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July 7, 2017   

Child Foundation in Afghanistan!

Recently I was asked if the Child Foundation's activities are limited to just one country. Some believe that since we received a large license from the U.S. Department of Treasury to work as a nonprofit in Iran, our work is limited to that country alone. 

Although Child Foundation supports more than 9,000 children in need of education in Iran, we are additionally active in other countries. We have an office in Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan which is very active in sponsorship program as well as many other of our charitable programs. We would like to dedicate this issue of our newsletter to our hardworking staff and volunteers in Afghanistan and inform you about some of their activities. On behalf of all Afghan children, I want to thank every one of them and wish them increasing success.

Please note that Child Foundation also has active sponsorship programs in Indonesia and Nepal and hopefully soon in Ebola-affected countries in Africa. Our goal is to help children everywhere in the world have access to education regardless of their country of origin, race or religions.

Please visit our waiting list here to read about all the children who could benefit from your help. You can also donate to our general fund here to help us expand our humanitarian activities. Remember all of your donations are tax-deductible.

Peyman Raoofi. Psy.D.
President & CEO
Fatemeh Needs OUR Help!
Fatemeh's face as burned 17 years ago when she was only 40 days old. For the first nine years of Fatemeh's life, her parents had been taking her to different hospitals in Ahvaz for reconstructive surgeries on her face and eyes. Until the doctors told them that they to wait until she reaches her maturity age to do more plastic surgery. 

Now that she is 17, the parent has resumed her medical procedures using loans and their friends' donations, but it is not enough. So far, Fatemeh has had four surgeries on her eyes and four on her face, but she needs eight more operations which are beyond her family's financial ability.

Fatemeh always had excellent GPA in her primary and middle schools, but in the last two years, her GPA has dropped due to constant trips to Tehran for medical visits and surgeries. She studies science in high school and always wanted be a scientist.

Fatemeh is a resilience girl who, against all the odds, has survived this accident and fought her way to stand on her feet. It is time for us to help her finish the surgeries and get on with her life and love of becoming a fantastic scientist.

Please donate to Fatemeh's Fund and read more about her, here .
What Did Our Team Do in June?

Here is a short report of some of activities our  Mazar-e-Sharif  team of volunteers and staff in did in month of June in Afghanistan. We sincerely thank every one of them.

Blood for Children:  
Child Foundation had three nights of a blood drive last month when 42 children who suffer from thalassemia received fresh blood from donors. During Ramadan, people donate less blood which creates a shortage for these children. Fortunately, through our blood drive, we were able to help these young patients on time.

Wedding Gift for Children:
A young couple in Mazar-e-Sharfi who just got married decided to share their happiness with children in need. They brought gifts to a group of children we support and talked to 23 of them to encourage them to study harder!

Gifts for Sick Children
One of Child Foundation's supporters informed our office that he wants to provide toys to sick children. A team of our volunteers delivered all of his toys to the children who were hospitalized in Mazar's children hospital.

Food Distribution:  
This year's food distribution was done on the Ferdowsi library where our office had asked families to come to pick up their food baskets. This year's basket included rice, oil, macaroni, tea, sugar and onions.

They Can Walk: 
Do you remember Khal Mohammad and Alim who had lost their legs to terrorists' bomb and mine? Child Foundation sent them to Italy for medical treatments. Both of them returned home last week after their medical care was finished. They walked to their house with their new prosthetic legs! You can read more information about them in our last newsletter.

To help our Afghanistan office to expand its humanitarian activities. please donate to our general fund here.
Hi, My Name is Mohammad-Hassan
and I Need Your Help!

I am a 7-year-old student from Mazar-e-Sharif. I am very talented student with high marks. I love biking, but we cannot afford to buy a bicycle.

I lost my father two years ago, and now I live with my mother and four siblings. My mom suffers from a terrible backache and knee pain. 

My older sister has a kidney problem, but she cannot afford to visit a doctor. My other sister married two years ago to a mine worker. Last year, the mine collapsed, and he and his coworkers all died. Presently, she and her small baby live with us.

I love the school, but I desperately need your help to continue my education.

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Hi, I'm Yekta!
I am an outstanding 6th-grade student from Marvdasht. My father is disabled, having lost both of his legs to diabetes.  My mother, after years of physical labor, has got a herniated disc and is not fit to work, although she sometimes works in people's houses or on a farm. My brother who was a brilliant boy, committed suicide and my other brother has severe mental illness, and his institutionalization has put our family in deep debt. 

My older sister has finished college with hardship but is unemployed. My other brother has quit school and is a part-time construction worker. Our house is old and has no gas or hot water

I need your help to continue my education since my family can barely support itself.

Hi, I'm Fatemeh!
I am an intelligent student in 7th grade with a GPA of 18.64. 

My father, a driver was stabbed to death by robbers who wanted to steal his truck. After the car was found, my grandfather sold it and bought a smaller car to work as a taxi and pay the family a monthly stipend. 

We live in my grandfather's house and have a limited income by my mother selling home-made artifacts. I have a skin allergy that needs treatment occasionally. I also have a smart younger brother, who is also highly intelligent.

We need your support to continue our education.

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Tabriz School Project 
A generous lady donated a large piece of land to be used for building a school for children in need in Tabriz.  

Child Foundation has finished surveying the land and have blueprints ready.

For additional information, and to participate in this project, please visit our page  here. 
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