Welcome to the ANE District's new publication called "Know Your Neighbor"! This publication is designed to give you some intimate information about the many churches within our large district. It is intended to be a fun way of sharing a part of their story as we all are called to continue the work of Jesus. Enjoy!
Connecting Our Community Under The Canopy Of Christ

Richland CoB is located at 215 S Race Street, Richland, PA.
Pastor: Tim Fleener

Membership: 54
Worship: 41
Church School: 16
Website:  www.richlandcob.com
Get to Know Us!
What is your congregation most passionate about?

A: Proclaiming and explaining that salvation comes from a personal relationship with Christ. Christ didn't just die for our sins, He died for my sins. 
What ministry excites you most?

A: Any ministry that is of benefit to our local community.
How would you describe your congregation?

A: We are a small but faithful group of people that gather for worship on Sunday mornings and for special events both for ourselves and our community. We are friendly and always quick to greet someone new at a Sunday service.
If you were not in your community, what would be missing?

A: Our Wednesday evening children's program Kids Crossing which ministers to ages 4 through fifth grade. The children sing, play games, learn Bible truths, watch movies, and do crafts throughout the school year. Another great loss to the community would be our free clothing giveaway in the spring that shares our bounty with those in need.
What are your congregation's five favorite hymns or choruses?

A: *My Hope is Built*When We Walk With The Lord*Jesus, Messiah*Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone*To God Be The Glory
What do people say they like best about your church?

A: When we have visitors, they appreciate that we are a friendly congregation and that the gospel is preached. The people who attend regularly like the variety of music because we have different worship teams each with their own style so there is something for everyone in the course of a month, and we appreciate the relationships that we have built with each other.
If someone was to ask you to tell them about your congregation's vision for ministry, what would you tell them?

A:  Despite being a small congregation, we have an outward-focused ministry. Our vision statement ends with "share Jesus within our community and the world." Besides the activities geared toward the community that were previously mentioned, we have a strong missions program that financially supports youth, young adults, charitable programs, and missionaries in Lebanon County, the United States, and the world.
What mission efforts has your congregation been involved in recently?

A: For 23 years, we have collected and stored clothing throughout the year and then do a massive sorting and display of it in the spring so that anyone can come on the day of our giveaway to take what they can use for themselves or people they know of in need. At Christmas we fund a local project, such as last year's recipient, a child with multiple physical and developmental disabilities. Each month we feature a mission organization and collect an offering for them, resulting in twelve missions supported by our small congregation.
Share a Fun Fact about your church:

A: If you are going to have a medical emergency, Richland is the place to do it. On any given Sunday, we have almost a quarter of our congregation who are trained in first aid, emergency response, and nursing who will be at your side immediately to render aid.  
Describe your youth and young adult ministries:

A: We have two high-school-age boys who pepper their Sunday School teacher with deep questions, many of which will have to be asked of God when they get to heaven because there are no answers on this earth. They faithfully help with our technology duties during Sunday worship. Our young adults help to lead worship and are providing us with the next generation of children for our Sunday School classes and Kids Crossing program.
  What is the title of a book or video series that your congregation has recently used and would suggest to other congregations/small groups?

A: Pastor Tim is a fan of preaching a series for his weekly sermons and he got many weeks' of material from the book Believe edited by Randy Frazee. The 30-chapter book is in three sections on Think, Act, and Be.
What is a favorite or well loved food at your congregational meal events? Is there a special recipe that you can share for this food?

A: Pastor Tim loves his vegetables which is his code name for chocolate. Desserts are always favorites but we get a wide variety of delicious main course and side dishes.
What is your congregation's favorite annual event?

A: Our Christmas Eve service would top the list of annual events. Most often, it is a service compiled from the talents of our members. People offer readings (both serious and amusing,) music (both vocal and instrumental, solo or choir,) and sometimes a skit or video presentation (ranging from the busyness of the season to the concept of Jesus having never been born.) From the many individual offers, a beautiful compilation makes for a moving service.
In what way has ANE assisted your church?

A: From 2001 through 2012, we had more time with interim pastors than with a pastor on staff. Craig Smith in particular was an encouraging force through those times we were seeking a pastor. The interims secured through the district were strong Christian men who led us through some uncertain times after the sudden death of one pastor and an almost five year period between other pastors. The ACTS program has been a wonderful source of training and study, and our current pastor, Tim Fleener, is a graduate of that program, enabling this home-grown long-time member of ours to become our shepherd and leader.