Volume 22 Issue 11 - May 2019

     "The Hardest Working Council in the Carolinas"

Grand Knight's Report

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

As I near the end of my term as Grand Knight, I want to look back at what has transpired in the past 16 months.  This month I want to look at what wasn't acheived.

I had quite a few goals when I became Grand Knight, which many, I feel, have been accomplished (more on that next month).  But a few I haven't accomplished, like getting the newsletter out before each business meeting, or having the Knight and Family of the Month certificates ready for meetings.  I have failed miserably on getting the FTGOTO list out in a timely manner.  I'm sure there are a few more but my memory fails me...

One of my top goals was to engage more Knights, especially those younger ones.  My hope was to have more activities that would encourage them to participate, such as a family picnic that honored our First Responders or a 1st Night celebration of the New Year, geared to families.  While the picnic had to be cancelled due to Florence, very few had signed up before.  In the case of a 1st Night Celebration, there was no interest, so it was dropped.

Other areas where we tried to make changes to attract more Knights - family pricing at Parish Breakfasts and Lenten Dinners, lower prices for the Valentines and St. Pat's dinner dances, and shorter hours for LAMB - did little to increase participation.  We created an online survey asking for ideas that would make volunteering easier or how to attract families and younger Knights, but received few responses.  

We understand the obligations younger Knights have - famiy, work, church, networking - and we certainly don't expect them to make every meeting or event.  But working a LAMB shift for 2 hours, or bringing the family to a breakfast or dinner, seems resonable to expect.  Or volunteering for a job that can be done from home, like helping with the newsletter or FTGOTO or other communications, would help relieve the workload on other Brothers.

Everyone has a different reason for joining the Knights but we all take a pledge to support our Council, Church and Community and make Charity our number one goal.  I ask every Knight, young and old, to recommit themselves to their 1st Degree pledge and get more involved!  Make the coming fraternal year one where YOU make a difference.

I once again ask  every Brother in Our Council, to take the Safe Environment Program training provided by Supreme.  Below is the link and registration code :  
The Registration Code is:   kofcsafe

If you have any contact with minors in the Parish or Community, you should also take the Parish and Diocese  Protecting God's Children  workshop. This 2½ hour program is intended to educate volunteers to recognize and prevent sexual abuse. Preregistration is required. Sign up online at  www.virtus.org.

Please advise Bob Desch when you have completed either training.  He is maintaining a database for the Council.


MAY  Knight of the Month: Jack Amar

              Family of the Month Josh and Janet Peeples



The fund raising activities of the LAMB Foundation kicked off in April. On April 6 th Council members filled 25 two hour shifts at seven various Harris Teeter stores and collected $40.60 an hour, an all time high in the hourly results. Thank you to the 25 Knights who gave of their time to help. 

On the weekend of April 13 and 14, Knights collected donations after all the weekend masses at St. Matthew, both the main campus and Waxhaw. Again, our thanks to those of you who spent time after mass to participate. We also collected at one Harris Teeter store this past weekend (April 27). Again, our thanks to those who helped. For the month of April donations collected for the LAMB Foundation exceeded $8,600. So we are off to a strong start.
As we strive to achieve similar results as were attained last year - $72,000 - we will need everyone's efforts. The next opportunity will be Saturday, June1, when we again have another seven Harris Teeter stores, including Waxhaw, Indian Land, and Wesley Chapel. Please save some time that Saturday to help. It's just two hours of your time that you are asked to give!
Thank you for all that you do the help those whom Jesus called the Least Among My Brothers. May God bless all Knights and their families.
May God Bless all Knights,
Bob Desch, PGK

NC State LAMB Award!
Division IV Highest Average per Member

At the 2019 KofC NC Sate Convention held last weekend, I was honored to accept the LAMB award for Highest Average per Member in Division IV (Largest Councils). 

