Dominion Christian School | Issue 14 | November 21, 2019
Last Opportunity ...

Today is the last day for orders. Cheesecakes will be available for pickup on December 9th (after 12 PM).
Hello Dominion parents,

My name is Suzanne and I currently have two children attending DCS; Regan is in her senior year and Witt is in 7th grade. Throughout our 9 years at Dominion there have been many changes, but one constant remains; we have always felt loved. I truly believe we are not merely part of a school but of a faith community at Dominion. This school has been a tremendous blessing to my family and I sincerely pray that you have the same experience.  

I recently saw a teacher meme that defined teacher as “a multitasking rock star who lives to inspire and loves to encourage.” Unfortunately, teachers aren’t paid like rock stars even though they arguably have the most important job there is. But we can treat them like rock stars by showering them with our love and gratitude this Christmas.

and make a contribution no later than Wednesday, December 11th to cover all your child(ren)'s teachers, office staff, and administrators. Total money collected will be divided among all staff members; no amount is too small. The gifts will be given in a handwritten Christmas card at the PTF Teacher Appreciation luncheon.  

DCS is a nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. This is completely optional; there's no obligation to participate. We are simply providing an organized way to give gifts while at the same time making sure every staff member is included.

This gift was a huge success and greatly appreciated last year, so let's do it again and show them how much they mean to all of us!

Suzanne Austin
7th and 12th grade parent
The 6th Annual COOKIE EVENT!
Monday, December 16

‘Twas the end of the semester, and all through the school,
The thought of eating cookies was making teachers drool.

Dozens and dozens of cookies, set out on the tables,
Dominion staff looks them over, and take what they’re able.

That’s where you come in parents, please heat up your ovens,
Bake your favorite cookies by the 3 dozens.

Drop them off at the school, the morn of December 16,
The staff will be smiling as they pick out their treats!

Help say “Merry Christmas” to our hard working, wonderful staff by baking cookies for the 6th Annual Dominion Cookie Event. 

The teachers and staff LOVE and look forward to this event every year. Please help to make it a success by clicking on the link below to sign up to bring your favorite Christmas cookies. 

Thank you!
Jenni Leigh
Lynn Guthrie
Amanda McLean
Nov 25-29: Thanksgiving Break
Dec 6: Mom's Prayer Time
Dec 10: Open House
Dec 12: Holiday House
Dec 17-19: Semester Exams
Dec 20-Jan 3: Christmas Break
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