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With this edition of VantagePoints we present two articles related to surveillance - one of the most common and effective means of identifying illicit activities. However, surveillance requires keen attention to detail, skill, and solid judgment. These factors are discussed in the articles.    
The third quarter is behind us, with year's end just over ten weeks away. This is a good time to begin any planned surveillance operations that have been delayed because, historically, we have found that many people who are involved in questionable activities are under pressure to meet year-end obligations. Call today for a free consultation.
We appreciate the many positive responses to our introductory issue of VantagePoints last month and welcome all feedback. It is our goal to supply you with topics that will help you achieve a superior position, with information that is relevant to your investigative needs.

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Reading Between the Lines: Making the most of limited surveillance results
It has been said that one of the most crucial skills an investigator can possess is a methodical attention to detail during surveillance operations. A former FBI agent, who spent many years conducting surveillance on Soviet spies once remarked, "Anything worth watching is worth watching closely." Consequently, he had a habit of always keeping his binoculars close at hand. This one surveillance strategy has proven to be the difference between disappointment and success.  
The objective of surveillance is to follow someone in order to determine his or her activities without the target's knowledge. Many individuals have watched an episode of CSI, Law and Order, or Criminal Minds, and it is rare that one of these TV detectives loses their surveillance target. In reality, however, intervening factors beyond the control of the investigator-and there are a myriad of them-often lead to loss of the subject. How the investigator uses available information and responds to losing a subject can alter the result of the entire investigation. Paying attention to the person's attire and/or accessories can prove to be critical to the investigation.  
In one particular case, several years ago, the investigative team lost their subject in heavy morning traffic, not far from her home. However, one of the two investigators

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Knowing When to Say When: Overzealous surveillance can be counterproductive

A seasoned investigator should develop the discipline to avoid actions that needlessly expose your operation to risk of detection.

Typically, following the subject away from their home best reveals activities that are of interest to the client. However, situations often dictate that surveillance be employed from a vantage point that provides no direct visual access to the residence. In the event that such a mobile surveillance is planned, it is essential that passing by the home is limited to the absolute minimum.
After an investigator from another company repeatedly drove by the subject's home in the same car on successive days, complaints of harassment were made. Then ResultQuest® was retained to conduct surveillance on this subject.
The first day of coverage our operative encountered the attentive subject on the initial pass by the home, thus leading to a decision to temporarily suspend the operation. We later discovered and