May 2020
Know AT with the Help of MoAT (vol.13)
(Click here to see the video of Morgan's Wonderland)
The Covid-19 crisis has affected all facets of society. How our children attend classes, our jobs, and our forms of recreation have all changed. We spend our time differently. We choose to participate in activities based simply on what is available to us.
For individuals with disabilities, accessibility has often determined the experiences available to the individual. Over the years, facilities such as Morgan's Wonderland have provided opportunities and Universal Design for social interaction and enjoyment without the barrier of accessibility.
Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Morgan's Wonderland has decided to remain closed for the 2020 season. We share this video with you, to remind you of the importance of accessible play space for all children.
Learn more about the passion behind Morgan's Wonderland by listening to this TED Talk given by her father and creator of Morgan's Wonderland, Gordon Hartman.
Image of  an iPad displaying the home screen
Missouri Assistive Technology will be presenting a summer Boot Camp on the use of the iPad with students with severe cognitive impairments. Each participant will be loaned an iPad through our ETC Lending Library. This iPad will be loaded with assistive technology applications that will address 3 major developmental areas: cause and effect, augmentative and alternative communication, and literacy. Training materials will be shipped along with the device, before the August training, giving the attendee time to become familiar with the applications. For more information or to register to participate in this training opportunity, contact Laura Hoffman at 816-655-6709 or
Did You Know That They Have That at Moat?
Missouri Assistive Technology offers the ATR program to help schools to provide students the assistive technology that has been determined to help them to meet their IEP goals. This reimbursement grant may be approved, up to $5000, for devices such as visual magnifiers, personal assistive listening systems, augmentative communication devices, alternative input devices, speech recognition and text-to-speech softwares, and tablets and computers that have been identified as assistive technology. Assistive technology purchased after July 1, 2020 can qualify under this grant. Watch our website for more details. The required paperwork and instruction for the 2020-2021 grant season will be posted in early August.
InsideONE is a tablet that combines design, technological performance, and haptic ergonomics, in a dedicated device for those with visual impairments. InsideONE is a braille tactile tablet, now available through the ETC Lending Library at Missouri Assistive Technology.
With the Scanmarker Air, printed text is scanned and captured as a raw image, and instantly processed to a high-quality image, ready for recognition by OCR software. The digitally formatted text is instantly transferred onto any application on the computer or on the Scanmarker App. It is then ready for easy editing and sharing.
 Assistive Technology Webinars
Unique AT Ideas
Mindfulness in the classroom brings an intentional approach to learning. This can be done through meditation, breaks, calming opportunities, breathing, yoga, making choices, self-awareness, and emotional control. Dr. Danielson from Disability Rights New Jersey discusses this Universal Design for Learning technique.
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many high-risk individuals have had to miss therapy sessions due to the threat of the virus. The Neofect can provide therapy at home. This device use tr aining programs to promote motor learning and brain reorganization to improve arm and hand function for individuals with neurological diagnoses.
Special Offers in AT  
Students Making Solutions for Students
Switch adapted toys can encourage independent play, can teach cause and effect, and can bring joy to children that may experience challenges playing with unmodified toys. The above video shows just how easy and straight forward it is to modify toys for children to access through a single switch.
The video was created by Jericho Adapts Toys. Jericho is a group of high school students who wanted to make a difference in their community. They are doing so by offering a free lending library of switch adapted toys to schools in New York City. This lending library is run by the students who adapt the toys to benefit children with the inability to play with toys that are not adapted.
Missouri Assistive Technology is here to help you and your team of high school students to start a similar program here in the Kansas City Metro or anywhere across the state of Missouri. For more information, contact Missouri Assistive Technology or email Laura Hoffman at 
Acapela Group has partnered with many of the top AAC providers to enable individuals who may be losing their speech to "bank" their own voice for future use through an AAC device. Contact Missouri Assistive Technology to find out more about storing your voice to be used with an AAC device in the future.
What’s “App-ening”at MoAT?  
MoAT's Apps of the Week
Endeavor 3 for iOS has been designed to help individuals with intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, early-onset dementia, and certain learning disabilities to perform key activities. When coupled with Visual Impact 3, the app that we looked at last week, step-by-step reminders can provide the user with detailed instructions along with images and videos to complete tasks. AbleLink Endeavor 3 provides a format for these individuals to complete tasks independently and on time while providing the caregiver with email notifications that the task has been completed.
The Time Timer app features a red disk that disappears as the seconds go by. This visual reminder is free of charge and is available for iOS devices. The Time Timer can be used to encourage transitioning between activities, to establish routines, and to develop more independence for the user.
Missouri Assistive Technology has dozens of apps available for you to borrow on the iPad.
Applications may be executed through direct selection as well as through alternative input methods, such as:
single-switch scanning, head tracking, and eye gaze.
We are here to help you to find the best AT solutions for any unique challenges.