Honor Code Pledge:
I recognize that attending LNC is a privilege, and as a member of this community, I pledge to uphold and promote the pillars of honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility as outlined in the LNC honor code .
Together we learn, lead and serve
Let's Elevate LNC!
To date, we have raised $961,750 through our Elevate LNC campaign to make major improvements to our main campus. These improvements include further securing our middle school, expanding our middle school instructional spaces and improving our outdoor and recreational facilities at our main campus. If we can break ground on these projects by this spring, we will have everything ready by August with the fieldhouse completed by December. This means:
  • Students playing on the turfed field and shooting hoops on the new basketball goals at recess on the first day of school!
  • Speech students, exceptional children and students who need a quiet setting to take a test or quiz will not meet in closets.
  • An extra layer of security at our front door with a second buzz-in system and the ability to better keep our middle school students’ safe inside of the building by eliminating unnecessary access.
  • An enriched curriculum for our HS and MS PE classes through the use of the field and track.
  • Our student-athletes having adequate and safe facilities to compete and train on.
  • More information here.

Right now, we have pledges from only 28% of our families. We need 100% of our families to make a commitment to LNC to make those benefits a reality! If you haven’t pledged yet, now is the time and here are the facts: 
  • LNC will NOT ask your family for additional financial support until 2022, at the earliest. 
  • Your family will have until December 2021 to satisfy your Elevate pledge.
  • If MOST of our families pledge at least $2,400 (some will do more, some will do less) over the next two years (that’s $100/month or $3.33/day) we will achieve our goal and these upgrades and additions will be completed.
  • LNC is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. LNC’s EIN number is 58-2360164.
  • All company matching funds and friend or relative gifts count toward your family’s overall Elevate contribution and any associated campaign incentives (graduation box, family name on LNC Wall of Fame, etc.)
  • If you have made a gift to the Elevate campaign, but have not completed a pledge card, we are not able to know if your gift is a one-time only or if you plan to give again before January 2022. Plus, you may be missing out on campaign perks, drawings and SWAG. Please complete a pledge card
Fall & Winter Athletic Families
If your son or daughter played a sport for LNC this fall or is currently playing a winter sport, we have an exciting competition underway to see which HS and which MS team has the highest average pledge. The winning team will enjoy a team party at Frankie’s Fun Park or Kinetic Heights! 

MS Families
Q: Which grade level will win a VIP, behind-the-scenes tour of Panther Stadium? 
A: The grade that pledges the most to Elevate LNC!

Will our 5th grade keep their winning streak up after winning the Pastry Party in our earlier Elevate competition? Or will it be our 8th grade that proudly won this fall’s Spirit Stick and has pledged the most so far? Don’t discount our 6th or 7th grades who so far have returned the least number of pledge cards so have the MOST potential!
Class of 2020 Families
We have 10 box seats remaining for your son or daughter’s graduation ceremony this spring at the Belk Theater and only 4 Card My Yard celebration displays left for your senior to share their big announcement of which college it will be! See all of the Class of 2020 incentives HERE.

Class of 2021 Families
We have just 5 box seats remaining for your son or daughter’s graduation ceremony in the spring of 2021 so don’t delay! See all of the Class of 2021 incentives HERE.
ES Leadership Train Mural
Bruce and Dyane Adelman have been parents at LNC since 2011 when their now-graduated daughter Taylor “won the lottery” to enter 5th grade. Dyane recently made an impactful and enduring contribution to our brand new elementary school -- she painted our “Leadership Train” on the main corridor of the school. The leadership train concept has been a key element of Mrs. Crane’s elementary school version of the Leadership In Action program and will now be a permanent reminder for our youngest Knights of our LNC leadership pillars, plus a colorful and delightful addition to our building!

LNC: How long has your family been at LNC? 
Dyane: I have three children who are currently students at LNC or have graduated from LNC. Our oldest, Taylor is a freshman at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida majoring in Aerospace Physiology. Makayla is a junior at LNC and our son, Justin is in 8th grade at the middle school. 

LNC: Have you always been creative and good at painting? 
Dyane: Yes, I have enjoyed drawing since I was little, but never really painted until after Taylor was born and I painted a mural in her nursery. From there I was asked to paint murals for others and just continued with it.

LNC: Do you have a formal education in art or do you come by this talent with no training, just naturally?
Dyane: I don’t have any training in art, it is just something I love to do. I actually have an accounting degree.

LNC: How did LNC first find out about your talents? 
Dyane: LNC knew about me since I painted some murals for Barnette Elementary where my kids went prior to going to LNC. From there I have painted many rocks for LNC children.

