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September 11, 2018

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Upcoming Events
Pray the Novena
Description: Bishop Barber's Novena Request
When : September 6-14

Don't forget to continue the daily prayer of the Novena to St Joseph for the Protection and Renewal of the Church

To you, St. Joseph we bring our broken hearts and all of the discouragement that weighs us down. Impurity and scandal have wounded our Church and have brought much shame, sorrow and tears. We ask you dearest St. Joseph, to be our guide along this very dark path, for you are the model of faith, purity and devotion that we need so desperately. May the Lord send forth the burning fire of the Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the Church, and the world. O St. Joseph, pray ceaselessly for the Church during this time of suffering and great mourning. May this current pain inflicted upon the Church be transformed by the power of Christ’s cross, and lead to further renewal and continued purification. Amen.
Day of Prayer, Penance and Reparation
Brothers - Both parishes will be participating in the Day of Prayer called for by Bishop Barber. All are encouraged to attend.
When: September 14th, Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Mass & Holy Hours at St Michael
8:30 am Mass, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church until 3pm, ending with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Communion Service and Exposition at St Charles
Communion service at 9 AM; Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 6 - 8 PM
Blood Drive SignUps
Description: Blood Drive Volunteer Sign Up
When : September 15 / 16
Contact: Joe Burrescia

Brothers - we need your assistance signing up volunteers for the Blood Drive. While the Drive is in October, we need to get volunteers THIS WEEKEND so that the Red Cross can plan appropriately. Please sign up to help before and after masses this weekend at St Michael and St Charles.
Parish Centennial Festival SignUps
Description: St Michael Centennial Festival
When: September 28-30
Contact: Jim Gagliardi

Brothers - this is the biggest fundraiser of the year for St Michael Church. It is also the Centennial Celebration including a special Bishop's mass on 9/28.

We will need a lot of help for this event.
Please sign up now.

This will include setup, teardown, cooking, operating and participating (yes you can sign up for more than one thing)...not to mention having a lot of fun at this really wonderful event for the community. Please be sure to bring the families!
Student Essay Contest

Description: Student Essay Contest
When : Friday, September 10th
Who: All Catholic Students in 8-12 grade
Contact: Dan Leary

The Student Essay Contest is underway. This year's topic is:

How does your family keep its Catholic Faith in Action?

If you know any 8-12 graders our parish, be sure to let them know. We had a 2nd place winner at the state level last year - Kayla Nuti at St Michael Schoo l. They just need to write an essay of 500-750 words, reflecting on how their family puts its Catholic faith in action, every day. Spread the word so we have lots of entries and we will be calling for judges next week.
Altar Server Picnic
Description: Altar Server Picnic
When : Sunday, September 16th
Where: Courtyard TBD
Contact: Wesley Arnold

We are hosting a small picnic to recognize the youth in both of our parishes that serve faithfully to make our masses go smoothly. While they go unnoticed most of the time, we will recognize their efforts by serving them and their families a fun afternoon picnic.
Squires Circle
Description: Squire Circle SignUp
When : NOW; last chance.
Contact: Tom McCaffrey

We are taking signups now for squires and counselors for the Squires Circle that has historically been sponsored by the Livermore Knights. The Columbian Squires is a leadership and activity program for young Catholic men (10-18 years of age). We need to get 10 Squires and 2 counselors so that we can be recognized formally and continue to operate. If you have a son in this age range please sign them up and if you can participate, even if just periodically, please sign up yourself. You won't regret it. We will have past leaders lead a high-quality information session a date still TBD. Your son will learn have fun and develop leadership skills with Catholic teachings.
Tootsie Roll Drive
Description: Tootsie Roll Drive
When : 10/6 - 7
Contact: Jim Gagliardi

Sign up now for Tootsie Roll Drive slots. All donations collected from this annual event go to help people with intellectual disabilities.
On the Horizon - Watch for SignUp Genius' Soon!!
September 14 - East Bay Stand Down
September 16 - Altar Server Picnic
September 28 - Bishop Mass at St Michael
September 29/30 - St Michael Centennial Celebration and Festival
October 4 - Family Rosary
October 4 - Business Meeting
October 6 - C4V and 2.2 Vet Walk
October 6/7 - Toostise Roll Drive
October 7 - Blue Mass at Cathedral
October 11 - Family Rosary
October 12 - Fraternal Night
Recent Events
Business Meeting - New Knights, Charity Donations
As advertised, we held our first Initiation Ceremony to bring in nine new members of the council. We also had a follow-on ceremony Sunday afternoon to accommodate two candidate who could not make it Thursday. If you could not be there, the degree team was great...please join me in welcoming:

