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July 12, 2014
In this Newsletter:
Dear Friends, we hope the summer is progressing nicely for you.  For us, our weather has turned very much like Fall for a couple of weeks.  So, it is a good thing we didn't put all of our sweaters away! 

Today, we wanted to share a bit about Jupiter moving into the sign of Leo and how the movement of Jupiter through the zodiac helps us to have a clearer vision of our path in life.  Also, I want to explain a bit about temporary energies related to astrology of location. 

Finally, I have recorded an meditation for the Full Moon on Saturday, July 12, 2014 for anyone who wants to spend a few quiet moments contemplating the lovely energies of Sister Moon!

As always, please do be in contact and let us know how we can be of service!

Sending love and light!

Blessings and peace,
Scott and Sappho Wolfram
The Traveler's Well
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ArticleJupiter Changing Signs
Moving Into The Sign of Leo on July 15, 2014

There is a particular wisdom in the zodiac as the planets make their way transiting from sign to sign. These transits are progressive in nature (one transit builds upon the other) and, as a planet moves from sign to sign, the time a planet spends in each sign makes a unique contribution to the next. In the case of transiting Jupiter, he changes signs approximately once each year and makes a full cycle around the zodiac in 12 years.  Right now, Jupiter is guiding us from the sign of Cancer into the sign of Leo. 



Jupiter's Role In The Zodiac


Jupiter rules the ninth house of the zodiac and the sign of Sagittarius.  This archetype has many facets, which are well known:  sense of humor, love of nature, big ideas and inspiration, love of all things foreign, desire to travel, searching for truth, etc.   

The focus for today is the intention of Jupiter.  In our natal chart, the qualities of Jupiter, the sign of Sagittarius and the ninth house all color and paint the picture of the vision or truth that is unique to us as an individual.  This vision or truth guides us toward our highest potential or dharma in this lifetime when we 'bring it down to earth' and make it real.  In transits, Jupiter provides us with inspirations and opportunities that energize us to take action on this vision.

Jupiter has two symbols that are well known:  the Eagle and the Lightning Bolt. 

Jupiter with Lightning Bolts and his Eagle.
Regarding the Eagle, Jupiter wants us to travel and view the world from a different vantage point.  He encourages us to soar, like the Eagle, high above the earth on the currents of air. 

In this way, we leave the brush and brambles where the small-minded sparrows exist and we see the world with a broad lens.  Hence, we are able to seek out a truth or a vision for our life that guides and directs us. 

In this regard, Jupiter is regarded as the "Guru Planet", or the planet that guides us toward our highest potential or purpose in life - our dharma. Having said that, the quality of our dharma is defined by the North Node of the Moon.  But, through Jupiter, we are able to develop a vision and inspiration that guides and instructs us.

Sign of Jupiter
Symbol for Jupiter

Regarding the Lightning Bolt, this represents the power of our inspirations  and visions descending to the cross of the material world.  This lightning bolt is both the symbol of Jupiter in myth and of the inspirations Jupiter brings us when he makes transits to our birth chart.

Moments of inspiration and opportunity often come along with favorable Jupiter transits. Our role is to be aware of the inspirations and opportunities he provides and to take action. In this way, we become Jupiter's lightning bolt and bring these opportunities into reality.

Jupiter wants us to have a grand vision for our life (Eagle) and
to bring this vision into reality (Lightning Bolts).


Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer from June 26, 2013 through July 15, 2014 at which time he will move into the sign of Leo (until August 11, 2015 when he moves into Virgo). Jupiter's year in the sign of Cancer plays an important role in understanding our opportunities with Jupiter in Leo.



Jupiter in Cancer - The Past Year


Cancer is the astrological sign that relates to the concept of home: our heritage or 'roots', our family and those emotions and things that bring comfort.  For the past year, when Jupiter was in the sign of Cancer, Jupiter guided us to identify a deeper understanding or vision or truth of our heritage, family and emotions.   


Some of us have been reconnecting with family, taking care of an elderly parent, healing their connections with their physical family during this time or redefining our home. Others have become drawn to a spiritual tradition or come to understand their spiritual heritage in deeper and more meaningful ways.      


In this regard, during Jupiter in Cancer, we are each identifying with the foundations of our soul in this lifetime, those roots associated with our direct family and heritage and those that go beyond family.  So, as we soar on the wings of Jupiter's Eagle, we see beyond our family and home to the larger world that we connect with related to spiritual guides, lineages, epochs and eras of prior lifetimes and those things that bring us comfort on the material level.  We broaden our concept of home and heritage in this regard. Our heritage is the family we were born into and also the heritage of the soul and spirit.       