LNC: How long did it take to paint the leadership train at the elementary school?
Dyane: I was able to work on this during the recent three-day weekend and it took me about two and a half days to paint it, about 30 hours due to its large size (40 feet long).

LNC: You have an accounting career so this type of volunteer work has to take place in your limited free time. What makes you want to donate that kind of time to LNC?
Dyane: Donating my time to paint this mural is just a small way I can give back to the LNC community.

LNC: You have been with LNC a long time and have seen a lot change since Taylor began 5th grade. In your opinion, what is the best thing about your kids going/having gone to LNC?
Dyane: I really appreciate the quality of education that my children had/are getting from going to LNC. Taylor has mentioned several times that going to LNC has prepared her so well for going to college. Her transition to this next level of education was easy for her, which makes it easier for us knowing she’s got this! I’m proud to be an LNC parent and thankful to the LNC staff for their hard work and dedication to our children and the school.  

And now that we have the leadership train mural painted we will be turning our attention to the art concept for the Rise Together Handprint Mural. More information to come in the new year! 
LNC Staff Spotlight
Ms. Carrie Garges

Meet Ms. Carrie Garges, MS Math Facilitator and Ms. Liz Jones, MS Reading Facilitator. Ms. Garges and Ms. Jones work with MS students who have been identified as needing extra support in the area of math or reading. These students take Essential Math or Reading Skills for one of their quarterly electives. Since one of the goals of Elevate LNC is to expand our MS instructional areas to better serve students who need extra help, we sat down with Ms. Garges and Ms. Fisher to ask them a few questions:
Ms. Liz Jones
LNC: “How many MS students come through your Essential Reading and Math classes each year?” 
Ms. Garges: “In theory I have the space to accommodate 120 students per quarter. I have not met this ceiling yet - which is good, the smaller class size equates to a more personalized instruction. First quarter I had a total of 46 students; second quarter I have 39, so about 85 for this first semester.”

Ms. Jones: “I would estimate at least 100 students are serviced by the end of the year. So the same roster amount of students as a regular core teacher! It is a bit misleading because, while the class sizes are small, we still have 8 classes per day, so the total number annually is about the same. Only about half of the students I service have an EC designation.”

LNC: “Do you typically have the same students for all 4 quarters or do students cycle in and out depending upon need?”
Ms. Garges: “Students are recommended by their current core math teachers based on their classroom observations and grade level expertise. This allows us to catch students even before test scores like MAPs or EOGs show a deficit. Once a student has been enrolled in Essential Math for a semester, I use a team approach to determine if support should continue from one term to the next. Teachers, parents, and I all have input in this process.”

Ms. Jones: “We too use a team approach with the Essential Reading class enrollment. The team is comprised of the parent, core teacher and Essentials teacher, and together we decide at the end of each quarter whether a child has shown considerable progress and growth or would benefit from continuing in the class. So the class is fluid, we enroll and exit students based on need.” 

LNC: “One of the objectives of the Elevate campaign is to increase our instructional spaces. Talk about extra support classroom space at the MS.”
Ms. Garges: “When the Essentials Math class was created over the summer the first challenge was where to teach it since we have no extra classrooms at the MS. The grade-level EC teachers graciously gave up their shared classroom to me for this class. I have been offering my space to EC teachers who still need space near the grade levels they support. During my planning, teachers use my classroom space for separate-setting tests. The EC team has been moved to the back of the library, which works for now, but is a shared space and not something they have just for them and their kids.” 

Ms. Jones: “My room is constantly used during my planning period for students needing to make up tests, or complete work from being absent. A designated small group area or separate setting like what they have at the new elementary school would be so nice for students who need a quiet place outside of the classroom to complete something. I know students who receive ESL services are in Ms. Johnson’s room, right off the main office which is constantly being disrupted by opening doors, deliveries, staff, etc. Speech services with Ms. Weathers is held in the media center, which in theory would be a quiet place to learn. However, the 21st Century Media Center now has a whole new meaning. There are always classes entering to utilize spaces such as the Green Screen room, digital citizenship classroom, makerspace, and collaboration area. This is not conducive to concentrating and I would like to see us be able to offer more optimal learning spaces to our students.”
Board-led Committees - Master Campus Planning
This month the Strategic Area of Focus that we discuss is the Master Campus Planning Committee. Master Campus Planning is tasked with identifying significant areas of need at our two campuses over the short and long term. Those needs are prioritized and tackled in order. The committee meets quarterly or more often as needed to keep the current projects on track and revisit the priorities and any new areas of need. Having this committee allows LNC to be proactive and thoughtful about our needs, helping to avoid pressing and costly surprises and ensuring we are staying ahead of those needs so we have time to be strategic and smart about our growth.

