Picture of Executive Director, Dr. Tara Cortes
Dear Friends,

This month our newsletter is focusing on health literacy. Many people in this country have very little knowledge about managing and preventing disease. For example, as the incidence of diabetes continues to rise in this country, we see a strong correlation between a lack of knowledge about healthy food choices, a lack of access to healthy foods, and diabetes diagnoses. A low level of health literacy is often seen in areas where people live in poverty and have little formal education. To achieve health equity, health literacy is imperative. 

The limited level of health literacy across all segments of our population is a serious and growing problem that must be addressed by investing in our public health infrastructure, using community resources to enhance health knowledge, and developing strategies to implement a structure that supports healthy living.  

Our editorial, written this month by HIGN Special Projects Manager, Cynthia Chong, describes an approach to increase health literacy in the community. 

Happy Fall!