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March 19, 2019

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In this Issue
In This Issue:

Welcome New Knights
Fish Tacos
Ultrasound event Mar 27th -RSVP required

Upcoming Events
Upcoming events summary...get more details on the website -

On the horizon -

Fish Tacos
Palm Cutting
Red, Blue and Gold
Rib Cookoff

Friday: Fish Tacos / Shamrock Bingo

Fish Taco Friday moves to St Michael this week. We are partnering with the St Michael School to support their Shamrock Bingo fundraiser. Bring the family for a lot o' Friday night fun! I don't think we will be making Irish tacos, though...

3/22 at St Michaels with SMS Shamrock Bingo
3/29 at St Michael
4/5 at St Charles
4/12 at St Michael
Protection of the unborn is a touchstone of the Knights of Columbus. This is our chance to help protect those lives.

We are hosting a Private Pre-Release Screening of the movie “Unplanned” - the story of Abby Johnson’s transformation from Planned Parenthood director to ProLife activist.

When: March 27th 2019 at 7 pm
Where: Regal Hacienda Theater, Dublin
Tickets: $15

Important: We have reserved a 289-seat theater for this private event. It is not listed or advertised anywhere online. If you want to participate, you have to reserve a seat with Nick Libby - you can not buy tickets for this private Knights of Columbus pre-screening event at the theater.

The goal of having you attend this movie is simple: This a fundraising event to support the purchase of an Ultrasound Machine for the  Support Circle Pregnancy Clinic  of Oakland. If we can help raise half the amount of money required to purchase the ultrasound, the Supreme Council, through their Ultrasound Initiative, will match the funds to complete the purchase. We want all knights in Tri Valley to view this movie and help raise the money needed to purchase this ultrasound machine!

Executive Director of Support Circle, Albert Lee, will be our special guest. After the film, Albert will give a brief presentation on Support Circle, their work, and their need for an ultrasound machine.
Nick will send payment instructions to RSVP's for the event.

We will accept donations after the event. If you want to contribute now or cannot make it to the movie, contact Nick at the link above to arrange a donation. 
Red, Blue and Gold - 4/26
Join our many fellow Livermore Knights and Knights from around the TriValley for a evening honoring our first responders on April 26th. At $55 per ticket, this is a great deal for a dinner celebration at Blackhawk Country club. You will love it, ask anyone who has gone in years past!
Suggestion: This would be a great place for all of our new 4th degree Knights to get together and show support those who keep our communities safe.
4th Degree Exemplification - 4/27
Calling all 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree Knights! You may have seen the Catholic Voice article this week? The Rohnert Park ceremony was fun and moving. If you want to join your 4th degree brothers, let us know! The next 4th degree exemplification is scheduled for 4/27 in Sacramento. You can progress through the degrees, learn the important lessons taught in the ceremonies and become Sir Knights in our order.
Hold the Date - May 4th Retreat
Brother Mike Taranowski has arranged a retreat for May 4th. It will be at Mission San Jose and is shaping up to be a wonderful date. Mark your calendar and watch for details soon.
RCCBB Update
RCCBB #9 is looking great. Lots of teams and cars already signed up and more to come. You can help in two way now!

Spread the word!

Recent Events
Crab Feed a Sellout
The team is still working through the results but the Crab Feed was a sellout and a lot of fun. Mixed Nuts had the crowd dancing until the end, the atmosphere was lively and the crab was delicious! Thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this happen. Photos will be posted Wednesday evening on the website!
Welcome New Knights
We had two new Knights join our ranks in the past week:

Ulrich Schwabe
Markus Eklund

Ulrich joined Friday and helped tend bar at the Crab Feed on Saturday! Markus is our newest Knight - he joined just last night!

Be sure to welcome our new members when you see them!
Knights in the News
Member News
In our prayers
Pray for the repose of the soul of Anthony Passannante, father of Brother Dan Passanante.

Pray for the repose of the soul of Alberto Garcia Jr and his family.

Pray for Jan Robinson, sister of brother John Robinson, who is suffering from breast cancer.

Pray for the repose of the departe d soul of Father Paul Minnahan, who recently passed away.

Pray for the repose of the departed soul of brother Dave Parks' mother-in-law, Margaret Bunschus who recently passed away.

Pray for the repose of the departed soul of John Sarboraria, father of brother Knights Anthony Saboraria, who recently passed away.

Brother Chuck Harding who is still recovering from a back injury.

Brother Ruben Velazquez who will require surgery for his medical condition.

Brother Abe Quinones - getting treatment for pre-cancerous virus that was caught early. Thank you for your earlier prayers.

Philip Chukwu, Brother of Columba Chukwu - Who has received cell treatment and is now on chemotherapy with good prognosis. Keep the prayers coming.

Cristopher Carrano's mother, Elizabeth, is still on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant. Please pray for the location of a viable and willing donor and for her recovery.

Ed Rocca, PGK - Dialysis

Patrick Wehmann, Pastor - Illness

Our Seminarians - Nathaniel Mayne, Juan Carlos Ponce, Candelario Jimenez, Aidan Cameron-Smith, Paul Park

Christians persecuted in the Middle East

Protection of the unborn and an end to abortion

Brother Vaughn Brugman - Cancer

Brother Ron Hauck

Janine Robles - Kidney issues

Child of Brother Joe Allen

Brother Rich Stewart - Health issues related to seizure

Brother Ted Clapp

Lindy and Dick Epp - Medical care

Cheryl Ruth - Coma
Knightly News and business meeting minutes online and on the App!
Did you know that the Knightly Newsletter and Business Meeting minutes are archived and available at You can go back and check all of our activities with the click of a mouse and now a tap on the phone (see note above).
Prayers for Brother Knight
Pray for the repose of the soul of Anthony Passannante, father of brother Dan Passannante, and for the Passannante family in this difficult time. Anthony passed away recently at the age of 93 in Huntington Beach, California. He was a was a 4th degree Knight and was very active at St Simon and Jude parish. He will be missed very much by family and friends. Keep them in your prayers.
Livermore Knights Shirts

Some of the custom embroidered shirts were distributed this week. If you would like a limited run "2018 CA Council of the Year" cut-n-sewn shirts that can be embroidered with your name (and title, if you like). You can email me with you order - just send your name, phone number and how you want your name on the shirt. Price is $30. There are some "2018 CA Council ..." Shirts without names that you can purchase as well ($30).

We have polo style shirts ($20) and hats ($10) available as well.
The 'Word' from our Sponsor

"All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again."                             
Ecclesiastes 3:20
Did you hear the one ...
Submitted by a Brother Knight...
Q: Who were the three other people in the tomb with Lazarus?

A: I don't know either, but there must have been three because Jesus said, " Lazarus, come fourth!"

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