Igniting the Diamond Peace Grid : Equinox Sept. 2014


Knowing that you ARE Love
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Everything I thought I was going to write in this newsletter went out of the window this morning when I awoke with a song in my head that I had not heard or even thought about for such a long time. It is a song I have always loved and it serves as such a powerful reminder of what is emerging within us and beginning to ripple out into the world. The song that won't go away just yet is The Greatest Love, by the unquestionably gifted Whitney Houston. It is most appropriate given the deepening of the heart energy that so many are experiencing in between the daily challenges of life.

As I listened to the song, I was reminded of a sequence of events a number of years ago, that took me through a powerful kundalini 'heart opening' and blew my heart chakra wide open. It started with a whopping 'jolt' that was akin to being hit in the chest with a sledge hammer. The force was so great, it physically threw me backwards. I guess sometimes we need a sledgehammer to break through some of the barriers we put up around our hearts without even realising it! I walked round for at least a month with a 'hole' in my chest in which burned a glowing minature sun - I would say it felt as if I had undergone an internal 'supernova'. My body was on fire, sleep was elusive and I subsequently also experienced a full kundalini spinal journey, along with the third eye 'popping' and a number of other quite intriguing occurrences. When I subsequently found Alex Grey's artworks, 'Holy Fire' I was fascinated. To compare his rendition with the reality of the experience left me awed. (He KNOWS! Take a look at his pictures here)

It took some time for me to integrate this period in my life and to begin to comprehend the what and why of the process. One of the things that happened frequently over this time, occurred at night while lying in the heat of the 'fire' that burned even more brightly in the twilight hours. I would lie sleepless yet blissed out and held in the embrace of an essence I couldn't define, while a voice from deep within simply repeated over and over, "I love you". The words caressed me internally and spoke into the wounds exposed by a heart broken open, soothing and healing. For the first time I began to deeply know the truth of Love as the force of who we really are. Over time, I comprehended that a heart 'broken open' creates space for more of the Greatest Love, way beyond our human paradigms and experiences. It is a heart strengthened by vulnerability, expanded by the piercing diamond light of Higher Consciousness. It is a heart opened with a capacity to hold suffering and pain and to Love it all back into wholeness.

A heart filled with the Greatest Love, is a heart connected to the grand flow of life itself in all of its manifestations. When we fall in Love with ourselves and offer that love into all of our wounds, we find the courage to accept all of ourselves and trust more fully in the process of life. We become more able to BE in service to the All and become a beacon to others. It is a Higher Love, the love of the Sacred, a love for what it means to be fully human on this planet.

Something interesting is happening at the moment as increasing numbers of people begin to focus more on peace. With International Peace Day on 21st, followed by the Autumn Equinox on 22nd, the energy surges are recalibrating the 'grids' with the power from the heart of creation, the Love of the Divine Cosmic Parents.
Hearts are expanding again. Many are finding that their Higher Heart is being breeched, broken open. The great numbers of people who have experienced incredible loss and challenge this year, have had their hearts opened through the pain - and these open hearts are ready to connect with the waves and surges of cosmic energy flowing into the grids. It is quite fascinating to step back and witness energetically what is happening.

Hearts that are open to the Greater Love can use it to heal. They can embrace and broadcast Peace, through words, actions and deeds simply because they are more whole and at peace within themselves.

The special energies of this Equinox are a doorway into our 'home' within. Into Greater Love and Peace. Let the barriers around your heart dissolve (or break down - whichever worls for you!), and I hope you will bring your heart and soul to join us for the Diamond Equinox event : Igniting the Diamond Grid of Peace on Sunday!

As one early registrant wrote "I'm very much looking forward to anchoring this in with the Diamond energies and all of us. It feels the most like home"
Says it all really...

Take a deep breath, rest into your Diamond heart and know that you ARE Love.

In loving service



Forthcoming Events
Equinox 22 September : Igniting the Diamond Grid of Peace
We have a powerful GAP day on the Equinox of 22 Sept - another brilliant opportunity for the infusion of a fresh breath of Spirit. An oasis of calm, peace and inspiration from which to engage with life.
The equinox is a true 'Diamond Time' - a point of balance where day and night are held poised in equal length. Combined with the GAP energies, we can collectively breathe in the fire of the Divine and ignite a diamond grid of Peace. Register here.

2. Antaneea Technique 27-30 September. There's so much that can be said about this supportive process, and most attendees admit that their experiences of it are 'beyond words'. It is a beautiful treatment that is equally exquisite to both give and receive. Follow the link to find out more (last workshop for this year)

3. A Sacred Journey from Grief to Joy 27-28 October. I am thrilled to be co-facilitating this workshop with Patricia Angove, who is well known to many for her 'Footprints of the Soul' and 'Living the Lemurian Way' workshops. This workshop will be a deeply personal and supported journey of the soul, bringing healing, regeneration and joy! Workshop detail here (You can find out more about Pat and enrol for her Dragon's Talk newsletter here)

New Diamond Light Grid Teachers

I am so thrilled to introduce you to 4 brand new Teachers of the Diamond Light Grid here in the UK!
These wonderful souls have each worked with the Diamond Light Grid for at least 2 years and they bring their own beautiful experiences to now share with others.

They are raring to go and will shortly begin offering Introductory Days and Level 1 workshops. If you are interested in hosting one in your area, they would be delighted to hear from you.

From Left-Right : Morag Leiper, Marina Ramsden, Maxine Donnelly and Liz Gilmour.

They join Ann Menzies-Blyth (South Yorkshire) and Pamela Sinclair (Germany) as part of 'Team DLG'!

Contact details can be found

Interest and Inspiration

Below are some links for you to enjoy reading, watching, listening to and learning from!


1. What Chemtrails are doing to Your Brain  

I am still astounded by the numbers of people who are not even aware of chemtrails. All you need to do is look at the skies these days and you can't mistake the 'gridding in the skies'. It is not a conspiracy, it is absolute fact & whatever the reasons, we are being affected in many ways. This recording introduces you to the effects of aluminium and other chemtrail components on you neurology and health. Share and educate.  


2. Spiritual Bypassing 

A very powerful article that examines many of the false and superficial teachings being offered. It is a call for immersion into deeper reality, into the heat that fuels change, not just the light. A very intelligent and interesting read. 


3. True Reality Creation 

Another series of articles and an intelligent examination of the concept of reality creation. Some insights here that are worth exploring.  


4. You are What Happens to You - Alan Watts

 Alan Watts is a great British philosopher who passed on in 1973. He popularised and 'translated' the eastern philosophies for a western audience and most of his lectures are available now on youtube. His presentation style is humorous and incredibly insightful and yet his lectures make for uplifting listening.  


5. A Great Turning  

A great article on the turning of natural cycles through and beyond the coming equinox. Beautifully written and insightful.  


6. The Electric Comet

A full length documentary about the true nature of comets produced by What is significant is the electrical interaction between comets and other planetary bodies, and interactions with our sun have been known to 'spark' powerful CME's. With comet ISON due for a close shave with our sun in November, there are concerns that it may trigger an extreme solar response. Interesting information and worth being aware of as our sun is presently very major solar event that is earth directed could devastate the electrical grids we all depend upon.