The key this past year has been to be aware of your place, your role within the heritage that most honors your complete identity. When we recognize, with new clarity, our individual heritage, we have a greater degree of inner confidence and a clearer understanding of our path and the role we are meant to play (leading us toward the sign of Leo and our ability to shine).   
Late 1950's in Milwaukee
As a child, I grew up knowing that I was an American boy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin from a "working family" that previously came from the area of Germany known as Vorpommern and who identified themselves as Lutherans.  For me, this heritage still has meaning, but there is also a heritage beyond this that is essential to who I am.




Jupiter in Cancer guides us to a greater understanding or vision of our true heritage, our feelings and our ability to nurture others.  




Late 1990's in India 

Beginning with my years as a teenager, I came to understand my heritage in spiritual terms, from the yogis of India to the mystics of Europe, from Bavaria to Rome. Finding my grandmothers Rosicrucian books, meeting my gurudev Swami Rama and beginning my study of astrology all took place in my teens.   In traveling to India, Germany and Italy as an adult, I came to discover aspects of a few of my past lifetimes that have added greater clarity to my individual journey as a soul and a broader definition of heritage, roots and family.   


Like most people reading this newsletter, Jupiter has transited the sign of Cancer for us 3 to 5 times and with each progressive transit, those who are inner travelers, discover more about their true and complete heritage and firm up that vision and understanding.



The inner confidence of understanding the complete heritage of our soul is a gift that will be of particular value as Jupiter moves beyond the sign of Cancer into the sign of Leo. 



Jupiter in Leo - Know Thyself & Shine 


Leo is the sign associated with the Sun and therefore how we shine.  The sign of Leo wants us to be radiant, to show our creativity, to share our warmth and gifts in a confident way.  The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun and hence we look to Apollo the Roman god of the Sun.


Apollo and his Sun Chariot 


Apollo has a deep confidence in himself and of his capacity to command his Sun chariot into the sky. This confidence is quite important, as it supports his capacity to shine and for all the world to feel his radiance and warmth. When we are at our best, we have a clear sense of who we are, we embody a quality of confidence and then shine, like Apollo, and share our gifts with the world.      



Apollo's temple at Delphi is known for the saying "Know Thyself". This may seem simple. I look in the mirror and say "This is me!".  But, what does it really mean to 'Know Thyself'.    


The progressive nature of Jupiter transiting the zodiac becomes evident here.  With Jupiter in Cancer, we were guided to attain greater inner confidence by understanding the full and true heritage of our soul.  This gives us the foundation to move into Leo and to 'Know Thyself' and shine.   


The deeper vision we have our heritage (our soul's heritage), 

the easier it is to avoid the false expectations

that keep us from our ability to "Know Thyself"



Now, think of Jupiter in Leo as the "Guru Planet" guiding us toward a clearer vision of who we are as an individual so that we can 'Know Thy True Self' and that, with confidence, we can shine and be radiant and share our gifts.        

We might find that until we clearly understand our complete heritage, our identity via Leo will be limited.  During these times when we are still discovering ourselves, we share skills with the world.  Potentially, these are the things our family has encouraged us to pursue and these skills can often be connected with past life energies repeating in this lifetime.  But, as our understanding our complete heritage expands, our inner confidence draws us toward our gifts and our dharma.  With Jupiter in Leo we have an excellent opportunity to increase our confidence in our gifts and to share those with the world - to truly shine!   


In my own case, when I traveled to India and then Germany and Italy, I discovered aspects of my deeper, spiritual heritage and formed a more complete view of my soul's heritage, beyond that of my family's heritage.   


In doing so, I acquired the inner confidence that allowed me to truly know myself at a new level.  I was inspired to understand the gifts I am meant to share and I acquired the confidence I needed to shine.   


For me, this happened 12 years ago, the last time Jupiter was in Cancer.  That is when I moved from sharing my skills on 'the road most traveled' to sharing my gifts via The Traveler's Well.      


Because I gained inner confidence by understanding my complete heritage over my life (aided by the vision that comes with Jupiter transits), I was able to 'Know Thyself' better and understand my gifts and gain the confidence need to share those gifts.   


Jupiter wants us take his Lightning Bolts and    
bring the power of our vision and inspiration  

down to earth and make them real  

by understanding and appreciating who we truly are,  

clarifying our gifts, and  

being confident to shine!