This is the 15th year in a row we have collected more than $50,000 with a whopping $72,000 in 2018!  Lifetime collections now surpass 1 million dollars!  WOW!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Bob Desch and Richard White and all the Knights who helped make 2018 a banner year!  And from what we've done so far this year, we're off to a great start in 2019!  For those who haven't worked a LAMB shift, what are you waiting for?  Get on the band wagon to help the Least Among My  Brethren!

Donated Goods
Donated Goods - Highlights for April 2019
A big thank you to all volunteers that help the St. Matthew Donated Goods Ministry!
Next monthly collection of donated goods is Saturday May 11 from 8am until noon.
Volunteers needed for all activities including sorting and packing but especially those that can help load and unload furniture and those that have trucks that can pick up from households that are donating furniture.

April 2019 highlights:
  • Saturday April 13th was our monthly collection Saturday (2nd Sat. of the month) and we had a busy day, as we completed 18 scheduled pickups and over 80 drop offs of donated furniture, clothing and household items
  • The first truck load of donated items from our April 13 collection was delivered to SAFE Again in Young Harris, GA. The truck was driven on Tuesday April 16 by Jerry Carpenter and Bob Kerfonta.
  • Saturday April 13, we donated furniture, household items and clothing for two (2) veterans in conjunction with the Veterans Employee Resource Group (ERG) at UTC Aerospace Systems and Charlotte Bridge Home. The team from UTC delivered and setup the items in the homes of the two (2) veterans.
  • We donated a truck full of clothing and small household items to Monroe Outreach on April 13. They brought a box truck to our Saturday collection. This is now standard operating procedure going forward (rotating between Salvation Army, and Monroe Outreach and possibly Crisis Assistance Ministry)
  • On Thursday April 18 Dr. Rosemary Jackson from the Affordable Housing organization and an individual from the Genesis Program brought a truck and loaded up furniture to help setting up 5 apartments for those in need.
Many thanks to all of our volunteers.

WELCOME to the new Leaders of the Donated Goods Ministry, who will start in May!
Catherine and Kevin Sforza

to Randy and Ann Mazur, who have lead the Donated Goods Ministry for six years!

Faith, Fraternity, and Service

It's time to think about officer's for  the  next fraternal year (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020) and the role YOU will play!

Please prayerfully consider serving as an officer next year. Call any of the existing officers or Past Grand Knights for more information concerning the responsibilities of the offices.
Knights of Columbus
St. Matthew Council 10852
Nominations for 2019/2020 Fraternal Year
Nominees As of May Business Meeeting:
        • Grand Knight - Bill McKenna
        • Deputy Grand Knight - Rory Wall
        • Recorder - Norm Smith
        • Treasurer - Earl Hartenstine & Gil Borrero
        • Chancellor - Jack Hickey
        • Advocate - Chuck Elgin
        • Warden - Mike Hankins
        • Inside Guard - Dave Donovan
        • Outside Guard - Hank Kempton
        • Trustee - 3 yrs - Bart Carmichael & Tom Larkin
Please note you must be a 3rd or 4th Degree to serve as an Officer in our Council. If you're interested in taking an active role in our Council, please contact one of the Trustees:
  • Richard White, PKG rmpwhite@gmail.com 704-543-6351
  • Bob Desch, PKG deschr@bellsouth.net 704-543-8212
  • Ron Schumacher PKG reschu8@gmail.com 704-618-2442
Nominations will be taken at the April and May Business Meetings. The vote will take place at the June Business Meeting!

Parish Breakfast Schedule

The eighth full breakfast of the new fraternal year was Sunday, April 28th - the late date due to Palm Sunday and Easter.  We served fewer than 300 people and made less than $400. The next breakfast will be Sunday, May 12th  after the 7:30 am, 9:00 am and 10:45 am Masses at the Main Campus. So bring your loved ones,and celebrate Mom and Grandma - even great
Grandma - with our famous buffet breakfast!

