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     Volume 22 Issue 10 - March 2019

     "The Hardest Working Council in the Carolinas"

Grand Knight's Report

LENT - What is It?
Lent is the forty-day liturgical season of fasting, special prayer and almsgiving in preparation for Easter. 

The name "Lent" is from the Middle English Lenten and Anglo-Saxon Lenten, meaning spring; its more primitive ecclesiastical name was the "forty days," tessaracoste in Greek. The number "forty" is first noted in the Canons of Nicaea (A.D. 325), likely in imitation of Jesus' fast in the desert before His public ministry (with Old Testament precedent in Moses and Elijah). By the fourth century, in most of the West, it referred to six days' fast per week of six weeks (Sundays were excluded); in the seventh century the days from Ash Wednesday through the First Sunday were added to make the number forty.

LENT - What is Our Council Doing?
As in past years, we will be serving fish dinners in the Parish Center Family Room on the first six Fridays of Lent.  We will be serving from 5 pm to 7 pm.

We will be emphasizing the praying of the Rosary by offering Rosary wheels and prayer cards to those in attendance.  The Church is asking everyone to pray the Rosary at such a troubled time.

The monthly Donated Goods will be March 9th, when we collect and distribute used clothes, furniture and appliances that help those in need in our community and Eastern and Western North Carolina. What a great way to practice ALMSGIVING! 

On Saturday, March 16th, we will be marching in the St. Patrick's Parade and collecting for LAMB! It's a wonderful way to get your steps in while helping support the Least Among My Brothers!  

Our Rosary campaign will continue at the March Parish Breakfast on Sunday, March 17th, where we will also be handing out Rosary wheels and cards.  We'll also continue to be offering free breakfasts to new parishioners as part of the WelcomeMatt ministry.  And that night we'll be enjoying the fruits of our labor at our 3rd Annual St. Pat's Dinner & Dance.

Also in Lent will be LAMB at 7 Harris Teeter stores on April 6th and Donated Goods on April 13th.

LENT - What are You Doing?
Need I say it?  We need volunteers to make these events a success and to raise the funds to support our charities.  What a wonderful way to spend Lent - volunteering at one (or more) of our Council's events!  JUST DO IT!

I once again ask  every Brother in Our Council, to take the Safe Environment Program training provided by Supreme.  Below is the link and registration code :  
The Registration Code is:   kofcsafe

If you have any contact with minors in the Parish or Community, you should also take the Parish and Diocese  Protecting God's Children  workshop. This 2½ hour program is intended to educate volunteers to recognize and prevent sexual abuse. Preregistration is required. Sign up online at

Please advise Bob Desch when you have completed either training.  He is maintaining a database for the Council.


FEBRUARY Knight of the Month: Steve Koronczok - for his extraordinary efforts recruiting prospects and candidates for our Council and the Knights!

                          Family of the Month Jack & Maureen Hickey  and Grandkids -
for their continuing support of our monthly Parish Breakfast, where Jack is the co-director and his grandchildren the new Smoothy Makers!


40 Days for Life
Ash Wednesday (March 6) is the beginning of another Grace filled 40 Days for Life Campaign at Latrobe and Hebron Abortion Clinics.  This Lent make a resolution to do something positive every day and at least one very special thing once each week for the Culture of Life.

Hebron Clinic focus: This year our Parochial Vicar and Council Chaplain, Fr. Peter Ascik has committed to leading a 40 Days for Life Campaign at the Hebron facility, Family Reproductive Health, 700 E. Hebron St., Charlotte, NC 28273. The clinic conducts abortions on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. A sign up sheet has been created on-line for one hour vigils on those days from 8 AM to 12 PM. Go here to Sign up to pray at the Hebron Abortion Clinic . Parking is limited to four (4) spaces on a side street near the clinic so carpooling is highly recommended. 

Fr. Peter's commitment to changing the culture regarding life is extremely inspiring. He participated in Respect Life Sunday in October and attended the Life Chain event. He has spoken at the Charlotte March for Life in January, At the South Campus Masses a month ago, he urged us all to be informed and to vote for pro-life causes and politicians. His altar talk was so moving that he received a thunderous ovation. He not only attends St. Matthew Respect Life Ministry meetings but he makes significant contributions to the discussions. Let's get behind him and sign up for the Hebron Vigil time slots.