Once we have a better awareness of our true and complete heritage, Jupiter in Leo will guide us to become more confident and provide inspirations and opportunities. Jupiter in Leo is about being inspired, passionate and taking the confident action that shares our individual gifts with the world. When Leo is confident and inspired, there is a natural desire and capacity to achieve something of significance.


As we transition over the next week from Jupiter in Cancer to Jupiter in Leo, you might want to take a few moments to consider how the events of the past year might have shaped a more complete vision of your heritage, family, home, emotions and your desire to nurture:   

  • Do you sense that you have a direct heritage and also a heritage of the soul that defines home, family and heritage for you? 
  • Maybe it is all just sinking in now or maybe you are inspired to carry this seed with you over the course of the next 12 years and look forward to what you might discover on Jupiter's next transit of Cancer. 
  • Ask if you have more inner confidence now. 
  • If you do not feel you have inner confidence, ponder the reasons why this might be the case and see if any of the reasons are connected with heritage, family and home. 
  • As we move into Leo, you might want to write down feelings you have about how well know yourself and how confident you are in your gifts and what is emerging. 
  • Time to take inventory so to speak.


The world needs each of us to share your gifts and to shine  

so that we may bring greater light into the world!


May we all shine on! 

Article2Astrology of Location
Temporary Influences

Recently, I have received a few questions about temporary energies in astrology of location. So, I wanted to explore the role that permanent and temporary astrological energies play in astrology of location.


Permanent energies do NOT change or disappear and are in effect over the course of an entire lifetime.  

  •  Jim Lewis championed Astrology of Location, which he called Astro*Carto*Graphy. The system of Astro*Carto*Graphy maps the planetary energies from your birth chart onto the earth and the astrological energies represented in an Astro*Carto*Graphy map are permanent astrological energies.      
  • I also use the Geodetic map, Local Space map and Paran maps, which also represent permanent energy.


Temporary energies come and go impacting a given location for a period of time over the course of a lifetime.


  • Jim Lewis also championed a system to map temporary astrological energies onto the earth for any given birth chart, which he called Cyclo*Carto*Graphy.   Cyclo*Carto*Graphy is the cyclical energy that adds a temporary energy to the location they are impacting.

In an astrology of location consultation, when I identify supportive locations for a client, there are two categories of energies that I consider in each and every location consultation: permanent and temporary energies.



First - Permanent Energies


The most important energies in astrology of location are the permanent energies because we experience these energies throughout the entire course of our lifetime. During my analysis for an astrology of location consultation, I identify the most supportive lifetime locations for my clients, based permanent energies. Each person will have several supportive locations worldwide.


A person might identify a supportive location and live there forever. Or, as they navigate their path in life and as the chapters of their life unfold, they may choose to move from one supportive location to another (or to travel to these locations seeking inspiration).   But, this is navigating between locations that offer supportive, permanent energy.


The goal of astrology of location is to live at locations that support us positively for our lifetime.


Since there are temporary energies, I further look to determine if any temporary locational energies are impacting these favorable permanent locations because that matters too.



Second - Temporary Energies


Temporary energies are connected to the energies that we explore in an annual transit forecast. In a transit forecast, we look at important astrological transits, secondary progressions, solar arcs and the solar return chart.  It is important to note that just as we feel transits and progressions that impact our birth chart, we also feel the transits and progressions that impact the place we live or are planning to visit.  


So, just as we have planets constantly transiting and making aspects to our birth chart, the planets are also constantly transiting over the physical earth and impacting locations for a period of time.


Many planets move very fast and their temporary impact on a location is too brief to consider. However, other temporary energies move more slowly and need to be considered.


In Astrology of Location, the important temporary energies consist of three types:

  • First, the transits of the larger, outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto.
  • Second, the secondary progressions of the inner planets like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, both in relation to the birth chart or Cyclo*Carto*Graphy and to the Geodetic map.
  • Third, the energies in the map of a person's annual Solar Return chart. A Solar Return Vacation is traveling to a location on your Solar Return that is particularly favorable and adds that energy to one's life for the year following their birthday.
      • Note: A Solar Return Vacation for a person's next birthday can be added to a transit forecast at any time during the year.

How do temporary energies work? Temporary energies add the quality of the transit, progression, or solar return to the permanent energies from the Astro*Carto*Graphy and Geodetic maps. Just like transits and progressions to the birth chart reveal times when a person experiences opportunity, challenges or demands for change, in some cases, these temporary energies are felt at particular locations. More importantly, temporary astrological energies are most potent when they connect with a planet in your Astro*Carto*Graphy or Geodetic maps.


