May 2020
Know AT with the Help of MoAT (vol.10)
This webinar goes into depth on the accessibility options that are built-in to the Microsoft platform that can benefit the user while learning remotely. Learn about these free, built-in tools from Microsoft Education for reading, writing, math and communication.
Assistive Technology is everywhere. Missouri Assistive Technology is here to help you to understand the options that are built-in to your current technology. Whether you are looking for AT for communication, hearing, vision, or educational accommodations, MoAT can help.
Did You Know That They Have That at Moat?
Accessibility through Universal Design is available on standard platforms. Whether you are an iOS user or an Android user, working in Windows or on a Mac, MoAT can help you to discover the features that will best meet your needs and maximize your use of your current technology. Contact us today for help exploring the assistive technology that is built-in to your systems.
We at MoAT would also like to introduce you to simple AT solutions that can help to make your daily tasks easier and more enjoyable. In the above video, Scout and his friend Barry walk us through an alternative to headsets for those who struggle with hearing the television. The Sereonic TV Soundbox is a portable speaker which uses a bluetooth connection to a base that connects to the tv to amplify the volume of the TV.
For some, the common smart phone is overwhelming and too complicated. In this video, Scout introduces us to the GrandPad. This tablet is a great way for seniors and those who have trouble with the complexity of the standard smart device to stay connected with loved ones. This smart technology presents options in a simple way, using larger fonts and buttons, on easy to navigate screens.
The GrandPad includes: calling, email, weather, music, games, and photos.
 Assistive Technology Webinars
Accessibility Features of iOS vs. Android
This video concisely compares the built-in accessibility features of iOS and Android.
Learn what accessibility features are built into the Chromebook.
Special Offers in AT  
AbleNet University offers hundreds of recorded webinars on Assistive Technology solutions. Each webinar is free to view.
An innovative and exciting solution that coaches individuals to improve self-management of chronic conditions, and provides compassionate, ​24x7 psychosocial support. 
What’s “App-ening”at MoAT?  
MoAT's Apps of the Week
Dyscalculator  is a calculator app designed specifically to meet the needs of users with dyscalculia. The app adds to the functions of a standard calculator to assist users who have trouble identifying numbers, the difference between numbers, the order of individual digits, or which mathematical operations to use.  Dyscalculator  aids users with dyscalculia by relating numbers to users in multiple formats, as well as providing shortcuts for determining which operations to use in specific mathematical situations. Numbers are displayed in numerical format (15), written format (fifteen), in an audio format where the app reads numbers aloud, and in bar graph format so that users can compare the size of two numbers visually.
This app captures, edits, and shares notes, lists, photos, and audio.
Information can be organized with labels and colors. Google Keep may be set with indicators to help remind the user of the information that has been captured.
Voice memos can be recorded and automatically transcribed. Text may be captured from an image to help the user to quickly find that note again through search.
Missouri Assistive Technology is here to help you to find solutions through the use of AT that is already available on standard platforms.
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