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November 2023

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Home & Family

November 2023 Personal Financial Check In

  • Shift to a more positive financial perspective by practicing gratitude. It's true!
  • Try this shopping strategy to reduce Thanksgiving meal costs.
  • Ways to keep your budget in check as the year winds to a close.

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2024 Medicare Review

Health care costs can exceed inflation, even with cost of living adjustments. As one ages, health care expenses become the second largest share of household expenses.

Here's a roundup of Medicare costs and plan options, which you can review to make sure they meet your budget and health care needs.

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Natural Resources

The Black and Yellow Garden Spider 

As a child, Amy Keigher was afraid of garden spiders.

Today, as an Extension Natural Resources agent, she appreciates their unique characteristics and role as "helpers" in the garden.

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Extension Master Naturalist Class of 2024

Applications for our next class of EMNs are due November 6, 2023. Learn more

Nutrition, Food Safety, and Health

November is National Diabetes Month

Diabetes is no longer a disease that you get when you are older. In fact, many of us have friends, relatives, and colleagues who are either pre-diabetic or diabetic.

Learn more and get tips to help you prevent or manage diabetes and stay healthy.

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Try a cooking class!

Our Extension Master Food Volunteers offer a variety of cooking classes throughout the year. Classes include samples, demonstrations, nutrition tips, hands on activities, plus a chance to learn something new. Grab a friend and sign up!

Thanksgiving food safety assistance

Remember... we are here to help with your food safety and nutrition questions this holiday.

[email protected]

(913) 715-7000

Lawn and Garden

Living Christmas Tree Care

How about this for a specialty crop?

If you plan to buy a live Christmas tree, here are tips to make it last longer this season.

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November Garden Tips 

  • Take a soil test and make needed adjustments in the fall
  • Till garden soil and add organic matter
  • Remove frost-killed annuals
  • Fertilize bluegrass and fescue lawns with a quick release high nitrogen fertilizer to promote root development and early spring green up
  • Mow bluegrass and fescue lawns to 2 to 2 ½ inches at the last mowing
  • Mulch fallen leaves into the lawn to prevent winter suffocation and provide habitat for beneficial insects
  • Clean and oil garden tools, sprayers, and other equipment. Store them for winter
  • Drain garden hoses and sprinklers and store indoors for increased life. If you decide to leave them outside, unscrew them from faucets
  • If fuel is to remain in power equipment, add fuel stabilizer. Otherwise, drain gas from power equipment for winter storage. Make any needed repairs
  • Start a compost pile with leaves
  • Turn compost pile to hasten breakdown

Flowers! Fruits and Veggies! Trees! Lawn! Get more November Gardening Calendar on our website.

Fertilize Kansas City Cool Season Lawns One Last Time Before Winter

Before calling it quits for the year on the lawn, there is one last important chore left to perform — fertilization.

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Solutions for getting rid of fall’s abundant leaves

There are many uses for fallen leaves, none of which include the landfill.

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In case you missed it:

Extension Horticulture Anthony Reardon hosted this month's K-State Garden Hour with tips for winter garden prep.

Watch the recording

You can hear Anthony every week on Planting the Plains, a horticulture podcast produced by High Plains Public Radio.

Listen to the podcast here

The Gardening Hotline is here to answer your lawn and garden questions. Ask us!

call: (913) 715-7050 | email: [email protected]

Hotline hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM

4-H Youth Development

48 Hours of 4-H Weekend in Johnson County

“4-H has a really long history of young people being involved in their community.”

Johnson County 4-H'ers made an impact during the 48 Hours of 4-H Weekend last month. Learn more

Community Vitality

Board Leadership Basics returns!

You are serving on a board... so now what?

The Board Leadership Mini-Series provides an opportunity to give community-based boards (elected, appointed, or recognized by local units of government) affordable training necessary to be most effective and efficient with their responsibilities. This free class is sponsored by our Silver Clovers program!

Learn more

Silver Clovers

Silver Clovers returns with special programs for ages 50+

We are excited to present our newest Silver Clover video, "How to Dispose of Used Medication."

Silver Clovers began during COVID to connect Johnson County residents ages 50 and older. Look for new content each month, both online and in person, to build new skills and increase social connection.

Sign up to receive Silver Clovers emails, and we will let you know when new content and events are available.

Upcoming Events | view complete list here

Lawn & Garden Events

Tuesdays, 8 to 10:30 AM: Workdays at the Sunset Community Garden [**Weather permitting**] (volunteers welcome)

November 1: Plants Gone Wild! Controlling Invasive Species (K-State Garden Hour)

Home & Family Events

November 1: Teen Stress and Anxiety: How Worried Do Parents Need to Be? (Living Well Wednesdays)

November 8: DIY Medicare Comparison Plan

November 20 to December 11: WITS Workout

Natural Resources Events

November 9: Let's Make a Gourd Bird House!

November 28: Wild Research! Agroforestry

4-H Youth Development Events

November 4: Achievement Celebration

Food Events

November 2: Pie Baking 101 (class is full)

November 11: Kids in the Kitchen: Gingerbread Train (class is full)

November 15: Beyond Meatless Mondays

November 16: Pie Baking 101 (class is full)

November 21: Olathe Food Roundtable

November 30: Four-Course Living

Community Vitality

November 3: First Friday e-Call: Creating a Safe & Healthy Workplace

Novembe 29-30, December 6-7: Welcome-A-Board Community Board Leadership Mini-Series

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