!

While I am on the topic, I wish to remind all of our incredible Brothers, that there is much work needed to upkeep our Knights Hall. The recipient of this month's Knight of the Month Award, Kevin Kenneally is a huge blessing to Council 5150, as he and Brother Richard Brown do most of the repairs and additions to our facility. A new storage area was added to our Council Hall, over the past two months, which was quite a project. I attended two of the work weekends, and appreciate the help from a few Brothers that could find time to help out. I ask that you please keep your eyes open for future Council Work Days, and participate whenever you can find a little bit of time. Just a couple hours of your time can mean so much for the Council and it all leads to an incredible home for our Council as well as securing renters that in the end support our Council and our activities for the community.

Although we have been largely unable to physically gather in groups, our Council has continued to stay busy. There are many exciting happenings within Council 5150 and I welcome your participation and truly need your help! Please see the following events and email kofc5150@gmail.com when you can be a volunteer or participant for these events. As we tell our new recruits, "Our Council will never demand your time as a requirement of membership, as time is precious and often rare. However your precious time and talent is always needed and greatly appreciated by man and God". Please consider investing your time in YOUR Council activities!

Thank you,
Michael Forster, GK

July/August Knight B-days
Good Wishes and Prayers to our Brothers Birthdays!
Advanced apologies for errors or omissions.
July 1 = Rex Hersey
July 3 = Jonathan Toole
July 3 = Steven Malkowski
July 6 = Chris Marquette
July 10 = Jerry Brady
July 14 - Walter (Raliegh) Whitehurst
July 14 - William Magee
July 17 = Matthew Jester

Aug 2 = Nicholas Watz
Aug 3 - Raul Garcia
Aug 8 - Bruce Grenier
Aug 12 - Stephen Wagner
Aug 14 - Joseph Bomah
Aug 16 - James Barati
Aug 16 - Randy Foot
Aug 19 - Victor Pechacek
Aug 20 - Neal Kimball
Aug 19 - Herbert Bangert
Aug 21 - Barry Dumrauf
Aug 28 - Kevin Pastore
Aug 30 - Robert Hutchison
Aug 31 - Gary Dixonl

May 01 - James Chandler
May 2 - Eddie Imbriani
May 2 - Toan Tran
May 4 - Harold Duban
May 4 - Andrew Schaff
May 6 - Stephen Sayer
May 16 - Dave Manchon
May 21 - Robert Guarnaccia
May 25 - William Parsons
May 2 - Douglas Dobbs
May 27 - John Sheba
May 28 - Peter Triolo
May 30 - Bill Demetree
May 30 - David Lennon


Feeding Those In Need:
July 19th - 10am - 12pm
Knights and CCW will join efforts to box food for those in need at Daily Bread, 808 W. Central Blvd
Please RSVP at kofc5150@gmail.com      

All meals will be plated by volunteers in our kitchen in to-go containers (clam shells) and then will be distributed by our staff outside to comply with recommended social distancing guidelines. There will be very little (if any) volunteer contact with our guests. We will continue to serve outside until further notice. 

Celebrating Ordination Weekend !
July 25-26 is Orlando Ordination weekend, and we rejoice in our new Priests, Father Tommy and Father Adam, whom will be serving their first masses. Please see St. Charles mass schedules for times of their visits to St. Charles.

Lady Of The Lakes Council 5150 is very happy to welcome and support seminarians Zachary Parker, whom is assigned to St. Andrews Parish, as well as Alex Feliciano and Nathaniel Solivan all from St. Vincent de Paul Seminary. We look forward to meeting hopefully meeting them at a future Knights meetings, as they are all Brother Knights, and are honored to provide them both spiritual as well as financial assistance in their journeys to priesthood.
Officer Installation Ceremony
August 9, at 12:15 , at St. Charles Church. ALL KNIGHTS ASKED TO ATTEND.
(Hope to have lunch reception following at Bishop Grady Hall, depending upon social distancing restrictions)

Online Rosary Hours
(times to be announced)

It was a tradition to say the Rosary prior to our Council meetings, however the pandemic paused these bi-monthly events. Brother David Carter has offered to lead our Council and all visitors from St. Charles and St. Andrews, in an online Rosary Hour. We are gathering advice from participants as to what day/time and interval would be would be best to broadcast the Rosary and will advise everyone of the schedule as soon as it is available.


 Online Cake Sale

Because of social restrictions, the Council has not been able to have monthly cake sales after mass at St. Charles. The Knights and CCW will experiment with online sales, offering one type of cake each month, and delivering it at specific times to St. Charles and St. Andrews Parishes. We will also offer raffle drawings each month, with each purchase providing a raffle ticket, and give away 5 extra assorted desserts to the lucky winners. As always, the donations received will be split between the missions of the church, parishes and community.

or cut and paste www.kofc5150.com
I will....

The most difficult part of putting together a newsletter, is gathering all of the items of interest. I CAN USE YOUR HELP !!! Should there be any Brothers interested in assisting with the newsletter, or even Brothers with items of interest to include, you would take a bit of burden from m y shoulders. Thank you for considering --- Mike, GK
Kevin Kenneally

Council 5150 was proud to honor Brother Kevin Kenneally for the May Knight of the Month. Kevin has donated a tremendous amount of his very precious time to dramatically improve the Council's home and make our facility one that is truly amazing in its recent transformation.
See/Hear the award presentation below:
Bruce Aust

Bruce has long been an active member of 5150 and continues to support our council in all major events as well as being the ambassador of 5150 at St. Andrews.
Council 5150 honors
Brother Larry Kelly and his wife Pat,
for the Family of the month in July!

Click below for Video of Award Presentation

Mike and Carolyn Kelly

S uch a well deserved award to Brother Michael Kelly and his wife Carolyn. They have been members of St. Charles for so long, participating in all parish events. Michael has been our Financial Secretary for Council 5150, and was responsible for recruiting this Grand Knight as well as many other Brothers over the years! We are so thankful for all that you both do for St. Charles and the Council !

Thank you to those Brothers and volunteers from Visium Resources Staffing, whom gave blood in the Council Blood Drive on June 19th.
Reaching Out Project - 2020
Deacon Alvin brought a severe community need to the Council, of which our Officers have agreed is a project that our Council should invest our efforts and assets. There are many men and women on the streets of Orlando, some just getting out of jail and others down on their luck and begging on the street corner. We should not just ignore them when we see them, but that is exactly what we often do. Our Council is considering ways of which we can put together small "Care Packages" which would have items of food, grooming essentials, and prayer cards, all to provide nourishment and care to those on the street. Should you know of potential donations or would like to help in any way for this project, please send an email to kofc5150@gmail.com
Read the July Knights Knightline Publication at following link