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February 12, 2019
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In this Issue
In This Issue:
Planning for Crab Feed ad RCCBB
Great business meeting
Bring tools for fire victims
Donations needed for Crab Feed
Scholarship deadline March 1st
Upcoming Events
Upcoming events summary...get more details on the website -

On the horizon -

Movie Night
Soup Dinner
Fish Tacos
Palm Cutting
Crab Feed
Red, Blue and Gold

Crab Feed Planning -
Get involved, Get tickets!
DGK Anthony and the Crab Feed team are making great progress on the Crab Feed and tickets are going fast.

As we are getting closer to this great March 16th event, we can use additional people to help with pulling together marketing, brochures, communications, logistics, etc. Meetings are Wednesday night at the newly renovated convent. Come join the fun and get involved! Th better the preparations, the more fun the event and the smoother it will be.

There are still plenty of openings for the day of the event too.


Click below and pick what matches best with how you would like to help.
Keep Crab Feed the donations coming!
Thank you to those who have provided great donations so far for the Crab Feed. Keep them coming!

We need great items to raise funds.

Sporting event tickets (sports, performances),

400 people who will be happy to return the favor

If you know someone who has valuable stuff and loves to support great organizations, talk to them! Get them to DONATE!

If any of the above apply, please contact Anthony Contarciego right away.
RCCBB Planning - get involved
RCCBB will be bigger and better...more food, more cars, more music, more booths,... The team is busy with planning and can use people with expertise in a number of areas. Be a part of the planning and the action for what will be a great event for Livermore on May 11. Contact Barry Buckett to get involved.
Donate Tools for Fire Victims
The collection of tools for Paradise Fire victims who need the tools to earn a living is still underway.

This effort is lead by the daughter of deceased Knight James Happe (Rita and Pat Brown, St. Michael’s parishioners).

If you can donate tools (t hey accept any tools including gardening tools), you can deliver to Rita and Pat at 2718 Chablis Way in Livermore  (tools may be placed on their front porch behind the low brick wall) or contact Chuck Bellavia for additional details.
Recent Events
Great Business Meeting
If you did not make it last week, you missed a great evening....

  • We started off with the Color Corps procession of the American flag and a special honoring of out new Sir Knights, almost all of whom were present.
  • We had a great sausage dinner prepared by Brother Jim Gagliardi and enjoyed with family members.
  • PGK Tom McCaffrey gave a thoroughly informative and entertaining presentation on our submarine forces - past and present.
  • We heard from co-chaplain Father Mark about upcoming revelations that will be coming from the Oakland diocese regarding the abuse scandals.
  • We heard about the upcoming Crab Feed from DGK Anthony and RCCBB from brother Dan Corral.
  • We discussed a potential screening of "Unplanned" as a fund raiser for our Ultrasound Initiative...stay tuned.
  • DD Ken Rief presented the council with the exceptionally rare Triple Star award.
  • We recognized Luke Gregory as Knight of the Month and the families of Jeffrey and Christopher Choate as Family of the Month.
  • We also recognized PGK Tom and DD Ken for all their leadership and expressed appreciation.
  • Then we topped it all off with a celebratory cake and social time.

Be sure not to miss the next meeting...
Knights in the News
Member News
K of C Scholarships available - March 1 deadlines!!

Academic scholarships are available from the Knights of Columbus for you students heading off to college with March 1 deadlines. Go to the websites below for more details or come to the business meeting on Thursday. There are local and national scholarships available. Many children of our brother Livermore Knights have been recipients...
Time to review benefits!
It is that time of year where we start reviewing finances ... and it is very important not to overlook the excellent benefits available from the Knights of Columbus. Our worthy Field Agent, Jeffrey Carvalho sent a message, below. We will be having a benefits night in the near future (Date still TBD) so that you can discuss how to secure you family's financial future using KofC financial benefits designed to help protect our brothers' and their families.
In our prayers
Pray for the repose of the departed soul of John Sarboraria, father of brother Knights Anthony Saboraria, who recently passed away.

Pray for the repose of the departed soul of Father Dan Danielson who recently passed away.

Brother Chuck Harding who has suffered a back injury.

Pray for the repose of the soul of Cynthia Keifer's father, Lee Hargrove, who passed away on Jan 3. Cynthia is the wife of PGK Patrick Keifer.

Brother Ruben Velazquez who will require surgery for his medical condition.

Pray for the repose of the soul or Laurie Vavuris, mother of Brother Knight Robert Vavuris. May she rest in peace.

Brother Abe Quinones - getting treatment for pre-cancerous virus that was caught early. Thank you for your earlier prayers.

Philip Chukwu, Brother of Columba Chukwu - Who has received cell treatment and is now on chemotherapy with good prognosis. Keep the prayers coming.

Cristopher Carrano's mother, Elizabeth, is still on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant. Please pray for the location of a viable and willing donor and for her recovery.

Ed Rocca, PGK - Dialysis

Our Seminarians - Nathaniel Mayne, Juan Carlos Ponce, Candelario Jimenez, Aidan Cameron-Smith, Paul Park

Christians persecuted in the Middle East

Protection of the unborn and an end to abortion

Brother Vaughn Brugman - Cancer

Brother Ron Hauck

Janine Robles - Kidney issues

Child of Brother Joe Allen

Brother Rich Stewart - Health issues related to seizure

Brother Ted Clapp

Lindy and Dick Epp - Medical care

Cheryl Ruth - Coma
Knightly News and business meeting minutes online
Did you know that the Knightly Newsletter and Business Meeting minutes are archived and available at You can go back and check all of our activities with the click of a mouse...
Livermore Knights Shirts

Some of the custom embroidered shirts were distributed this week. If you would like a limited run "2018 CA Council of the Year" cut-n-sewn shirts that can be embroidered with your name (and title, if you like). You can email me with you order - just send your name, phone number and how you want your name on the shirt. Price is $30. There are some "2018 CA Council ..." Shirts without names that you can purchase as well ($30).

We have polo style shirts ($20) and hats ($10) available as well.
The 'Word' from our Sponsor

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Deuteronomy 16:17
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