The committee is made up of board member Rick Buckler and school administrators Shannon Stein, Matt Schlegel, Scott Abel, Craig Smith, Brian Bauer, Michelle Holland and Sara Lay. Four years ago when the committee was formed and first met, they identified an elementary school as a future need and went on to coordinate the feasibility and funding of that project and oversee its build. The second priority was to replace our aging school buses. That was accomplished through Invest in Excellence 2018. The next priority was to address needs at our middle school, LNC’s oldest building and improve our recreational and outdoor spaces. Elevate LNC was born. Looking into the future, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) building at our main campus which would include an auditorium would be next on the campus master plan. Lastly, plans for more recreational facilities will be added at our ES campus. We are excited about the growth and future of LNC!
One Human Family Workshop
Last week Ms. Hoffmann, HS English teacher, led a One Human Family workshop at the high school. The workshop was presented by the Stan Greenspon Center which is affiliated with Queens University. LNC freshmen could sign up to attend the three hour program where they learned the story of two teens, Jonathan and Izzy whose Jewish grandfather had hidden in the woods in Germany for three years to escape German soldiers. Students also heard from Ms. Talli Dippold whose grandparents survived the Holocaust. With the guidance of Ms. Donna Tarney, the facilitator from the Greenspon Center, students dove into the concept of hate, why it exists, the forms it can take and, most importantly, how they can be ambassadors for change. They discussed acts of bias that they have personally witnessed in their own communities and what they could do to address or cancel out those behaviors. . 

It was encouraging to see that more than half of our freshmen class attended this workshop. We are hopeful that we will have future opportunities to team up with the Greenspon organization and the One Human Family movement to offer more education in keeping with our commitment to Global Diversity and Inclusion. In addition to Ms. Hoffmann planning this event, fellow English teachers Ms. Massingale, Ms. McFarland, Ms. Scire and Ms. Cavicchia also helped as did Counselor Casillas and Ms. Rogowski, LNC’s Global Diversity and Inclusion lead. 
Gift of the Season
The holidays are quickly approaching and ‘tis the season of gifts! We are excited about gifting all our staff who have so generously contributed to all the facets of our children’s education and time at LNC.

If you are interested in taking part in this gifting program, please follow  this link. You may also place a contribution in an envelope for any amount in the office of each school. Cash or checks are accepted. Checks should be made payable to LNC PTO. 

Thank you for your continued generosity to our school staff and we wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!
Smile with Amazon This Holiday Season
Earn money for LNC over the holiday season while using Amazon Smile for your online holiday shopping. Go to smile.amazon.com to start your Amazon shopping and choose Lake Norman Charter PTO as your charity list to support.
Father/Son Outing with the Charlotte Hornets
Thank you to all the LNC families who participated in the Father/Son outing with the Charlotte Hornets. We sold over 100 tickets and it was wonderful to see the smiles on the kids faces!
Did You Know That the PTO’s Largest Fundraiser is the Lunch Program? 
Thank you to all the moms, dads and grandparents who have helped us serve lunch from August until now. As you peek into your 2020 calendar, please don't forget to sign up to serve lunches at the ES, MS, or HS for the second half of the school year. We are excited to provide lunch to our ES students five days a week starting in January but that means we need more help! Use the links below to sign-up to help serve lunches at LNC. Not only do you get to see your children at school and support the PTO's largest fundraiser, you also earn your Serve10 hours! Remember, you can volunteer at a school even if you don’t have a student there – how many other elementary schools allow a sneak-peek of the middle school? 

2020 volunteer opportunities open for all three campuses below:
Click here for HS Lunch Volunteer
Click here for MS Lunch Volunteer
Click here for ES Lunch Volunteer
Fall Sports Update
Middle School
Congratulations to all MS athletes who participated in fall sports. All of our teams had good seasons and our volleyball team made it to the conference championship. We are proud of your season and accomplishments!

High School
Congratulations to all HS athletes who participated in fall sports and a special congratulations to all seniors who played their last games as a Knight!
  • Cross Country - Men and women placed 2nd overall in the 2A Midwest Regional. Both men and women competed in the 2A State Championships where both teams finished in 4th place overall
  • Women's Golf - Took 7th place in the 1A/2A West Regional and advanced to states. Congratulations to Georgia Chapman ('22) who placed in the top 20 women's golfers in the state and Tess Palmer ('22) who placed in the top 36 women's HS golfers in the state
  • Women's Tennis - Ladies' dual team had a great run in the playoffs, advancing all the way to the 3rd round
  • Volleyball - Placed 2nd in conference play and competed hard in the NCHSAA playoffs
  • Men's Soccer - Finished their season strong with a first round game in the NCHSAA playoffs
  • Football - Congratulations on the growth and improvements throughout the season and good luck to Jaden Goodman ('20) competing in the Queen City Senior Bowl on December 21
  • Cheerleading - Finished 1st in the regional pre-states and advancing to the state championship
Athletic Booster Club Reminder
Be a Booster! Basketball season is upon us, so if you haven't already, it's a great time to join Boosters! Your Booster membership gets your family into all home LNC sporting events free and this includes spring sports too. Click here for more information on memberships and season passes.

