Here is a quick test to see how fluent you are in generator-speak. See how many questions you can answer!
  1. What is the importance of a generator's maximum short circuit and do you know how to calculate it?
  2. Can you explain PID theory for closed loop control systems?
  3. What is the significance of positive sequence, negative sequence and zero sequence voltages and currents?
  4. What are typical applications for a closed transition, delayed transition and open transition automatic transfer switches?
  5. What is a three-way catalyst?
  6. How is NOx created and why is it regulated by EPA?
  7. What is insertion loss, as applied to an exhaust silencer?
  8. What is the difference between sound pressure and sound power?
  9. What is a J1939 CANbus?
  10. What are the main differences between switchgear and paralleling switchgear?
Are you confident that you answered all the questions correctly?

Yes? - Congratulations!
Not quite? 
Industry experts from EGSA member companies will be covering these topics in detail at the next George Rowley Advanced School of On-Site Power Generation in Scottsdale, AZ. July 16 - 19. 

This will be the last Advanced School this year;
the next one won't be until April 2019. 
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This School is very helpful to technicians preparing for the EGSA Certified Journeyman Technician test.

And remember, there are savings available if your company sends several people to the same school vs. sending them to separate schools.

Do you have 10 or more people that would benefit from more On-Site Power Generation knowledge?

We can bring the school to you!  

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