February 2016
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In the Spring of 2016 the Indiana Society of Professional Investigators and the Indiana Association of Background Screeners will present a one-day seminar on "Problems and Pitfalls in Pre-employment Screening" at a venue and date to be announced soon. Don C. Johnson, of Trace Investigations, Bloomington and a founding member of INspi, and Mike McCarty, of Safe Hiring Solutions in Danville and a founding member of IABS, will be presenters. If you want to be on the email list for the seminar, contact us at info@traceinvestigations.com.

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In this edition, we have addressed five key elements of what to look for when hiring the services of a professional investigator and why licensing is important.

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art1 No More Gumshoes: What do you look for when hiring a private investigator?
Professional private investigators do not care for the image of our fictional counterparts, embedded in the public consciousness as a result of the film noir classics and the popular novels of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane and others. Recent novelists have broken that mold somewhat, portraying a more realistic version of today's private investigator, including Bloomington's own Michael Koryta and his fictional private investigators, Lincoln Perry in his early novels and Markus Novak in "Last Words." Michael used his experience as an investigator with Trace Investigations during and after his college years to create believable fictional versions while following the powerful story telling techniques of the classic PI novelists. Michael knows we don't wear gumshoes anymore.

What do you look for when you need the services of a professional investigator, whether you are an attorney, a business owner or a concerned parent? There are five key elements:    

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art2 Why Licensing?
There are two primary schools of thought on whether multiple professionals and trade practitioners should be licensed. One school says there is too much licensing representing too much government overreach and the other says we need licensing wherever there is regular interaction with the public.

It can be argued that in the last decade we have seen licensing and regulation overreach in some states and by the federal government that could adversely impact job seekers and someone interested in entering a certain trade or profession. However, the licensing of private investigators (PI) and security guard companies (SG) is necessary to protect the public from unscrupulous, predatory and unqualified operators and to provide a necessary level of quality assurance to law firms, corporations, small business owners and the public at large.

There is no economic value to the state or federal governments or to the public at large in the deregulation of the PI and SG sectors, and in fact it is highly probable that deregulation could lead to negative consequences in a substantial increase in consumer frauds and additional burdens on our courts and law enforcement communities.

Private investigation firms and security guard agencies routinely handle or protect sensitive business and personal matters for their clients, which require...Read More