January 2018
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The National Association of Professional Background Screeners is holding its annual mid-year legislative and regulatory conference in Washington, DC in April. Trace Investigations is a member of NAPBS and its screening analysts are certified by NAPBS in regards to the federal law governing pre-employment screening.
"Most of authors seek fame, but I seek for justice ..."
- Davy Crocket

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The Trace Team

art1Bad Choices Equal Bad Outcomes
Too many business owners are not screening their employees properly, if at all. Even those who have in place a screening protocol may not realize some of those procedures are not up to date, in light of changes in federal and state laws.
At Trace Investigations, we have, in essence, two divisions. Our private investigation services include litigation support for both civil law attorneys and those in the criminal defense arena, in addition to many other routine investigation services for attorneys, businesses and the public at large. Of equal importance to our business model is our employment background investigations. We have a team of experienced legal investigators and research analysts dedicated to providing state of the art background screening services. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients up to date on how they interact with potential job applicants in regards to pre-employment screening.
Recently, we were contacted by a company that had to fire one of their employees after it was discovered he had stolen merchandise from their warehouse, a discovery made quite by accident. In conversation with the company's president, we discovered two failures in their security protocols: 
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art2 "Be sure that you are right, and then go ahead."
This famous saying is attributed to soldier, politician and frontiersman Davy Crockett, as quoted in David Crockett: His Life and Adventures(1874) by John Stevens Cabot Abbott. It's advice well worth heeding in the reporting of criminal conviction histories, whether during a background investigation on a witness in a pending civil or criminal trial, or in the course of a pre-employment screening for a business client. A few screening companies have learned that lesson the hard way. One case that made the national press comes to mind.
In 2014, a New York City doorman was denied a job because a background screening firm provided an incorrect criminal record to the hotel where he had applied for a job. The screening company, a large national firm, failed to provide verification on a criminal conviction on an individual who had the same name and birthday as the job applicant, but with a different middle name and prior employment and residential histories with no commonalities to the applicant. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual occurrence when screening individuals with common names. You always have to "drill down" when reviewing criminal histories, to make sure the information provided by the job applicant is a "strict match" to the criminal record. Although it is rare to find a match with both a common name and a date of birth, it is doubly important to have failsafe procedures in place when screening common names.

A class action law suit resulted from the bad background investigation, a cautionary tale for all businesses and their screening vendors.
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