Sign up to volunteer here and thanks for supporting Lake Norman Charter Student-Athletes!
Athletic Results
Read how our Knights athletes performed this month!

Athletic Calendar
Click here to see a schedule of all upcoming Athletic events.

LNC Theatre Department Shines
The Theater Department at LNC has much to celebrate going into the Thanksgiving break. They performed in front of a packed house of family, friends, LNC staff and students on October 18,19, 25 and 26.

They went on to perform at the 2019 NCTC High School Play Festival held at Mooresville High School on November 1 and 2. The theater program, led by Cody Willets, presented "A Game" by Dennis E. Noble at the Festival, and brought home the following awards:
  • Festival Spirit Award
  • Barbizon Excellence in Design & Production - Set Design and Construction to Javon Campbell, Brady McKay, Matthew Patterson, Nate Wilson
  • Excellence in Directing to Cody Willets
  • Honorable Mention Distinguished Play
  • Superior Rating for "A Game"
Congratulations to the cast and crew of the LNC theater department for another great year. Way to go Knights!
Your LNC Band Around Town
Your LNC Knight Riders have been around town this past month. Congratulations on two successful performances at the Purple Strides Walk/Run in Uptown Charlotte and as a guest band at the Davidson College football game. Keep up the good work!

LNC alum Jacob Abel, class of 2016, was recently interviewed by the BBC at the United Nations regarding his work on climate change! Click here to view his interview. His portion of the interview occurs at about the 1:48 mark. Jacob is a junior at Seton Hall and is studying International Affairs and Political Science. No doubt, we will be hearing more from Jacob in the future!
The HS program recognizes students who demonstrate one of the four pillars of the LNC Honor Code: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility.
Left to right: Abby Rollins (Integrity), Nathan Wilson (Responsibility), Mr. Smith, Dillon Escourse-Wilson (Honesty) and Annemarie McCormack (Respect).  
Students are selected by their teachers for displaying good character, exceptional effort, a positive attitude and performing acts of service.

Left to right: Alex Mendoza, Andrew Blackman, Principal Graham, Megan Ryan and Skye Yampolsky.  
Recipients of this award are nominated by a teacher for showing exceptional effort, good character, acts of service, leadership attributes or a positive attitude.

Left to right: Keo In, Will Stephens, Principal Holland, Harper Weber, Grey Railton, Asst. Principal Latza, Naveen Sain, Gray McCoy. Not pictured, Ella Corry.
Brought to you by LNC sponsor, Omega Learning Center of Lake Norman
MS Student Council Helps Elevate LNC
Thank you to the middle school student council who donated a $1,000 check to help Elevate LNC! This money was raised as part of the spirit link competition during MS spirit week. Thank you to all the students and parents for contributing and making spirit week a great success!
Miss LNC Pageant 2019-2020
Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Prom Committee's 10th Annual Miss Lake Norman Charter Pageant! A special thank you to James River Equipment, Huntington Learning Center of Huntersville and Lake Norman Graphics for sponsoring the scholarships for our winners:

  • Miss LNC 2019-2020 - Erica Scott
  • 1st Runner Up - Jordyn Earl
  • 2nd Runner Up - Kailee Queen
  • Miss Advertisement - Anna Rubel
  • Miss Congeniality - Rachel Gore
5th Grade Math Team
Congrats to the LNC 5th grade Math Team for advancing to the Elite 8 of Aretelabs Math Madness Competition. The team defeated The Hockaday School from Dallas, TX, 27-25. The team was led this week by Isaac Grinberg, Aishwarya Arulprakasam, Joanna Aruljeeva, Ji Baiyin, and Hitee Kakarla. Awesome job team, and best of luck in the next round.
MS Book Fair a Success
The fall book fair was a success! Thanks to student, parent and staff support, we were able to give away over $300 worth of books to students and staff. We added another $350 worth to the library collection and earned over $900 in profit, which supports media center programs, clubs, and subscriptions.
HS Students Visit the ES
Recently, Journalism students and their teacher, Mrs. Cavicchia took their class on the road to our ES! The HS students broke into groups to interact with our younger Knights and to try to capture the legacy our ES parents have made possible by partnering with us to get the ES built quicker and better than would have otherwise been possible. Needless to say, both big and little students loved the visit! Look for more on their #LNCLegacy campaign coming soon.
Thank You Parents and Volunteers
A huge THANK YOU to the parents and volunteers who donated their time, food and treats for the November staff luncheon. All the teachers were grateful for the food and beyond grateful for the extra treat! We appreciate your support!
Pop Top Challenge
300,000 pop tabs and counting! 

