Hello knitters,

Here's me in my Throwback Tee sweater. I pulled that sweater on for an evening walk Monday night and grabbed a jeans jacket to wear with it.

I had a zoom later and wanted a casual, yet polished look, so I chose to wear my first TBTee, knit in Sueno Color 1124 “Barn Door” for the zoom session.

I’m not at my best in the evening. I’m tired. I want the day to be winding down, but I really wanted to see my sister. So, a little hair spray, some lipstick, and a red sweater. Perfect for zoom.

Throwback Tee is a raglan design, circular top-down knit. It has short sleeves and a classic, straight T-shirt look. There have been over 400 downloads of this design on Ravelry and, as the designer and pattern writer, I love looking at the various ways that people have made this sweater.

The pattern is written straightforward with lots of hints (like advice on how long to make the sweater, trying on the sweater as you knit) and even a page that I call “outtakes,” photos of my knitting process.

One knitter said this about the pattern:

“This is the first sweater pattern that I have completely understood from beginning to end!

The finished project is gorgeous and I love wearing it!

Thank you so much for a pattern that finally fits and is stylish.”


Here’s a look at my first sketch of the design. You can see how the final sweater is very close to the initial drawing.

I'm hoping you will consider knitting your very own #TBTee. Using Sueno, the sweater takes 3-4 skeins. For longer sleeves, order 4-5 skeins.

Sueno Tweed has flecks of color that pop. I’d grab Color 1602 “Breath Blue” if I were going to start another TBTee this summer. I also like the mustard color, Color 1604 “Grateful Gold.” Either would be good to work on since I find myself shying away from darker colors that make knitting in low light more diffult. Plus, isn't grate

The HiKoo Sueno Tonals are monochromatic and shade from light to medium dark. My choice of color there is Color 1450 “Violet,” a red violet and a color that I could easily add to my hand knit sweater collection.

It’s my sense that #TBTee strikes a chord of classic design that is engaging and fun to knit. I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy knitting and wearing this basic sweater.

Happy knitting,

Throwback Tee
Throwback Tee on Ravelry
HiKoo Sueno Tonal
HiKoo Sueno Tweed

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