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May 2023

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In this month’s edition of VantagePoints, we discuss how an effectively targeted investigation revealed the unrecognized sources of contention within a family business. 

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Family Feud: Identifying the underlying issues in family business squabbles.

The investigators of ResultQuest were recently retained by an employment law firm representing a large family-owned business with regional offices nationwide. One of the firm's longtime regional managers, who was married to a daughter of the founder, had embarked upon a poison pen campaign to undermine a number of the strategic decisions of top management. Furthermore, financial performance of the office being administered by the son-in-law had fallen off, and it was widely rumored that he was working to form his own competing entity.

Our probe found no evidence that the manager had any designs on forming a rival company. However, it did reveal that he and his meager staff were working vast amounts of overtime, and he was spending much of his time on menial tasks. Moreover, our confidential industry sources advised that the company had been surpassed in the region by aggressive competitors who had implemented more effective innovations and market targeting.

From a probe of open-source information, we discovered that the manager was unhappy in this particular line of work and had dreams of being a consultant to small and mid-size start-ups. He had further established himself on the side as a motivational speaker and business coach with a well-known agency.

The information supplied in the investigative report enabled the client to pinpoint the underlying issues that likely provoked the caustic communications, and identified areas where changes might elicit a more workable and successful office environment.

When you hire the professionals of ResultQuest, it is our goal to find the root cause of the problems your business faces and thereby enable you to devise solutions. Call us at 713-781-9040 when a resolution mindset matters.  

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