September 16 - Donuts, Pastries, Beverages Only
February 17 - Breakfast for St. Valentine!
October 21 - Breakfast for Ghosts & Goblins!
March 17 - Breakfast for St. Joe and St. Pat
November 11 - Breakfast to Give Thanks!
April 28 - Breakfast for Springtime!
December 23, 2018 - Breakfast with St. Nick!
May 12 - Breakfast for Mom and Grandmom!
January 13, 2019 - Breakfast for the New Year!
June 16 - Breakfast for Dad and Granddad! 

Please help us make it the best year yet by volunteering and/or attending!


Keffer Auto Group Will Once Again be our Platinum Sponsor!  

AND Jim Keffer has donated $2,500!
to be split between the two winners of the Closest-To-The-Pin Contests!!

What are you doing May 14th?  How about a round of golf with three of your friends, including 18 holes, a golf cart, lunch, dinner, drinks and a slew of awards and prizes?

ALL for a charitable $125 per player!  We invite you to enjoy the hospitality of the Knights of St. Matthew Council 10852, while you master Raintree Golf Course and enjoy their Southern cuisine!  Can't put a foursome together?  Sign-up for yourself and whoever can join you. We will make up the remainder of the foursome.

Profits from the tournament  support our many community-based charities, including:
  • LAMB Foundation of N.C . -  Least Among My Brothers , supports Holy Angels, Special
    Olympics and many more for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • UMAR -  established by the United Methodist Church, UMAR promotes community inclusion, independence and growth for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Allegro Foundation -  a champion for children with disabilities.
  • Operation Exodus  - builds access ramps for those in need.
  • H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center  -provides free and confidential services for women and men who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy.
  • Mira Via  - provides a safe haven and source of hope for pregnant mothers and their children.

    Raintree Country Club
    8600 Raintree Lane
    Charlotte, NC 28277
    Your participation is sincerely appreciated.
    Questions - Contact Ron Schumacher (704) 618-2442; reschu8@gmail.com

Knights of Columbus Council 10852 Youth Scholarship
Purpose: To support graduating high school seniors and current college students related to active members of Knights of Columbus Council 10852 in their efforts to prepare themselves educationally for future vocations enabling them to be financially independent of their parents, strong Catholic adults and able to be gainful citizens.
Award. The award is one scholarship per year and is valued at $1,000 per year for up to four years. The scholarship is paid directly to the institution for student expenses. The scholarship does not have to be renewed as long as the student continues the required contact with the Council and service to his or her parish.
Who can apply?
  1. Must be a graduating high school senior or a current college student in the year the scholarship is offered.
  2. Must be the son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter, brother or sister of a Knight in good standing in Council 10852.
  3. 3.The student must be a confirmed and practicing Catholic
  4. The student must be seeking to obtain a professional or trade certification accepted by the scholarship board from an accredited institution, or an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.
Applications must be submitted by May 31, 2019.   Scholarship announcements will be made June 2019.
Application Information
Applicants will be assessed by a Board made up of members of Knights of Columbus Council 10852, St Matthews. March/ April/May newsletters will have applications or you can email a request to: Bart Carmichael (Chairman of the Scholarship committee) at bartcarmichael@gmail.com
Instructions for Application - Academic Year 2019
  1. The deadline for 2019 scholarship application is May 31, 2019. 
  1. Only completed applications will be considered. Do Not Leave Items Blank
  1. Electronic or printed submission of the application, the applicant is agreeing that to the best of his abilities that all statements are true and should he or she be awarded the scholarship he will keep the Council informed if his college status changes that affect the scholarship.
Consideration for any scholarship award is based on a point system including GPA, participation in extra-curricular activities, school organizations and community service. This will be a four year scholarship, and you must maintain criteria set in the guidelines listed in this application.
Sponsor Information
Last Name, First Name, MI
City, State, Zip, County
Home Phone
K of C Membership number
Sponsor Relationship to candidate

Applicant Data
Last Name, First Name, MI
City, State, Zip, County
Permanent Home Phone
Intended major at University
College you will you be attending?
High School Education
High school attended
Graduation date
Current cumulative GPA / Scale
Ranking in graduating class (%)

Community/ Church Involvement

What Church are you currently attending?

