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The new year is bringing all kinds of excitement to Knitspot. We just wrapped up Fall in Full Color club and we are busy prepping for the start of Bare Naked Knitspot in February. We are also getting close to the release of the first artisan yarn in Bare Naked Wools. Yes, that's right. At the end of January, Knitspot will have its very own yarn line. Plus, we are continuing to release new knitting patterns! Read on for info about BNK club and BNW yarn, newest pattern releases, and lots of helpful links.
Bare Naked Wools
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Waffle Creams
Waffle Creams
We've been keeping our new yarn line launch under wraps, but we cannot keep a secret any longer! Bare Naked Wools is our very own line of artisan yarns that are a collaborative process between Knitspot and small mills. Our first yarn is Breakfast Blend, an alpaca/merino blend available in five natural colors and two weights. The fingering weight is familiar to club members, because it was the exclusively spun yarn for the April shipment of BNK 2012 used for the sock pattern Waffle Creams. We are currently having some bestsellers reknit in our new yarns and of course there will be new designs too! We are shooting for a launch date at the end of January. Look for an e-blast in your inbox. The yarn will be available on the same day!

Bare Naked Knitspot is an appealingly different yarn and knitting club, exploring a variety of yarns in their natural, undyed state. Yarns will include a range of animal and/or vegetable fibers (sheep, goat, camelids, yak, silk, and cotton are some possibilities) in natural shades from cream to khaki to gray to chocolate-as close to the farm as knitting yarns can get.Through the knitting patterns in our monthly ebook chapters and our clubhouse discussion threads, we'll learn to appreciate the unique characteristics each yarn brings to a knitspot design. Though this year's patterns and yarns are a secret, you can browse the 2012 pattern catalog on ravelry here to get an idea of the club.

Signup here. The first shipment is February 2013!
New Patterns

Echo of Bells
Echo of Bells

Softly-sculpted overlapping curves create warm depth in this criss-cross scarf and wristlet set. Worked in a fuzzy yarn that produces a halo, this set creates a lovely frame for the face and a beautiful change in texture to fill the lapels of a dress coat. The scarf can be knit in two sizes; wristlets are one size fits all.   
Buy pattern here

Flirty, half-hexagon shawl in two sizes, worked from hem to neck, featuring openwork motifs that mimic textured patterns in ice crystals and snowflakes. Motifs are worked entirely with simple maneuvers and it knits up quickly in a heavier laceweight yarn. It's a delightful project in which to immerse oneself for a treat, perfect for Selfish Knitting Month!
Buy pattern  here.


This winter trio in three sizes (S/M/L) features a deeply textured basketweave motif that provides cozy warmth and handsome appeal. The mitts have a fitted gusset and thumb; all pieces are quick-knit traveling projects that are great to make ahead for unisex gifting.
Buy pattern here.

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Knitspot Red Scarf Scholarship
I want to thank and congratulate everyone who pitched in to make our annual Knitspot Red
Scarf Scholarship happen. 
We sold a total of 424 Fall Line Scarf and Cowl patterns in December totaling $2968, surpassing our goal! David and I rounded the amount up a little more bringing in our 2013 scholarship in at $3500. We are so pleased about this increase; this will mean a lot to a student who is their own in the Foster Care to Success Program.

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happy new year!
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