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In November Trace Investigations will be an exhibitor at the annual Fall seminar and conference of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, the traditional continuing education venue for personal injury attorneys. Look for Trace's Director of Investigations, Tina Skirvin, and our cyber intelligence specialist, Kaytlyn Black, at our table. We will have a drawing near the end of the conference for a GoPro camera for those who stop by.

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We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide you this valuable information. We take special care to ensure the information we provide you in "Tracings" is the latest and most current information available.  In this edition, we address changes and challenges in the background screening industry.
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The Trace Team

There are changes afoot in the background screening industry. Looking at present trends and predictions, business owners and human resource directors are seeing technological innovations designed to not only streamline pre-employment checks on job applicants but which will over time provide savings. In addition, changes in access to qualified workers and other economic sector disruptors will present challenges more difficult to conquer than upgrading technology. Earlier this year, attorney Les Rosen's company, Employment Screening Resources, offered a number of trends to watch for in 2018. Elements of that list correspond with what we're watching at Trace Investigations this year:
  1. As more millennials enter the workforce, companies will have to make the background check process more applicant friendly. That will lead, for example, to the introduction of biometric identification processes across a wide spectrum of the hiring process.
  2. Class actions lawsuits focused on violations of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act will continue to target employers and their background screening practices. With this trend in mind, and critical requirements under various state laws, at Trace Investigations we routinely incorporate redundancies into our review of backgrounds checks before we report to our clients.
  3. The European Union's new data protection regulations will impact how we conduct international investigations. In fact, we will be seeing changes in our state laws as a result of the EU's actions. That's happened already. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 was passed into law in June, and it has national implications for employers and those of us who screen job candidates from around the country.
  4. In addition to enhanced privacy protections, concerns about data breach protection and information security will continue. For example, at Trace Investigations, improving our security measures means transitioning from paper file storage to secure digital systems, among other technological upgrades.
  5. The E-Verify system will soon be a mandatory requirement for all U.S. employers. With that in mind, earlier this year we incorporated a program that lets our clients outsource the E-Verify process as part of our routine screening.
These are the key changes we are seeing. There are other trends employers are watching, of course, which will impact how companies screen job applicants, such as
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