Latrobe Abortion Clinic: Because a Preferred Women's Health Center, 3220 Latrobe Dr., Charlottte, NC 28211, conducts abortions every day but Sundays there is a great need for vigil participants, especially from 8 AM to 3 PM. If possible please attempt to pray there on Wednesdays or any day of the week. 

Hashtag #MeStillMe 
I am captivated by this new on-line pro-life movement. These two simple yet powerful photographs capture the truth that can't be denied, that life of the human in the womb cannot be distinguished from the life in the mother's arms. Please follow the link to read the entire article.

Become more fully alive by becoming passionate about LIFE, LOVE LIFE!
Watching the events of the past several months should convince anyone that you and I cannot be sideline participants in the spiritual warfare that permeates the news.
We must demand accountability and transparency from our bishops and clergy in addressing the clergy sexual abuse crisis. It is up to us to pray for real progress in solving this worldwide crisis.

You and I must become more informed about the Church's teachings regarding the sanctity of human life, abortion, euthanasia, contraception, human trafficking, immigration and many other social justice issues. We must be more involved in the political process locally and nationally. Last month, Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York state, signed into law a draconian bill that permits abortion to be performed for any reason up until moments before birth. New York's Reproductive Health Act even allows non-doctors to perform abortions. How does this help women's health? Following Cuomo's Law are similar bills that were introduced in New Mexico, Virginia and Vermont.

In Virginia, for instance, State Delegate Kathy Tran admitted that her abortion bill would allow the performance of an abortion while a mother was in active labor. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam doubled down on Tran's shocking admission by suggesting that he even supported infanticide after a baby was born alive.

So what can we do? Support issues and candidates that stand for the sanctity of life. Donate your time by becoming involved in at least one Pro-Life ministry. Donate to Pro-Life causes like the Baby Bottle Campaign or directly to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. March for Life here in Charlotte or in Washington D.C. Attend a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil this Lent at the Latrobe or Hebron Abortion Clinics. Participate in the Life Chain here at St. Matthew Church on Pro-Life Sunday, the first Sunday in October. And pray the Holy Rosary daily for expectant mothers and all mothers and for family life

God Bless You All!
Norm Gemignani, PGK
St. Matthew K of C Council 10852 
Pro-Life Director


Our first LAMB fund raiser will be March 16th.   Once again our Council will walk the St. Patrick's Day parade route here in Charlotte wearing LAMB vests. We pass out green beads and accept donations for the LAMB Foundation. It's a fun couple of hours and a great family event. We meet at 10:00 to 10:30 at 10th and Tryon. The parade starts at 11:00. For more information, contact Norm Smith at or 704-614-3700.
In April we have three LAMB events. Our first Operation LAMB at seven Harris Teeter stores will be Saturday, April 6. Then, we will be accepting donations after all the Masses the weekend of April 13 &14 at both the main campus and the Waxhaw campus. Finally, we have one Harris Teeter store on April on April 27. Please mark your calendars now and sign up when the Constant Contact email comes out.
Lastly, the LAMB Foundation holds a silent auction at the annual State Convention of the Knights of Columbus. The convention is the last weekend of April. The proceeds of any donated items from our Council and that are sold at the auction will go towards our Council's LAMB goal for the year. If you have hand crafts, sports memorabilia, art work, or other items to donate for the auction, please contact me at either 704-618-0428 or .

May God Bless all Knights,
Bob Desch, PGK

Donated Goods
Randy and Anne Mazur are retiring as leaders of this fantastic ministry on April 13, 2019 , after 6-years! 

We are looking for a well-organized individuals or couples who can commit to one hour a week of organizational activities and six hours on the second Saturday of each month.  For more information or if interested, contact Ann McDonald at 704-543-7677 x1039 or

Donated Goods - Highlights for February 2019
A big thank you to all volunteers that help the St. Matthew Donated Goods Ministry!
Next monthly collection of donated goods is Saturday March 9 from 8am until noon.
Volunteers needed for all activities including sorting and packing but especially those that can help load and unload furniture and those that have trucks that can pick up from households that are donating furniture.
Visit our Sign up Genius page to volunteer.