Some examples of supportive temporary energies include:

  • Transiting Jupiter or Uranus passing over your current location, particularly when the transiting planet is either conjunct or oppose a planet in your Astro*Carto*Graphy or Geodetic map.       These favorable transits are even more favored (magnified) at a location with great permanent energies.      
  • The progressed Sun, either in your Astro*Carto*Graphy or Geodetic map, is particularly favored for a couple of years, whether or not it connects with a permanent energy.
  • The progressed Moon, either in your Astro*Carto*Graphy or Geodetic map, often identifies locations we become strongly drawn to, but this energy will only last a month or two.


An example of challenging temporary energy occurs when transiting Saturn, Neptune or Pluto are conjunct or oppose an inner planet, like the Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, we often experience challenges and difficulties, no matter where we live. However, if we are living at a location with the natal planet being affected, the effect of the transit will be felt in a more powerful and challenging manner.    


In my own case, I moved to Los Angeles in 1991 where I have my Astro*Carto*Graphy Sun Ascendant energy when transiting Uranus exactly opposed my natal Sun. The birth chart transit of Uranus oppose the Sun suggested my life would change quickly and reveal new opportunities. With both my natal Sun (or permanent energy in Astro*Carto*Graphy) and transiting Uranus (temporary energy) focused over Los Angeles, the transit also guided me directly TO Los Angeles.    


Not all locations will have temporary energy impacting them. But, if a temporary energy is impacting a location, I will let you know. For example, I might say that you will be drawn to a location strongly for the next 2 years (like my example of LA above). Or, I would recommend waiting to move to a location (if that is possible for you), until a point in time when a challenging energy has passed.



How To Balance Permanent and Temporary Energies


We balance temporary locational energies in life just as we balance astrological transits to our birth chart. So, it is important NOT to move from a location simply to avoid a temporary energy. Why? We will experience each and every transit to our birth chart no matter where we live. We can never eliminate the energy of a transit to a birth chart on our life. We need to respond and interact with all of our transits as we navigate our path in life, no matter where we live. Having said that, the location where we experience the transit plays a role.


Challenging transits to the birth chart are either more difficult or easier to deal with depending on the permanent energies at a location:

  • If you are living at a favorable, supportive location, your permanent astrological energies support your ability to be more successful dealing with the challenge presented by the transit to your birth chart.
  • If you are living at an unfavorable, unsupportive permanent location, those negative permanent energies will make the challenging transit to your birth chart even more challenging. In effect, the negative quality of the challenging transit will be magnified.

This is key to what makes astrology of location so important in our life. We can navigate the path of our journey more easily when the permanent astrological energies of where we live are favorable and supportive of our journey. So, unless you are ready to relocate and begin a new chapter with clear intentions, then there it is best to avoid moving away from a favorable permanent location because of a temporary energy, whether it is a transit or progression.


Depending on circumstances, you choose to postpone a relocation to a supportive, permanent location until the temporary energy passes. But, if you do not have the luxury to postpone the relocation, you simply need to be aware that the transit is taking place and navigate accordingly.


Astrologers, consciously or unconsciously, follow this advice (for example, astrologers are not known to move every two years to either embrace a favorable Jupiter transit or to avoid a challenging Saturn transit). Most astrologers are ultimately quite practical on this subject, whatever different techniques they use.



How Can We Use Temporary Energies Best?


When we are drawn to a location because of supportive temporary energies (and the location is NOT a negative, permanent location for us), then traveling to these locations can be very potent. If we are traveling to a location with challenging temporary energies, then we well served by being aware of these energies in advance.





It is always best to live where your permanent astrological energies are favorable. These energies will support your success during times of opportunity and will give you a degree of protection or support during times of challenging transits. Temporary energies, like transits, come and go. It is good to be aware of them, but their temporary qualities are not the best to base long term decisions on where to live based on them. Instead, knowing the timing, intention and possibilities of all your important transits gives you the best ability to know how to take effective action and make the most of your opportunities and to pass your tests.  



FullMoonFull Moon Meditation
Saturday, July 12, 2014
I have created a 10 minute meditation based on the themes for the Full Moon, which will occur on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

Please follow the link below to play the meditation in celebration of the Full Moon:

Full Moon Meditation - July 12, 2014

The Traveler's Well,
Scott and Sappho Wolfram,