1. Please describe a brief description of community or church programs you have participated in.
  College Funding School Education
What portion of your college will you be paying?
What Portion will be from College loans?
Current cost per semester of your college?
Will you be working while attending College?
Current cost per semester of your college?
Essays (Minimum of 100 words)
1. What do you expect your greatest challenge will be in your first year of college and how do you plan on meeting that challenge?
Essays (Minimum of 100 words)
2. Why is your Catholic Faith important to you and what are your plans to nurture your faith while in college?
Essays (Minimum of 100 words)
3 .Why do you deserve this scholarship?

Field Agent Report
What's your biggest asset? Some of you may say it's your home. Others who own a business may say that's their biggest asset. There may be some who have saved well and put aside a substantial amount of money for retirement in a fund like an IRA or a 401K.
But I would suggest that your earning power is your most valuable asset. Consider this: a 35-year-old who makes $50,000 a year will earn $1.5 million dollars before retirement at age 65. That's quite a sum, but consider this: with only a 3% increase in pay each year, that figure grows to nearly 2.5 million dollars before retirement! But...you say, that's all well and good, what are the chances I'm going to become disabled and unable to work? According to United States government statistics a staggering 1 in 4, yes, 25%, of 20-year-olds will become disabled before reaching age 67. According to the Social Security Administration, 95% of those disabilities happen outside the workplace...so worker's compensation will not pay.*

Some companies generously give disability benefits to their employees. If you are one of those lucky ones...congratulations! Now the question is...how long are those benefits payable and how much of your income is covered and how much of that benefit is taxable? Seven of 10 Americans say they would feel a financial pinch in a month or less without their paycheck.**

Fortunately, I can help sort out all these issues. The Knights of Columbus offers a flexible disability income insurance policy. It can be tailored to supplement what you currently have through work or it can stand alone to safeguard your paycheck and provide protection against catastrophe. I can help you design a plan with the right monthly benefit, the right benefit period and all the other variables that go into customizing a plan that is right for you and your family. And our policy pays benefits regardless of whether or not the disability is work related.

So what if your last paycheck was your last paycheck? Let's make sure that doesn't happen by scheduling a time meet and review your specific situation. I know the time will be well spent.

Vivat Jesus!
Larry Lantz
KC Field Agent #18547
(704) 305-0699

* "Social Security Fact Sheet," United States Social Security Administration, accessed April 5, 2018,  www.ssa.gov/news/press/factsheets/basicfact-alt.pdf .
** "What do You Know about Disability Insurance?" Life Happens, accessed April 5, 2018, www.lifehappens.org

American Flags for Sale

The George L. Gettier Assembly 780 is selling 3 ft x 5 ft. American Flags for $25.  These flags are made in the good old United States of America.  

When flags are purchased by a St. Matthew Knights of Columbus Council 10852 member, $5 of the proceeds is returned to Council 10852.

Sir Knight Chuck Elgin, Faithful Navigator of Assembly 780, will have the flags available for sale at Council 10852 and Assembly 780 Business Meetings.  Cash, Checks and Credit Cards are accepted.

If you cannot attend an Assembly 780 or Council 10852 Business meeting but are interested in a flag, please contact Faithful Navigator Chuck Elgin at Email:  celgin01@earthlink.net; Call or Text: 704-614-0504.

Where:           South Charlotte Banquet Center
 9009 Bryant Farms Road, Charlotte, NC 28277
When:            Every Monday with doors opening at 5:30 pm.

Who:              Open to the general public.

Games:          We play a total of 17 games.  The "Early Bird" game starts at 6:45 pm with 100% of the
 money collected going to the winner(s).  16 more games follow starting at 7:00 pm.

Prizes:           Prizes vary based on the number of people playing and the number of cards
 purchased.  The typical nightly game prizes have been around:  Early Bird game - over  $300 ... 8 Regular games - $75 per game ... 7 Special games - $130 per game ... Coverall  game - $500.

