October 2020
Know AT with the Help of MoAT (vol.27)
Missouri Assistive Technology
 Removing Barriers, One at a Time
Let me introduce you to Natalie. I do so because her story may be similar to your student's story. The struggles of her team to find the most helpful AT for Natalie, may be your struggles to find the AT to best help your student.
Last year, MoAT worked with Natalie to help find solutions for computer access. She has used an older head mouse, eye-tracking, and even an old-fashioned head pointer. Nothing worked quite the way Natalie and her team had hoped.
Several weeks ago, through this newsletter, Natalie's team was introduced to the Quha Zono HeadMouse. Through a loan from ETC, Natalie was able to borrow it and discovered that it was not the best choice for her.
Her team reached back out to MoAT and learned about the Jouse3, a sip and puff joystick. Once again, the team borrowed the device to let Natalie give it a try. Both of the videos listed in this section are of Natalie successfully using the Jouse3.
Natalie states that it is the easiest thing that she has tried so far. It may be the best choice for her. It may not. However, we are working together to find the best solution for her unique needs and difficulties.
We are here to walk through the process of finding the best AT solutions for your user as well. For ideas, give us a call 816-655-6700.
Did You Know That They Have That at MoAT?
Low Tech AAC Solutions
Finding the correct AT for communication difficulties is very common. ETC offers a range of low, mid, and high-tech solutions for AAC. Many of you are familiar with PECS, TouchChat, and maybe even LAMP. But what else is there? In the next few months we will be answering this question as we offer videos on our YouTube Channel as we "Tour Through ETC AAC".
Take a Look at What's New in Assistive Technology
TalkBack braille keyboard is a new virtual braille keyboard available on Android devices. It is a fast and convenient way to type on your phone without any additional hardware, whether you're posting on social media, responding to a text, or writing a brief email. Watch the video by clicking on the image to above to learn more.
This video provides a great introduction to the Action Blocks built-in accessibility feature on the android platform. Action Blocks provide an easy way for nonverbal users to interact with Google Assistant. After watching this video try using PCS symbols and having the device speak the label of the blocks for a free AAC app that can interact with Google Assistant.
Special Offers in AT  
durable medical equipment including wheelchairs standers and walkers
Empower: Abilities’ reuse program has some extra equipment. These items are free of charge.
durable medical equipment including wheelchairs standers and walkers
All equipment has been inspected and sanitized. It is available to you, your family, your school, or your program but must be picked up in Springfield, Missouri.
durable medical equipment including wheelchairs standers and walkers
Contact: Amanda Whittington West awest@swcil.org at Empower: Abilities 417-886-1188 ext. 233
What’s “App-ening”at MoAT?  
Working with Google on Project Development and Beta Testing
We are excited to be working with Google on a new access method for smart devices. We are in forming a Beta test team to help us work through this product development.
Do you have challenges with input into smart technology? Are direct-selection and voice activation difficult means of input for you? Do you have limited mobility and muscle control that makes it extremely challenging to control a smart device? If you answered "yes" to these questions, call Laura at Mo-AT 816-655-6709 (lhoffman@mo-at.org) to find out more and to become part of the team and this exciting project. 
So much information. So little time.
Do you know that
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