Knight News
April 1, 2021
Knight Staff Superstar
Congrats to Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator Kristin Sipe for being our Knight Staff Superstar and embodying the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Attribute of being caring!
When we are caring, we show empathy, compassion and respect. We have a commitment to service, and we act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around us.
According to her nominees, Miss Sipe has been such a wonderful addition to our York Academy family. She actually represents all of our Learner Profile Attributes, but she really exemplifies being caring. Miss Sipe has worked so hard to build up both students and staff during these crazy times, and she is always there to listen and offer support whenever it's needed. From little signs of encouragement placed around the school, to decorating bulletin boards and even staff bathrooms with inspiring quotes, Miss Sipe takes caring to a whole new level! She also has incredible ideas and always sees them through.
Thank you, Miss Sipe for being such an asset at York Academy and for supporting your colleagues with such care. You are appreciated!
PSSA Testing for Students in Grades 3-8
PSSA testing will be held from May 10 - 27 for students in grades 3-8. More information will be coming (especially for eLearning students). It is imperative that your child is here for school and prepared to take these important exams. Please note that educational trips will not be approved for students in grades 3-8 during PSSA testing. We appreciate your understanding!
Diploma Programme Students Share Incredible Performances
Diploma Programme music students had their mid-year "concert" (recording sessions) in March as a part of their "Presenting Music" assessment requirement for the DP Music Course. Click below to view their videos and written Programme Notes. We promise that you will be amazed at their talent!
Second Graders Hatch Chicks
Our second graders are completing their IB "How the World Works" unit of inquiry. During this unit, the students have been learning about animal life cycles - specifically through incubating and hatching chicks!
They have been expanding their knowledge about egg anatomy, reading books about nature and living organisms, and researching answers to their inquiries. Yesterday, the second graders and their families got to meet the chicks. The students observed their behavior and will reflect and write about their experiences. Soon the chicks will head to a new home where they will have more space to live out their best chicken lives! Click here or below to watch abc27's coverage of the chicks!
O'Rourke's CAS Project Incorporates Art to Help Food Bank
Eleventh grader Michaelina O'Rourke wanted to support the York County Food Bank for her International Baccalaureate CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project and incorporate art. She came up with an idea that would help other young artists like her receive commissions through a Facebook fundraiser - and help the Food Bank. That's how "Hungry York Artist" was born. Individuals who donate $10 or more will receive a customized commission from a local high schooler. Learn more or make a donation now. You may just get one of her beautiful creations!

Even though Michaelina is one of the Hungry York Artists, she is also a talented pianist. We truly appreciate local photographer Randy Flaum's time and skills, as he created this video and was also able to capture Michaelina practicing the piano.

Randy Flaum:
Silly String Celebration: Kids Heart Challenge
Lower School students participated in the American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge and raised $7,353! Since they beat their $7,000 goal, PE Teacher Miss Kinard agreed to be blasted with silly string! We're so proud of our students for making a difference for kids with sick hearts and are thankful for Miss Kinard's efforts! Check out the video below!
Congratulations goes to second grader Odin Speaks for raising $607.87 and being our top fundraiser this year! A big shout out also goes to the following classes on having the most students in their grade level register for the event online: Mrs. Thoman, Ms. Waninger, Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Michael, Mrs. Cook, Mr. Bricker and Mrs. Frazier. They all won a $25 gift card to Amazon for their class!
Kudos to the following students who showed persistence, determination and grit during our jump rope challenge this year.
  • 1 Minute Club (jumped rope without stopping for 1 minute): Tyleah Harris, Avery Clancy, Natalie Raab, McKenna Speed, Katelyn Brillhart, Alyanna Gonzalez, Sadie Nahass, Izzi Rodriguez, Dazimiah Pringle, Jayne Kleinfeld, Anna Clancy, Nia Stevens, Jocelyn Newman, Maddy Green, Gabby Houck, Rebecca Ferrell, Kenneth Garcia, Jayvin Barnes, Ja'miyah Lawson and Grace Wagman

  • 2 Minute Club (jumped rope without stopping for 2 minutes): Raquel Moody, Takeem Hodges, Aliana Alicea and Lincoln Smith

  • 3 Minute Club (jumped rope without stopping for 3 minutes): Madelyn Smeltzer and Maddie Pollard 
Kids Heart Challenge gifts have been ordered, received, and are on their way! They should be ready to be handed out to students next week. If your child is an eLearner, you will be able to pick up their thank you gifts in the front office during school hours. You may email Miss Kinard next week to see if they are ready to be picked up. 
Notes from the Kitchen
Regina Arnold, Food Services Manager
Hello Friends,

I am always looking at recipes to freshen up the menu here at York Academy. It’s fun to try to find creative ways to serve healthy foods that our students will enjoy. Sometimes a recipe flops like Shepherd’s Pie, Tex Mex baked beans and other salad creations. And sometimes they are a success. In April you will see some new items on the menu and I'd like to take a moment to describe them.

  • Chicken-n-Cheese Basket: Chicken tenderloins served with crunchy breaded oven baked cheese sticks. The Upper School students loved this when it was served a few weeks ago.

  • Southwest Rice Bowl: Brown rice topped with zesty seasoned chicken and a creamy cheese sauce. The students will be able to customize their bowls with choices of salsa including corn and bean salsa, fresh steamed corn and hot sauce.

  • Chicken and Waffles: Chicken nuggets served with a sweet waffle. Who wouldn’t love that?

As always the entrées are served with fresh and steamed vegetables and a variety of fruit and milk. The staff in both schools pride themselves in providing a huge choice of vegetables and fruits. Salads and fresh veggie cups are also available. The students must pick at least one of them, but they are encouraged to take more. I am always so pleased to see even our youngest students walk out of the kitchen with a full tray, including fresh vegetables.

Our Lower School always offers alternatives to the main entrée, including a cheese sandwich. At the Upper School we offer an optional entrée salad, cold sandwiches and the picnic pack every day. As you can see, a variety of options are built into the menu so even the pickiest eater can find something to enjoy.

I am very proud of the staff for being able to prepare and serve these beautiful meals under the new standards.They are adapting and changing constantly to be able to serve our students the best quality food possible.

If you still haven’t taken advantage of the free meal program here at York Academy, just give it a try! Make sure to check out our April menus.

Eat well and stay healthy,
Miss Gina
2021-2022 Lottery Set for Monday
The 2021-22 Lottery will be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel on Monday, April 5 at 5:30 p.m. All families who have submitted an application are invited to watch live. Please note that parents are not required to "attend," since they will receive an email Monday evening with their child's status (offered admission/waiting list). We look forward to welcoming many new families into ours!
March Madness Trick Shot Challenge Entries
A huge shout out goes to everyone who submitted a video for our March Madness Trick Shot Challenge! Check out these awesome entries when you have a few minutes. The winners will be announced next week!
Spring Picture Order Reminder
If you didn't have a chance to order school pictures click here. Make sure to enter our picture ID: EVTZFW3D7.
COVID Testing
Here are two opportunities for free COVID-19 testing in the community.
No School or Grab & Go Meal Program (Upper School)

Virtual Wednesday
Virtual Wednesday & Early Dismissal

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