Over the course of two years LNC has donated 300,000 pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House. 

Please keep collecting tabs from various types of cans and send them in to your teacher. The ES has a box full while both the MS and HS have only 1-2 gallon bags full. Let's go LNC, let's beat last year's total of 134,000 tabs!!
LNC in Pictures
Click here to see what students, parents and staff are doing at LNC this month.

Knights in the News
PikMyKid App for MS Carpool
By now you should have received information regarding the new carpool process beginning Monday, December 2 at our MS campus. Over the holiday break, please make sure you have completed the following items to help ensure a smooth transition when we return to school:

1. Download the PikMyKid App on your phone
2. Create an account and make sure your MS student is linked to your account
3. Assign your student to a new guardian if anyone other than you will be picking up your student
4. Print the NEW and INDIVIDUAL Student Number(s) to prominently display in the windshield as you travel through carpool
5. Please have your student learn their new number by Monday, December 2

Thank you for your assistance as we begin using the new MS carpool app on Monday, December 2.
Lottery Application for Siblings Is Open
We are excited to announce one additional class will be added to each grade level K-4 at the ES for an additional 110 students! LNC families who have a child who is NOT currently enrolled but who would like to attend LNC next school year (2020-2021) in grades K-12 should apply for the lottery now.

The lottery application is available here or on the homepage of the LNC website at www.lncharter.org. Because you have a student who currently attends our school, any new application would qualify for "sibling preference." If you have any questions about the process, please contact Ms. Sue Scott, ES Registrar, at lottery@lncharter.org.
ES Building Open House
The LNC administration and staff were proud to showcase our new elementary school to about 200 LNC parents during our recent open house. A few days later, we welcomed some members of the Town Council, Mayor Aneralla and previous LNC Board of Education members!
1st Quarter Honor Roll
Congratulations to the students on the LNCharter honor roll for the first quarter, 2019-2020 school year.

Click here to view the LNC honor roll list.
HS Math Team
Congratulations to LNC Mathletes Nikhil Sampath (8th), Sean Huynh (9th), Devin Buckler (9th) and Mason McElroy (10th) for being invited to study with NCARML (American Regions Math League) team at Elon University. Only the top Mathletes in the State are invited as students are vying to make the NC National Team. Students are selected based on State math Competition results and scored on the AMC/AIME tests. Way to go Knights!
Parents Night Out
The LNC Cheerleaders are hosting a Parents’ Night Out so that you can get errands run before the holidays, have a date night, or just some quiet time for yourself. Sign up here, or print this registration form and return to the LNC front office at the ES or MS. This is for both boys and girls ages 5-11! 
HS Counseling Newsletter
Please enjoy the 2nd quarter newsletter from your LNC HS counseling department.
ES Club Day
Back by popular demand, the ES staff was excited to start club day in our new building. A special shout-out to the ES teachers for sharing their talents with our youngest Knights and making club day so fun!
Save The Dates
Check the school calendar at www.lncharter.org for information on upcoming school holidays, E-Learning days and other events at LNC.
Happy Holidays
The LNC administration and staff wish you all a very happy holiday season. We will return after the Thanksgiving break on Monday, December 2 for the last three weeks of the 2nd quarter. Make sure to check the school calendar for all the fun events happening in December around all three campuses.

Friday, December 20 will be a half day of school before the winter break. Students will return to school on Thursday, January 2, 2020!
LNC Knights Around Town
Kindergarten Goes to Wise Acres Farm
2nd Grade Takes On Davidson Theatre
4th Grade Explores Discovery Place
5th Grade Jumps to Kinetic Heights
7th Grade Discovers the Renaissance Festival
10th Grade Sees Macbeth
Omega Learning® Center - Lake Norman provides AdvancED accredited tutoring and test prep programs with certified teachers in Huntersville, NC and Mecklenburg County for all K-12 school subjects. Omega offers a variety of tutoring programs targeted to strengthen math, reading, and writing skills.

Call us at (704) 992-9525 or visit our website at www.lakenorman-nc.omegalearning.com