A Message from the Trustees Regarding Koinonia
January 15, 2021

Dear Hennepin members,

On January 10, 2021, at a duly-called Church Conference, led by Rev. Dan Johnson, Twin Cities District Superintendent of the Minnesota Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, members of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist discussed the attached resolution to sell Koinonia Retreat Center to KAMI Holdings, LLC for $2,000,000. The congregation voted to approve the sale by a 188-99 margin, which far exceeded the simple majority required by The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church.  
Following the vote, our District Superintendent and our Senior Minister gave permission for the sale of this property as required by The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. With these two steps, the congregation has authorized the Board of Trustees, as its legal representative, to complete the sale of Koinonia Retreat Center. On January 12, 2021, the Trustees sent a letter notifying KAMI that Hennepin would complete the sale.
The decision to sell Koinonia Retreat Center was not an easy one. Koinonia holds a special place in our hearts and we celebrate the ways it has nurtured and shaped the life of this congregation. The Trustees would like to thank Hennepin members for engaging in conversation with grace and respect as we discerned together where God is leading us regarding our ownership of Koinonia. We give thanks for all the ways God has been present in this process and we pray that we will continue to be a congregation united in our love for one another as we move forward in our ministry to a hurting world.     
What are our next steps?  
The Trustees will continue to work with our real estate brokers, Transitions in Business, to bring us to a closing date and transfer of the property to the new owner. We are currently negotiating with the buyer to obtain personal property and mementos that will be important to our members and for our archives. If there are particular items you believe should be retained, please email your suggestions to koinoniaconversations@haumc.org. Although Koinonia is no longer operating as a retreat center due to COVID 19, we have continued to employ our officially retired General Manager, Kevin Dahlen, during the winter as a part-time caretaker for the property.  
What will happen to the funds from the sale of Koinonia?
The Koinonia Legacy Task Force is gathering input from the congregation to make recommendations to the Strategic Council for the use of the funds. The Strategic Council will call a Church Conference to present the recommendations to the congregation for approval. Until that time, the proceeds remaining after expenses, will be invested in an interest-bearing account. Koinonia Legacy funds WILL NOT and CANNOT BE USED for general operating expenses of Hennepin. We would like your input on how to further Hennepin’s mission and vision using these funds. Please email your ideas to koinoniaconversations@haumc.org or mail them to Hennepin at 511 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55403.  
How will we recognize and celebrate the blessings we have received from owning Koinonia Retreat Center?
It is very important that we acknowledge our grief and share our stories about Koinonia. If you would like to serve on a task force to plan a Koinonia Ministry Celebration event, please email: koinoniaconversations@haumc.org.
Will we continue to have camping and retreat opportunities? YES!
Our leadership and staff are committed to planning opportunities for camping and retreat ministry in new venues so we can begin to make some new memories. God DOES meet people in the midst of creation and we want to continue to offer these opportunities for people to gather in this way. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the team that will plan and coordinate these opportunities, please email: koinoniaconversations@haumc.org
God is doing a new thing among us. Please continue to pray for and with those who grieve this decision by the congregation. May God provide comfort and strength as we move forward with anticipation and excitement for where God will lead us next. We will move forward in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  
In Christ’s service together, 
Dan McConnell
Chair, Board of Trustees  
WHEREAS, following prayerful conversation and discussion at a duly-called Church Conference (“Church Conference”) held on June 2, 2019 at HENNEPIN AVENUE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (hereafter, the “Church”), the members of the Church authorized and directed the Board of Trustees of the Church to market for sale the property known as Koinonia Retreat Center (“Koinonia”), reserving the right to give final approval of the Buyer and Purchase Price; and
WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of the Church, after marketing the property, have executed a Purchase and Sale Agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”) dated October 29, 2020, to sell Koinonia to KAMI HOLDINGS, LLC (“Buyer”) for a total purchase price of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000), and have determined that it is in the best interest of the Church to recommend final approval of the Buyer and purchase price for Koinonia, in accordance with the Purchase Agreement;
RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees is hereby authorized to complete the sale of Koinonia to KAMI HOLDINGS, LLC for a purchase price of $2,000,000, and to deposit the net proceeds of such sale, in an interest-bearing account until such time as the Strategic Council and other officers of the Church shall bring further recommendations to a future Church Conference for congregation approval; and 
FURTHER RESOLVED, that any member(s) of the Board of Trustees in good standing, is hereby authorized, empowered, and directed to execute such deeds, affidavits, notices, certificates, resolutions and other instruments and documents on behalf of the Church as may be reasonably necessary or desirable in order to carry out the intent and purposes of the foregoing resolution.
511 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis MN, 55403 | 612-871-5303