The Flavors of Tuscany
Castello di Poppiano
Long a favorite, three selections from Castello di Poppiano are in stock again. The great labels from Count Ferdinando Guicciardini, are spicy and peppery and full of flavor. 

Twice devastated, yet better than ever: You may recall the story of the Laudemio Consortium. In 1985, the region was devastated and thousands of trees were lost. In the following years, 13 producers came together to each bottle their best oil in a signature bottle. Now there are 21 Laudemio producers. For each producer the Laudemio bottling signifies their estate's Grand Cru. 

Castello di Poppiano was not available last year, as the horrible 2014 harvest was almost as devastating as the one 30 years earlier.  (You may remember this  radar picture). 

We are thrilled that Poppiano has returned with three fabulous selections. Castello di Poppiano Extra Virgin is a well priced olive oil for your daily endeavors. Castello di Poppiano Laudemio is for your special preparations. 

Poppiano Collage
Il Boschetto
Herbs & Spices

We're on a Tuscany kick. As we sail into the end-of-summer, the seasonings from Tuscany add astounding flavor each time we light the grill. 

Il Boschetto's Mills  (grinders) add delightful salt, pepper, and herbs to everything they touch. 

Il Boschetto is also famous for their chunky tubs of herbs and spices

Mix Bruschetta  adds the perfect garlic combo to your summer tomatoes for bruschetta. 

Mix Spaghetti (aka Spicy Spaghetti) brings a spicy blend to pasta, while  Arrabbiata Mix packs a powerful peppery punch to pasta and sauces. 

Focaccia Herb Mix  adds a classic onion combo to your homemade focaccia. 

Be creative and add these blends to pasta, sauces, and wherever you need an impressive dash of flavor. 
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What's in your pours? And how do you know? 

We taste, try, and bring you only the finest Italian olive oils. Authentically grown and genuinely loved from producers who take great pride in using old fashioned methods, tried and true measures to produce the real thing. No additives, no impurities. 

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