You have been around on-site power for a while. You know all the basics, and more. But just how knowledgeable are you? Here is a quick test; see how many questions you can answer!
  1.  What rpm does a 12 pole generator need to rotate to produce 60Hz?
  2. Are paralleling generators more stable if droop is used?
  3. What is J1939?
  4. What mode of genset operation can eliminate a utility's peak demand charge?
  5. What is PID?
  6. When would you use a soft load transfer switch?
  7. What would be the full load current of a generator set rated at 2,000kW, 480V?
  8. What is the difference between lean-burn and rich-burn spark ignition engines?
  9. Is 60 dBA half as loud as 120dBA?
  10. Who has jurisdiction over noise regulations?  
Are you confident that you answered all the questions correctly?

Yes? - Congratulations!
Not quite? 
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