February 2019 highlights:
  • Saturday February 9th was our monthly collection Saturday (2nd Sat. of the month) and we had a busy day, as we completed 20 scheduled pickups and over 70 drop offs of donated furniture, clothing and household items
  • The first truck load of donated items from our February 9 collection was delivered to Church Mouse in Robbinsville, NC. The truck was driven on Tuesday February 12 by Dan Troy and Chuck Curtis.
  • Saturday February 9 there was no veteran delivery and setup in conjunction with the Veterans ERG at UTC Aerospace Systems and Charlotte Bridge Home. We will have a veteran that we help out in March. We are in need of a Washer and Dryer.
  • We donated a truck full of clothing and small household items to Monroe Outreach on February 9. They brought a box truck to our Saturday collection. This is now standard operating procedure going forward (rotating between Salvation Army, and Monroe Outreach and possibly Crisis Assistance Ministry)
  • We delivered a 2nd truckload of Donated Goods on Tuesday February 19. Dan Troy and Bob Kerfonta drove to Friendship House Re-Cellar in Murphy, NC
    • We had a small team of volunteers load the truck on Saturday February 16
  • We delivered a 3rd truckload of Donated Goods on Tuesday February 26. Tom Larkin and Hank Kempton drove to REACH of Clay County in Hayesville, NC
    • We had a small team of volunteers load the truck on Saturday February 23
Many thanks to all of our volunteers.

Next monthly collection of donated goods is Saturday February 9 from 8am until noon. 

Reservations are going fast!  Make YOURS NO W!

Faith, Fraternity, and Service

It's time to think about officer's for  the  next fraternal year (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020) and the role YOU will play!

Please prayerfully consider serving as an officer next year. Call any of the existing officers or Past Grand Knights for more information concerning the responsibilities of the offices.
One position that will be open isTreasurer. You will work closely with the Grand Knight (GK) and Financial Secretary (FS) in this important role for the Council.  To ensure a smooth transition as Treasurer beginning July 1, 2019, the current Treasurer will work with you before July to explain your duties and responsibilities.  If interested in serving the Council as Treasurer, please contact either GK Tom Larkin or Deputy Grand Knight (DGK) Bill McKenna.
Treasurer Specific Duties:
·         The present records are in Excel
·         Attend business meetings and present Treasurer's Report
·         Provide written Treasurer's Report for review by Trustees
·         Attend officers' meetings
·         Make fund deposits at the bank in a timely basis
·         Working with GK and FS, write checks to pay the bills
·         Keep checkbook up to date and verify balances with South State Bank
                ·       Assist FS in the preparation of the Supreme biannual report
                ·       Prepare the annual budget and attend budget meetings

Parish Breakfast Schedule

The sixth full breakfast of the new fraternal year was Sunday, February 17th.  We served fewer than 300 people and made less than $400. The next breakfast will be Sunday, March 17th  after the 7:30 am, 9:00 am and 10:45 am Masses at the Main Campus. So bring your loved ones,and celebrate St. Joe and St. Pat with our famous buffet breakfast!

September 16 - Donuts, Pastries, Beverages Only
February 17 - Breakfast for St. Valentine!
October 21 - Breakfast for Ghosts & Goblins!
March 17 - Breakfast for St. Joe and St. Pat
November 11 - Breakfast to Give Thanks!
April 28 - Breakfast for Springtime!
December 23, 2018 - Breakfast with St. Nick!
May 12 - Breakfast for Mom and Grandmom!
January 13, 2019 - Breakfast for the New Year!
June 16 - Breakfast for Dad and Granddad! 

Please help us make it the best year yet by volunteering and/or attending!

Charity Fund Raising Golf Tournament - May 14, 2019

What are you doing May 14th?  How about a round of golf with three of your friends, including 18 holes, a golf cart, lunch, dinner, drinks and a slew of awards and prizes?

ALL for a charitable $125 per player!  We invite you to enjoy the hospitality of the Knights of St. Matthew Council 10852, while you master Raintree Golf Course and enjoy their Southern cuisine!  Can't put a foursome together?  Sign-up for yourself and whoever can join you. We will make up the remainder of the foursome.

Profits from the tournament  support our many community-based charities, including:
  • LAMB Foundation of N.C . -  Least Among My Brothers , supports Holy Angels, Special
    Olympics and many more for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • UMAR -  established by the United Methodist Church, UMAR promotes community inclusion, independence and growth for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Allegro Foundation -  a champion for children with disabilities.
  • Operation Exodus  - builds access ramps for those in need.
  • H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center  -provides free and confidential services for women and men who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy.
  • Mira Via  - provides a safe haven and source of hope for pregnant mothers and their children.
    Raintree Country Club
    8600 Raintree Lane
    Charlotte, NC 28277
    $440 -  Early Bird - Sign up and pay for Foursome by April 15th
    $500 -  Foursome after April 15th
    $125 -  per player when less than a Foursome
    Can't make the Tournament? How about supporting our charities by being a sponsor?
    Ask for Sponsorship Form
    1____________________________ Hdcp ______      2_________________­___________ Hdcp ______
    3____________________________ Hdcp ______      4________________­____________ Hdcp ______
    Make check payable to Knights of Columbus Council 10852, Attn: Golf Tournament,
    9009 Bryant Farms Road, Charlotte, NC 28277
    If payment by credit card:
    Name on card ____________________________ Acct. No. ______________________
    Exp. Date _________________ CVV ______ ZIP Code of Cardholder __________
    E-mail address: _____________________________________________________