Cost:             The minimum cost is $10.  That lets you play 9 of the 17 games.  If a person wants to play
 all 17 games the minimum is $18.  The average player spends around $25.  Young children  can pay $2 to play the 9 games minimum or $10 to play all 17 games.

How Long:    Bingo is normally done by 9:45 pm.

Supports      The profits from Bingo goes to the Charities of the Knights of Columbus.  We have donated primarily to St. Matthew Catholic Church in the past but have also made contributions to LAMB.

We group our volunteers into 5 teams.  Each team is scheduled to work once every 5 weeks.  Holidays
nights are covered by a volunteer team, so a team may work once every 6 weeks on occasion.  We can use more callers (we can train).  We record all items on a computer and if interested, we can train you for that process also.

There are a few husbands and wives working on a team.  In addition, we have wives that play while their husband works on a team.  If you have a high school or older child that would like to help, we can use them also.   If you work, all items from the Bingo kitchen are free.   This can be a great family team event.

If you have questions or want to help p lease contact:
Ron Schumacher 704-618-2442 or reschu8@gmail.com

Lumberton Needs YOU - Now More Than Ever after Florence & Michael!

The Lumberton ministry name is changing to "Christian Responders".  While we are still doing work at the Lumberton, NC area, we are also gearing up to be able to respond to out disasters or needs.
We are a truly diversified group of people with several things in common:
* We enjoy helping people in need... in fact it nourishes our souls to get out and actually assist people in need.
* We like experiencing spiritual growth, attending church together, sharing our faith, learning from each other, learning from the people we serve, and being the hands and feet of Jesus.
* We enjoy socialization, making new relationships, and celebrating life together.Together we work, rest, pray, talk, laugh, eat meals, and help God's people who desperately need assistance.
* We enjoy having people of all ages and skills, especially families with teens, and we're committed to building a team of diversified people who enjoy traveling together for a weekend or other time frame to help disaster survivors in their time of need.

  •  May 17
  •  Aug   9
  •  Sep 13
  •  Oct  11
  •  Nov 15
Activity: Helping restore houses so flood victims can return to their homes.
Lodging: We will be staying at the United Methodist Church in Lumberton.
Requirements: A desire to help God help those in need. No experience needed.
Please join "Christian Responders" in helping our neighbors by going to Lumberton, NC for a weekend and working with us and the United Methodist Church in restoring the homes of flood victims.

Contact: For information, please contact Joe George at jmecgeorge@aol.com or 704-906-0784, Ron Schumacher at reschu8@gmail.com or 704-618-2442, or Ray Misiunas at 980-226-4100/
Our team is busy recruiting volunteers for our upcoming weekends in March, April and May. We are also seeking trainers to assist with teaching our volunteers basic home repair skills.  

Please forward this link to all those who may be interested!

In Gratitude,

Joe George

Stephanie Chadwick

Christian Responders Ministry
St. Matthew Catholic Church
Charlotte, NC
Email:   christianresponders@gmail.com
Web:     https://stmatthewcatholic.org/responders 

