February 2017
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Last fall, outgoing Indiana Governor Mike Pence re-appointed Trace Investigations' founder and CEO, Don C. Johnson, to the Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board, a division of Indiana's Professional Licensing Agency. Johnson has served on the board since 2001, and was re-elected as its chairman by his colleagues at their January meeting.

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The Trace Team

art1 Each Case Writes Its Own Script: An investigator looks at surveillance 
By Rebecca Gieselman
For an investigator a surveillance assignment presents numerous challenges. Each case has unique circumstances that could present obstacles to success, or offer unexpected opportunities. Typically the client will provide a name, image, address and brief background on the subject. The assigned investigator is left to fill in the blanks. Some surveillance assignments require the investigator to familiarize themselves with the subject's routine or daily activity, while other assignments might be exclusive to one location or event which must be researched. Social media has proven to be a useful tool in narrowing down the subject's likes and dislikes, their possible associates and even their whereabouts. However, even after preliminary research, surveillance can continue to present variables. The uncertainty of surveillance can be compared to trying to predict the weather; it's often times an educated guess. Preparation and flexibility are the keys to success.

The team at Trace Investigations has the resources and experience to prepare for extraordinary surveillance assignments. Our investigators have worked with unusual circumstances that have called for them to sit countless hours in the woods, sunbathe on a beach, and even attend a convention. Then, suddenly, after hours of surveillance, the preparation and patience pays off with an activity or incident that makes the case, "the money shot," as we like to say.

The Boy Scouts have it right: Be prepared.

When you need to get the "money shot" call Trace Investigations at 800-310-8857.

Becca Gieselman is a legal investigator with Trace Investigations. A 2015 graduate of Indiana University's journalism school, she just celebrated her one year anniversary with our firm.

art2 Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity  
Trace Investigations was retained to conduct surveillance on a respondent in a contentious and complicated divorce filing. The subject lived in an at-fault state and was flying into Indianapolis to attend a convention related to the parties' business. Her husband, our client, was confident that his wife, who was also his business partner, would take an early Delta flight. Due to the logistical challenges in an airport, we assigned two investigators. During the scheduled arrival times one investigator was positioned near the concourse exits and the other was driving the car that would follow the cab (or Uber) the subject would eventually board. The subject was not on any of the anticipated flights.

The investigators phoned the client who said he had just discovered his wife had taken an earlier flight on a different airline, and that she was already at the conference hotel. The investigators proceeded immediately to the hotel and after a short search found the subject in one of the hotel restaurants, having lunch with a group of three men. She seemed friendlier with one of the men and the investigators were able to obtain video footage with concealed body cameras. After lunch, the men in the lunch party proceeded to the convention floor and the subject proceeded to her room at the hotel. The investigators positioned themselves in strategic and safe locations to await her next appearance, which happened later that afternoon. She proceeded to the hotel's cocktail bar where she met the "friendly" man from lunch. For the next hour, our investigators captured video of a couple in intimate and often passionate conversations over cocktails. They then moved to a dinner table and the investigators were able to continue their surreptitious documentation of the couple. After dinner they retired to the man's hotel suite.

The following two days were prime examples of preparation meeting opportunity. After approximately 24 hours of surveillance at the convention and around the hotel, the investigators obtained several hours of video and photographic images to document the subject's activities. Her companion was identified and evidence was obtained of possible business dealings of which our client had no knowledge.

Result: We were able to provide evidence to our client's attorney that led to a favorable settlement in the divorce proceeding and protected the client's business interests.

When you need accurate facts that lead to favorable results call Trace Investigations at 800-310-8857.