    Your participation is sincerely appreciated.
    Questions - Contact Ron Schumacher (704) 618-2442;

American Flags for Sale

The George L. Gettier Assembly 780 is selling 3 ft x 5 ft. American Flags for $25.  These flags are made in the good old United States of America.  

When flags are purchased by a St. Matthew Knights of Columbus Council 10852 member, $5 of the proceeds is returned to Council 10852.

Sir Knight Chuck Elgin, Faithful Navigator of Assembly 780, will have the flags available for sale at Council 10852 and Assembly 780 Business Meetings.  Cash, Checks and Credit Cards are accepted.

If you cannot attend an Assembly 780 or Council 10852 Business meeting but are interested in a flag, please contact Faithful Navigator Chuck Elgin at Email:; Call or Text: 704-614-0504.

Where:           South Charlotte Banquet Center
 9009 Bryant Farms Road, Charlotte, NC 28277
When:            Every Monday with doors opening at 5:30 pm.

Who:              Open to the general public.

Games:          We play a total of 17 games.  The "Early Bird" game starts at 6:45 pm with 100% of the
 money collected going to the winner(s).  16 more games follow starting at 7:00 pm.

Prizes:           Prizes vary based on the number of people playing and the number of cards
 purchased.  The typical nightly game prizes have been around:  Early Bird game - over  $300 ... 8 Regular games - $75 per game ... 7 Special games - $130 per game ... Coverall  game - $500.

Cost:             The minimum cost is $10.  That lets you play 9 of the 17 games.  If a person wants to play
 all 17 games the minimum is $18.  The average player spends around $25.  Young children  can pay $2 to play the 9 games minimum or $10 to play all 17 games.

How Long:    Bingo is normally done by 9:45 pm.

Supports      The profits from Bingo goes to the Charities of the Knights of Columbus.  We have donated primarily to St. Matthew Catholic Church in the past but have also made contributions to LAMB.

We group our volunteers into 5 teams.  Each team is scheduled to work once every 5 weeks.  Holidays
nights are covered by a volunteer team, so a team may work once every 6 weeks on occasion.  We can use more callers (we can train).  We record all items on a computer and if interested, we can train you for that process also.

There are a few husbands and wives working on a team.  In addition, we have wives that play while their husband works on a team.  If you have a high school or older child that would like to help, we can use them also.   If you work, all items from the Bingo kitchen are free.   This can be a great family team event.

If you have questions or want to help p lease contact:
Ron Schumacher 704-618-2442 or

Lumberton Needs YOU - Now More Than Ever after Florence & Michael!

The Lumberton ministry name is changing to "Christian Responders".  While we are still doing work at the Lumberton, NC area, we are also gearing up to be able to respond to out disasters or needs.
We are a truly diversified group of people with several things in common:
* We enjoy helping people in need... in fact it nourishes our souls to get out and actually assist people in need.
* We like experiencing spiritual growth, attending church together, sharing our faith, learning from each other, learning from the people we serve, and being the hands and feet of Jesus.
* We enjoy socialization, making new relationships, and celebrating life together.Together we work, rest, pray, talk, laugh, eat meals, and help God's people who desperately need assistance.
* We enjoy having people of all ages and skills, especially families with teens, and we're committed to building a team of diversified people who enjoy traveling together for a weekend or other time frame to help disaster survivors in their time of need.

Feb 22-24,      Mar 15-17,       April 12-14,       May 17-19

Activity: Helping restore houses so flood victims can return to their homes.
Lodging: We will be staying at the United Methodist Church in Lumberton.
Requirements: A desire to help God help those in need. No experience needed.
Please join "Christian Responders" in helping our neighbors by going to Lumberton, NC for a weekend and working with us and the United Methodist Church in restoring the homes of flood victims.

