May 2020
Know AT with the Help of MoAT (vol.9)
Universal Design for Learning:
While in the Classroom or Learning Remotely
As schools begin to prepare for the fall, the idea of UDL is becoming a hot topic of discussion. With the uncertainty that exists as to whether classes will be conducted as normal, modified, or even remotely, UDL can help educators to be better prepared to help meet the needs of their students.
Missouri Assistive Technology is here to help.
Did You Know That They Have That at Moat?
Accessing a standard keyboard is a challenge for many. Find the best alternative keyboard to meet the needs of the user through the ETC Loan Program or come into MoAT to try out some options.
Scout takes a quick look at three keyboards: the Logitech/Humanware Large Print Bluetooth Mini Keyboard, the Ai Squared ZoomText Keyboard, and the Chester Creek Bluetooth KinderBoard. ETC has these three keyboards plus dozens of other alternative input devices available for loan.
Missouri Assistive Technology has many alternative tracking devices available for demonstration and loan. The video above shows the Quha Zono head tracking device used with an on-screen keyboard.
The above video is a demonstration of the Jouse Joystick by Compusult. In this video, the device is used to quickly navigate through on-screen activities and is used in conjunction with the Dragon voice-to-text input method.
 Assistive Technology Webinars
and Informational Videos 
Open the world of computer coding to every student regardless of their level of vision with this accessible assistive technology tool.
Microsoft provides a free 8-module training course to teach the facilitator the ins and outs of the Code Jumper computer programming tool.
The ScanningPens Company offers several different assistive technology tools to assist users who have challenges with reading and comprehension. They offer free trials of all of their products to both schools and parents.
The Texas Instruments TI-84 is available with speech output to encourage visually impaired users to complete upper level mathematics curricula and encourage STEM learning for all students.
Special Offers in AT  
Free Offer from Freedom Scientific
Making Google Slides Accessible to those with Hearing Impairments
It is important to make all classroom materials accessible to all learners. Follow these easy instructions to make Google Slides Presentations accessible to the hearing impaired through free captioning.
What’s “App-ening”at MoAT?  
MoAT's Apps of the Week
Shop owner welcomes guest who is accessing a  doorway by navigating a manual wheelchair.
Google   has announced a new feature to its Maps app: wheelchair accessibility info. Businesses and points of interest featuring accessible entrances, bathrooms and other features will now be marked as such.
Operated via touch screen, switches, or an other alternative tracking device, evo+ is designed to provide independence to anyone who needs to remotely control their home devices. Convert any iOS device in a remote control that replicates any remote in the user's environment.
Missouri Assistive Technology is here to help you to explore
Universal Design for Learning options for all students.
Email Laura Hoffman at to make an appointment to see the assistive technology that is available to you or to schedule a Zoom Meeting tour of our facility.