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November 15, 2020
Power of Prayer
There were times when even Corrie Ten Boom felt cut off from the Lord. In such a time of despair, she once said to the Lord, “Have you forgotten your Corrie?”

In the following story Corrie tells about a time when she and her sister Betsie were in the concentration camp in Ravensbrück, and she had this terrible cold. She told her sister Betsie how much she just wished she had a handkerchief. Of course, handkerchiefs were impossible to find in that place. Betsie then suggested that Corrie pray for one, and Corrie just laughed at that ridiculous idea.
So, Betsie prayed. She said, “Lord, you see my sister, Corrie, here, has a very bad cold, and in Jesus’ name, I ask you TODAY for a handkerchief for her. Amen.”

Corrie tells that, shortly after that, she heard someone call out her name. She went to stand near the window of the barracks, where she saw a friend of hers, also a prisoner, and who worked in the hospital in Ravensbrück.

“Here,” her friend said. “Take this! I’m bringing you a little present.” She pressed it into Corrie’s hand.

“I opened the little package,” said Corrie, “and it was a handkerchief!”

“How did you know I needed a handkerchief? Did you KNOW that I have a cold?” Corrie asked.

“No,” said her friend. I was sewing handkerchiefs from an old piece of sheet, and there was a voice in my heart that said, ‘Bring a handkerchief to Corrie ten Boom!’”

“That little hanky, made from an old piece of a sheet, was a message out of the Heavens to me!" tells Corrie. "It told me that there is a Heavenly Father who hears, when on a tiny planet, the Earth, one of his children prays for an impossible, small thing; a handkerchief. And the Heavenly Father says to one of his other children, ‘Bring a handkerchief to Corrie ten Boom!’”

Corrie continued, “That is something the Apostle Paul calls 'The foolishness of God'... that is so much wiser than the wisdom of mankind. You can read it yourself at home. It's found in 1st Corinthians, chapter 1 and 2.”

“Does God answer all our prayers? Well, most of the time He does,” she continued. “Why? you might ask, not every request we make? Well, you see, because He knows what we do not know. He knows everything. Someday, when we are in Heaven, we will thank him for all the answered prayers, (where he gave us what we asked), and maybe even more for the unanswered prayers. Then we will see it from his point of view, and that God never made any mistakes.”
Corrie Ten Boom

May each of us apply these truths to our personal struggles today and even to the outcome of our country’s election as we go through difficult times.
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Knollwood's Fall Emphasis
Anchored or Drifting?
This fall, as a church, we are reading through the Gospel of John. Pastor Mark is preaching each Sunday from the book, and Community Groups are discussing their observations from it as well. This is part of a focus on being anchored to Jesus and being careful about “drifting” from an intimate walk with Christ, especially during this crazy time of the COVID pandemic.
You are encouraged to join with others in engaging with the Gospel of John even if you haven’t been reading to this point. Here is the assigned reading portion for next week (week of November 15): John, chapter 13.

Anchor yourself in God’s Word and you will find yourself increasingly anchored in Jesus.
Operation Christmas Child

We successfully handed out all 200 shoeboxes, and then some! Thank you to everyone who took one home to fill. All shoeboxes are due back this Sunday, November 15th! Drive by and drop them off from 5:00-5:30 p.m. on Sunday. We'll be there to receive them!
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Knollwood just started a YouTube channel. We think this is going to be the best way to live stream our Sunday morning services going forward. Very exciting! 

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Sanctity of Life Ministries, Fairfax

Sanctity of Life Ministries, one of our missionary partners, is looking for a part-time accountant. Please click here for more details.
Help Feed a Family this Thanksgiving!

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards the food drive. We still need a few items. See the flyer below for details and sign up at
Return Your Christmas Child Shoeboxes by November 15!
Please drop off your filled OCC boxes Sunday, November 15 from 5:00-5:30 p.m. or by emailing to arrange a day and time that works for you. Thank you!
Return Your Shoeboxes this Sunday, November 15!
We will be there from 5:00-5:30 p.m. waiting to receive your Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes! Just drive on up and hand them to us. Thank you for filling them with fun items for the kids!!
KSM Bonfire!

The third time really was the charm! After rescheduling the bonfire twice due to rain and wind, we had the perfect weather for a bonfire!! We played games, made s’mores, ate hotdogs and even roasted Starbursts-who knew?!?

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make it happen. And thanks to the parents for being so patient after having to postpone it. We ended up with 27 students and 7 of those were visiting friends! Extra special thanks to Tom and Sandy Rogers for being incredible hosts!!
Our Hosts!
Game Time
The Whole Gang!
Chef Juan
More Games
Ethan Chillin'
Sneaky Dillon
Roasting Starbursts
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