Here is a quick test to see how fluent you, or members of your staff, are in generator-speak. See how many questions you can answer!
  1. What are the 3 things needed to produce AC voltage?
  2. What is the difference between electrical Resistance and Impedance?
  3. What is a Power Factor?
  4. Common rail fuel systems operate with a fuel pressure close to
    a) 3,000  psi     b) 30,000 psi     c) 60,000 psi
  5. If an alternator rotates at 3,600 rpm, how many poles should it have to produce 60 Hz voltage?
  6. Can you describe the basic principle of operation of a voltage regulator?
  7. What ambient condition reduces a starting battery's life expectancy?
  8. When is a Bypass Isolation Switch used?
  9. How much bhp is needed for a typical 500 kW generator set?
  10. What is an Emergency generator set Vs a Standby generator set?
Are you confident that you answered all the questions correctly?
Yes? - Congratulations!
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