April 2016

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The Power of Knowledge 

If you are suff ering from stomach pains, you don't seek advice from a mechanic. When your roof starts leaking, you don't call up your local garde ning store. Why not? It's obvious: you want information and service from someone with knowledge in that particular field. At Great River Office Products, our selection is vast but our focus is simple. We sell office products so we know a lot about office products. Dayna, in customer service, and our team of sales representatives pride themselves on knowing both the customer's needs and our inventory. When questions arise, our team members know the answer. The result? Your office supply needs are met right away and you return to focusing on your business.This is why our customers feel confident when working with us and why we have been an industry leader since 1962. We look forward to building a relationship with you, a relationship built on knowledge and trust.  

Spring Cleaning time.
Need some help?
Here are a couple of podcast's from Smead with some really good at home as well as at work tips.  Here is a Checklist for you. 

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