Contact: For information, please contact Joe George at or 704-906-0784, Ron Schumacher at or 704-618-2442, or Ray Misiunas at 980-226-4100/
Our team is busy recruiting volunteers for our upcoming weekends in March, April and May. We are also seeking trainers to assist with teaching our volunteers basic home repair skills.  

Please forward this link to all those who may be interested!

In Gratitude,

Joe George

Stephanie Chadwick

Christian Responders Ministry
St. Matthew Catholic Church
Charlotte, NC

March 2019







Mens Shelter  
Mens Shelter Serving 
CCSC Annual Meeting  
+ Knights

Lenten Dinner


Board Meeting

Lenten Dinner

St. Pat's Parade

Men's Conference
Parish Breakfast
St. Pat's

7:30 PM:
Knights Mass
Lenten Dinner




Assembly 780 Business  Meeting
6:30 PM: Officers Mtg
Lenten Dinner

April 2019
 March 31
April 1
Mens Shelter  

Mens Shelter Serving  

 7  PM  
Knights Business
Lenten Dinner

LAMB - 7 Harris Teeter Stores

Board Meeting

Lenten Dinner



  7:30 PM:
Knights Mass

Assembly 780 Business  Meeting
 6:30 PM: Officers Mtg  

NC State Convention
LAMB - 1 Harris Teeter

NC State Convention

Parish Breakfast

NC State Convention

 4TH on the 5TH
May 1
Knight's Busioness Meeting


BIRTHDAYS!   Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU!!
March                                                April                                                     
Michael L Ferris 03 01
Armen S Boyajian 03 02
Steven J Canale 03 02
Thomas C Carton 03 02
Lou   Carletto 03 03
Matthew J Thompson 03 03
Michael C Dowd 03 04
Robert F Johnson 03 04
Michael J Novajosky 03 04
William K Stewart 03 07
Matthew E Merchant 03 07
Patrick M Herr 03 08
David L Berezin 03 09
Andrew M Burton 03 09
Anthony J Annunziata 03 11
Larry J Kitzinger 03 11
Patrick A Mauth 03 11
Thomas J Phillips 03 11
Robert F Wieler 03 11
Robert J O'Brien 03 12
Richard B Reynolds 03 12
William P Sabo 03 14
David M Donovan 03 15
Thomas E Dorazil 03 15
Daniel J Hines 03 17
Rory P Wall 03 17
Michael W Spicer 03 18
Thomas R Fitzpatrick 03 19
Joseph F Tittl 03 19
Albert J Smeraldo 03 22
James G Gilsdorf 03 23
Umberto   Silvagno 03 23
James M Cavanagh 03 27
Jeff F Prendergast 03 27
John G Tezza 03 27
Michael F Thompson 03 27
Donald P Mead 03 28
Martin B Musialowski 03 28
Michael P West 03 28
Christopher   Finnican 03 29
William K Martin 03 29
Jeffrey P Boyle 03 30
John G Connell 03 30
William A Maleski 04 01
Johnny   Robinson 04 02
Kyle L Pence 04 02
Marty J Sheldon 04 02
Richard A Winquist 04 03
Walter D De Armond 04 05
Paul B Mitchell 04 06
Robert J Waller 04 06
Rick H Blunk 04 07
Peter J Todaro 04 07
Shinto   Abraham 04 08
John J Clare 04 08
Matthew C Strosser 04 09
Jacob A Mlakar 04 10
Thomas A Carbott 04 13
Marcos J Bilbao 04 15
Robert M Calhoun 04 15
Edward   Merchak 04 15
John Charles Walker 04 15
Jeffrey S Kleinheinz 04 16
Jeff L Zitel 04 16
John F Corcoran 04 18
Lyman Henry Kempton 04 18
Brian R O Leary 04 19
Donald U Kreppein 04 19
Michael Wai A Chan 04 20
Thomas P Coyne 04 20
Ronald J Clair 04 24
William A Schuler 04 24
Robert R Sommer 04 27
Marcelo J Bueno 04 29
Harry E Fear 04 29
Joseph   Tedeschi 04 29
Jesus A Perez 04 30

2018/2019 Council Officers

Rev. Peter J. Ascik
704-543-7677 x1185
Tom Larkin  
 Bill McKenna     
Jack Hickey  
John Schilling 
John Coudriet  
Earl Hartenstine

Don Gacevich
Mike Hankins  
Chuck Elgin, PGK
Dave Donovan
Hank Kempton 

Bob Desch, PGK
Ron Schumacher, PGK 
Richard White, PGK