November 2020
Know AT with the Help of MoAT (vol.28)
Attorney Laura Wolk Uses Assistive Technology
to Address the Senate Judiciary Committee
Laura Wolk earned her J.D. summa cum laude from Notre Dame Law School in 2016. After graduation, she clerked in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Attorney Wolk spent a year as an associate in Kirkland & Ellis’s appellate and Supreme Court practice before serving as a law clerk to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas during the Supreme Court’s 2019 term.
Attorney Wolk is accomplished, intelligent, and an assistive technology user. Attorney Laura Wolk completed her studies at Notre Dame using devices such as the Focus 40, as seen in the above video, to overcome challenges due to her blindness.
The video included in this week's newsletter is not intended to be at all political. It is to share and celebrate the accomplishments of Attorney Wolk. She is the first blind person to clerk for a Supreme Court Justice. She beautifully spoke in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee using assistive technology where she stated:

"Because I am completely blind, I rely very heavily on assistive technology to compete on a level playing field with my sighted peers. I use it to access texts in digital format, to complete my work, and even to write and deliver remarks such as the ones I am giving today. Before arriving at Notre Dame Law School in 2013, I engaged in extensive talks to ensure that, in addition to my own personal assistive technology, the university would ALSO purchase copies in case something happened to my devices. But despite assurances to the contrary, I arrived on campus to find that bureaucratic glitches left me without access to that technology. And, almost as if on cue, my personal laptop immediately began to fail. Overnight, I found myself struggling to keep up in class, and I began to fall more and more behind with each passing hour. I needed help, and I needed it fast."
The struggle that she felt is felt by many AT users. Missouri Assistive Technology has helped assistive technology users to work through frustrating times like Atttorney Wolk experienced. Our lending library is available to help users when their devices break, go in for repair, or when they are exploring new options and want to "try before they buy". Check out our website to see the assistive technology that we have available to you.
Did You Know That They Have That at MoAT?
Furry Companions to Help
with the Covid Blues
ETC will be welcoming 3 new arrivals this week! A golden retriever pup, a big fluffy cat, and a cute little kitten will be available to borrow through our lending library. These robotic companions have proven to help owners with loneliness and depression. The below article shows how the state of New York is using these pets to help owners to overcome loneliness during the Covid crisis.
Take a Look at What's New in Assistive Technology
The Smart Living Desktop Suite is available in a Personal Edition (for use by a single user on a single computer) or in an Agency Edition (for an unlimited number of users on a single computer). With the Agency Edition, each user can have their own customized desktop and content. Content can also be organized and shared in community libraries with the Smart Living software. Built-in components such as Visual Impact and Smart Living Email can be accessed from the desktop, along with any other programs installed on the computer.

The Smart Living Desktop Suite is the best way to open up Windows computers for everyone, regardless of cognitive ability! Six components of the software address a wide range of needs:
 Emergency Response Desktop - Fixed and real-time content to support social engagement and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic
 Smart Living Desktop - The only "home screen" you need, unlocking access to virtually anything on the web or on the local computer
 Visual Impact - AbleLink's trademark video modeling program, allowing for creation of any kind of step-by-step instruction
 Smart Living Email - Spam-free email, relying on picture-based contacts and audio email exchanges for ease of use
 Web Trek - Safe and ad-free web browsing, scalable as the user grows with the software
 Visual Media Player - Single-touch access to movies, online videos, music, playlists, and more
If you are interested in trying these applications,
contact the ETC Lending Library.
Special Offers in AT  
durable medical equipment including wheelchairs standers and walkers
Empower: Abilities’ reuse program has some extra equipment. These items are free of charge.
durable medical equipment including wheelchairs standers and walkers
All equipment has been inspected and sanitized. It is available to you, your family, your school, or your program but must be picked up in Springfield, Missouri.
durable medical equipment including wheelchairs standers and walkers
Contact: Amanda Whittington West at Empower: Abilities 417-886-1188 ext. 233
What’s “App-ening”at MoAT?  
Assistive Speech. Touch-Free. Head Tracking on an iPhone
Jabberwocky AAC is a free iOS assistive communication app enabling users with limited speech to talk using only head movement.
This app is designed for the user that can enter messages with the help of word prediction. It also has gives the user the option of activating previous or stored messages such as, "I am using the phone to help me to talk. Just talk to me normally but I need more time to answer". Borrow Jabberwocky today to see if is a functional solution for your AAC user.
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