Here is a quick quiz to test members of your staff.   

See how many questions they can answer!
  1. What is the purpose of a generator's exciter?
  2. What are the three necessities for producing an AC current?
  3. What are the three necessities for combustion?
  4. 2-Stroke diesel engines are no longer manufactured. True or False?
  5. Why do most generators only have one bearing on the rotor shaft?
  6. What device is usually used to control the electrical frequency of a generator set?
  7. What generator set application would not rely on a solid-state battery charger to replenish battery charge?
  8. Emergency generator sets always need an automatic transfer switch. True or false?
  9. How much kW could be generated by a 1,500 bhp natural gas engine?
  10. What is the difference in application between an Emergency generator set Vs a Standby generator set?
Did they get them all right?
Not quite? 
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