May 2019


 7  PM  
Knights Business


Mens Shelter  

Mens Shelter Serving   
Board Meeting


Parish Breakfas t

GOLF Tournament
  7:30 PM:
Knights Mass

Assembly 780 Business  Meeting
 6:30 PM: Officers Mtg  


4TH on the 5TH

June 2019





LAMB at 7 Harris Teeters

Mens Shelter  
Mens Shelter Serving   
7 pm - Knight's Business Meeting

7 PM 
Board Meeting


Parish Breakfast

7:30 PM:
Knights Mass



Assembly 780 Business  Meeting
6:30 PM Officers Mtg 

BIRTHDAYS!   Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU!!
May                                               June
Anthony L Lopez 05 01
Godwin A Obimah 05 01
Timothy P Thomas 05 03
Binoy P Davis 05 05
Stephen M Lattimore 05 06
Douglas A Brown 05 07
Bertrand   Delobelle 05 08
Randall L Vaca 05 09
John B Dunleavy 05 09
Thomas A Mac Donald 05 09
Stefan   Rief 05 09
Gaetano J. De Fazio 05 10
Steven B Koronczok 05 10
Michael J Krysak 05 10
Joseph P Smith 05 10
J Brian Dunleavy 05 11
Scott   Poludniak 05 13
Stephen V Butkovich 05 14
E Joseph Armstrong 05 15
Thomas O Schilly 05 15
Thomas J Gorman 05 16
Mario G Sansotta 05 19
Anthony D Valente 05 20
Robert M Wieckowski 05 20
Mark S Adkins 05 21
Jeffrey S Evers 05 21
Michael J Plavnicky 05 23
Richard   Schmidt 05 23
Mark A Vincent 05 24
Bryan T Herzhauser 05 25
Thiak Y Loe 05 25
Ramiro   Dominguez 05 28
Michael G Schmidt 05 28
Bruce N Anderson 05 29
David E Gatton 05 29
John   Fraczek 05 30
Thomas D Polzin 05 30
James N Smith 05 31

Patrick G Barry 06 01
Jacob Patrick Brannon 06 01
Tom S Harceg 06 01
Hector J Jasso 06 01
Dennis A Maale 06 01
Barron K Stark 06 04
Mark J Spisak 06 05
06 07
James M Barnaba 06 07
David T Tibbitt 06 09
Michael F Nido 06 11
William   Smith 06 12
Ronald C Kempton 06 15
Joseph   Pata 06 15
Robert T Desch 06 16
Charles John Wigger 06 17
Michael F Keiser 06 18
Joseph C Stankovits 06 19
Salvatore   Della Villa 06 20
Richard M White 06 20
John T Irvine 06 21
Joseph P Madden 06 21
Chaalan K Bitar 06 22
James B Hamrlik 06 23
Russell M Marren 06 23
John P Hubbuch 06 24
Thomas E Sileo 06 24
William J Bradley 06 25
Justin C Ezennubia 06 25
Christopher M Gushue 06 25
Michael E Brannon 06 27
Paul L Cal 06 27
Steven R Kuzma 06 27
John E Schilling 06 27
A Dennis Mahedy 06 28
Mark R Hendel 06 29
Michael J McNulty 06 29
Richard C Bergeron 06 30
John F Coudriet 06 30

2018/2019 Council Officers
CHAPLAIN  Rev. Peter J. Ascik  pascik@stmatthewcatholic.org 
704-543-7677 x1185 
GRAND KNIGHT  Tom Larkin  twlarkin39@gmail.com    803-762-8989 
DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT   Bill McKenna  billmaurmck@att.net       704-560-6997 
CHANCELLOR     Jack Hickey   jjhickey@att.net    908-472-9019 
RECORDER  John Schilling    j4schill@earthlink.net   704-309-2267 
FINANCIAL SECRETARY    John Coudriet  ccoudriet@carolina.rr.com    704-543-9621 
TREASURER  Earl Hartenstine    elmstone999@yahoo.com   
ADVOCATE  Don Gacevich, PGK dgacevich@gmail.com  626-393-1876 
WARDEN  Mike Hankins    Mikehankins48@gmail.com    704-315-7764 
LECTOR  Chuck Elgin, PGK   celgin01@earthlink.net  704-614-0504 
INSIDE GUARD  Dave Donovan  dono67960@aol.com  704-904-7492 
OUTSIDE GUARD   Hank Kempton  henrykempton@bellsouth.net    
3 YR TRUSTEE  Bob Desch, PGK  deschr@bellsouth.net  704-543-8212 
2 YR TRUSTEE  Ron Schumacher, PGK   reschu8@gmail.com   704-618-2442 
1 YR TRUSTEE  Richard White, PGK  rmpwhite@gmail.com  704-543-6351