Nate Note
Tests. Sports. Proms. Tests. Graduation. Plays. Final Projects. Tests. And Tests. Did I say Tests?

Seems like every day in May is just packed for young people. I'm trying to get the LITs for LYFE Camp together and wow, it's not easy finding a common day for that whole group. We have families who want to be part of Graduation Sunday yet who aren't in town that day, too.
All of this is to say, I know it's a busy time and isn't easy. Yet, you will get through it. You're feeling stressed? This, too, shall pass. It ends up not going the way you want it to, like a game lost or a bad test score? That isn't easy, but it isn't the end. In a season that seems to want to prove how busy it is, don't forget that you are loved, you are capable, and you are amazing. May you feel the Spirit in this busy time.

In faith,
Rev. Nate Melcher
Come to the Koinonia Table
Koinonia Conversations
Sunday, May 5 at 11:30am, Sanctuary
All Hennepin members (remember: if you have been confirmed, you are a member!) are encouraged to be part of the second and final scheduled Koinonia conversation this Sunday in the Sanctuary after traditional worship. We will discuss the reasons behind why it may be time to sell the Koinonia property. Whether you have been involved in ministry in Koinonia recently or it's been a while, this critical decision has a tremendous impact on the vitality of your church.

During last Sunday's first scheduled conversation, it was apparent that there were barely any people under 50 years old there. It's important that your voice is at the table about this crucial decision for the church. No matter where you stand, even if you feel like you don't have a strong stake in the matter, the decision we make on June 2 (again, members include those who have been confirmed) will have a tremendous impact on the church for years to come and you're going to want to be part of the discussion that gets us to that point. Thank you.
LYFE Camp Still Open, but Not for Long!
June 23-29, 2019
Teens ending 7th-12th Grade this year!
NOT $435, but $300 after automatic HAUMC scholarship, 30% off!
BONUS SCHOLARSHIPS: $25 if you also do the mission trip, plus many scholarships available - don't let money get in the way of going to camp!
$50 round-trip bus travel fee available at registration
$25 free in the camp store if you register by April 30.

Experience the expansive love of Jesus in this diverse camp community. In small groups and worship, explore who God created you to be, and let your identity as a beloved child of God shine. Feel the Spirit in games, crafts, sports, campfire, and Quest. Share the love of Christ with your friends in song, support, and lots of laughter. Carry on beloved traditions and make new ones in our 65th summer together. Make the road by walking the next steps with Jesus on your spiritual journey at LYFE Camp, and may you Live Your Faith Everywhere! See photos and testimonials at 
Sign-Up to Bring a Dish to Share!
Annual Youth Family Spring Pot Luck Par-Tay!
Sunday, May 19, 5:30pm-7:00pm
All youth, plus their siblings and parents/guardians are invited to our Annual Spring Youth Family Pot Luck Par-Tay! Please sign-up to bring a dish to share and indicate what you're bringing. Sides, mains, desserts, drinks, whatever you like. Please look to see what others are bringing so we don't end up just eating 20 bags of chips, you know? There will be a time for eating together, a fresh photo slideshow, and a moment to celebrate ministry with Pastor Nate. And maybe a surprise or two! Hope to see you there!
Only 6 spots left for the Mission Trip!
Youth Mission Trip to Spirit Lake Ministry Center
Sunday, August 4 - Friday, August 9, 2019
Pastor Nate has sent out highly-detailed emails about this trip, including details on the schedule, scholarships, and the work. If you need another copy, please let me know and you'll get it, thanks!
Seniors! May 19 is Graduation Sunday!
HELP! Did anyone get photos of the Good Friday Pizza Party?! In all the fun and excitement, Pastor Nate forgot to take photos. If you have any to share, please send them his way, thanks. And thank you to everyone for being there. That's two years in a row, so that means we officially have a new tradition!
Sundays at 9:00am-9:45am
LAST SUNDAY: Matthew 24-25:30
Jesus tells parables about how we can think about "the kingdom of heaven" and being prepared.

THIS SUNDAY: Matthew 25:31-26
The Sheep and the Goats, plus the drama of the Last Supper.

NEXT SUNDAY: Matthew 27
The Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion.

REMINDER: This spring's class for Confirmation runs through Sunday, May 19 and Confirmation Sunday for this year's 9th Graders is scheduled for Sunday, September 22, 2019!
Our Remaining May Schedule:
05 Matthew 26 | The Last Supper
12 Matthew 27 | The Crucifixion
19 Matthew 28 | The Resurrection
Sundays, 5:30pm-6:30pm
LAST SUNDAY: Podcast Night!
We recorded a podcast about Good Friday and Avengers Endgame.

We're recording two more podcasts, exploring where we've been as a youth group and what's next for the church. Make your voice heard!

NEXT SUNDAY: No Youth Group, but please come to the "Faith to Save the Planet" climate change event at 7pm!

REMINDER: This spring's Sunday night youth group runs through May 19, ending with our annual Youth Family Spring Pot Luck Par-Tay!
Our Remaining May Schedule:
05 Podcast Night (Topics: Youth Group, LYFE Camp and VBS)
12 No Youth Group (attend the "Faith to Save the Planet" event at 7:00pm!)
19 Annual Spring Pot Luck Par-Tay!
26 No Youth Group (Memorial Day Weekend)

02 Community Meals
Pastor Nate would love a coffee with you!
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Church of Youth Ministries of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church
Rev. Nate Melcher, Associate Pastor of Faith Development
Pastor Nate's final Sunday with Hennepin is June 9, 2019.
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