Father Ron Arcillas
Father Benjamin Laforteza Jr.
Esteban Perez Galvez
Javier Gonzalez
Daniel Keith
Juan Magana
Joseph Mansour
Jose Luis Molgan
Juan Moreno
Howard Self
Ken Tooker

During the delicious dinner prepared by Jim Gagliardi, we presented our donations to Livermore Homeless Refuge and the Catholic Daughters of America. Each gave a moving description of their organization's mission and challenges.

Lastly, we started the meeting with the Novena Prayer to St Joseph as a council for the protection and renewal of the Church.

Minutes covering the other actions will be posted on the website as usual.
¡Noche Mexicana! - ¡What a party!
Saturday night was a great night in the Large Hall. Food, drink, family, traditional and modern music, dancing and more. Father Carl was not going to miss it. Even though he was just back from the Philippines, he had energy to do some line dancing! This is certain to become and annual favorite! Check out more photos on the website.
Member News
In the News
Cheryl Ruth Update
Tina Gregory provided me with an update on Cheryl Ruth. I know that many of you have been praying for Cheryl and Tina asked that I share the news that Dave Ruth brought Cheryl home so that he and their son, Trevor, can care for her themselves. There are more details here:
East Bay Knights LinkedIn Group

A new communication vehicle for Knights is available - a LinkedIn group called the“East Bay Knights of Columbus”, another example of Knights Helping Knights .
This group allows members of the Knights of Columbus in the San Francisco East Bay to network with brother knights. Use the group to find a knight who can help you get info about a job opening at local company, find a mentor to allow you to grow professionally or find a knight in another city within the East Bay.

The more Knights that join the group, the better the group will able to help others: (1) simply go to LinkedIn and type East Bay Knights of Columbus in the search line and request permission to join the group. (2) Email your name, city and council number to our group administrator at . He will approve your membership within 48 hours when you do.
Each of us needs help professionally sometime in our careers. What better place to seek help than from a brother knight looking for help professionally? If you are retired, I urge you to join the group. Your experience and insights within a certain profession or industry can help the younger knights get better jobs and rise within their profession.
Knighthood Advancement Opportunity

We recommend that you join your brother Knights and complete your Formation, Knighthood and Exemplification degrees as soon as possible to get the most benefit from your membership.

Formation and Knighthood degrees (2nd and 3rd)
October 6th, St. Michael Large Hall, Livermore
All 1st degree Knights, especially the new Knights, should hold this date and plan to make take advantage of this most convenient option to advance to full Knighthood. A couple of our Livermore members will be on the degree teams, so this is the right time.

Cook Team Leaders - New planning tool
Cook team leaders and those who want to help oversee food prep for events that have a cooking elements...
There is a SignUp Genius to claim the events where you can help. We need to know in advance if we have a gap so that we can get additional chefs in the queue.
Are you a Social Media wizard?

I still need a brother Knight to step up and help with our website and /or Facebook. We now use the modern WordPress platform and our Facebook account has a growing follower base.

Contact me ( or John Robinson ( if you can help. It is a great opportunity to help spread the word about our activities and to gain experience as well.
In our prayers

Our Church
Karen Miller - Recovering knee surgery
Lindy and Dick Epp - Medical care
Tom McCaffrey - brother serious illness
Tom McCaffrey - Repose of departed should of brother in law
Dave and Cheryl Ruth
Photo Time

Since we have control of our entire website now, we are going to get a council photo directory in place. Please be sure to come to an upcoming meeting and see Ray Miranda to have your photo taken for placement in the e-photoboard. It will be a great way to help brothers get to know each other - especially all of our newer knights! Don't for get your pomade!
Livermore Knights Shirts

If you need some new Livermore Knights swag, we have a fresh supply of the polo style shirts ($20) and hats ($10) available.

We will also be taking orders for a limited run "2018 CA Council of the Year" cut-n-sewn shirts that can be embroidered with your name (and title, if you like). Price will be $30. You can sign up at the business meeting on September 6th.
The 'Word' from our Sponsor

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 
1 Peter 4:10  
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