JULY 2019
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As you travel this summer, be prepared and be safe. Some excellent sources for travel tips and advisories are the American Automobile Association   and the U.S. Department of State .

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Vacation Checklist : Ways to enhance your personal security while traveling

The purpose of this publication is to provide useful information about investigations and security.
In this month's installment of VantagePoints, we first present some of the signs, noted in the course of internal investigations, that a member of the corporate sales force was double-dealing by joining forces with a competitor.
Also, we provide some tips on how to make your home appear occupied while away on vacation, and thereby decrease the likelihood that it would be targeted by a burglar.
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The Competition Within : Identifying and documenting the double-dealing of disloyal sales representatives
The sales force is the lifeblood of a corporation. A capable sales representative acquires new customers and keeps established ones coming back. However, when a sales rep sells out and begins the double-dealing act of secretly selling for the competition, the lifeblood that a company depends on becomes poisoned.
Companies typically invest a fortune in training their sales force to effectively sell their products or services, often entrusting them with confidential trade secrets and proprietary information. They are often given territorial exclusivity. Members of the force who establish strong sales records are often compensated so well they become quite wealthy. But with wealth sometimes comes greed.
The team at ResultQuest has regularly been called upon to investigate highly compensated sales representatives who were suspected of acting on their greed by allying themselves with the competition. Sadly, in the vast majority of cases, it was proven through investigative research and surveillance operations that the reps, did in fact, violate the trust of their employers, as feared.
In the instances where double-dealing was documented, there were normally some telltale signs that might have alerted the company earlier to the problem. They include:
  • Living beyond their means: Purchases of homes or luxury items that exceed the level of known commissions or salary.
  • Multiple cell phones: To shield improper call activity of the competitors from company issued-devices; especially suspicious when calls from their spouse or other family are openly made or received on the company phone.
  • Frequent scheduling conflicts: Missing critical meetings and appointments, often with last minute excuses that do not pass the "smell test."
  • The departure of longtime customers: Especially true of those who have never voiced a complaint, and/or those who will not respond to inquiries about the reason for leaving.   
If you suspect a sales representative is engaged in an improper alliance with the competition, call the professionals of ResultQuest® at 713/781-9040. We will help you to develop an investigative plan to learn if your fears are justified.

Vacation Checklist : Ways to conceal that you are away from home
Summer vacation season is here. The long needed and anticipated break from the daily grind is about to materialize. As you begin to compile your list of items to pack, take a moment to also make a list of things to leave behind. Specifically, consider things to make your home to appear as though you are not away.

Among the most obvious ways to announce your absence is newspapers and mail piling up. Either have these held during your trip or make arrangements for any arriving papers and mail, along with door circulars or packages, to be retrieved daily.
Another telling sign of an unoccupied house is an overgrown lawn. Plan to have your grass cut, and bushes and plants tended to, while you are away. A periodic running sprinkler will also help to mask your absence. Additionally, if your garbage service involves curbside pickup, have a neighbor roll a can or two out and put back after pickup, whether or not there is trash inside.
Inside the home, installing timers on lamps is always a good idea. Set them strategically: they should come on and go off in different areas at varying times. And don't forget the outside lights. A well-lit exterior is one of your best deterrents. If you cannot program them to turn on, have a neighbor do so or just leave them on.
To prevent would-be burglars from viewing inside the home, adjust or close window blinds. Where there are windows with no blinds, leaving items in view such as an open book with reading glasses; a plate, wadded napkin, and eating utensils beside a glass of water; or a basket of clothing next to some folded shirts, can give the appearance of occupancy.   And an interactive, camera equipped doorbell that gives you the ability to see and address whoever rings it will usually discourage thieves.
Many homes now have smart security systems that enable cameras and light controls to be monitored and controlled by a smartphone. However, do not become overly confident in your ability to have uninterrupted control or real-time access. Have a backup plan, and notify the monitoring company in advance about your travel. And if a trusted friend or neighbor will be entering the home, provide the name to the company in case of an unintended alarm trigger.
Finally, notify your local law enforcement of your vacation schedule and request extra patrols in your absence. And just to be safe, place jewelry and other small valuables in a safe deposit box or secure hiding spot.
For more recommendations about vacation security, or to have a comprehensive vulnerability assessment conducted at your home or business, call the specialists of ResultQuest at 713-781-9040. We will put our decades of expertise to work to identify and rectify your weak points.