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Covington's First Public Library
Covington's first public library was located at the corner of N. New Hampshire and South Vermont Street. Today it is the St. Cecilia House associated with Christ Episcopal Church. The library was started in about 1903 by Minerva's Chosen Bunch (MCBs) ... a group of socially and service oriented ladies. The library effort was spearheaded by Emma Lyon. Mrs. Lyon was honored for her work with a silver cup that remains in the family today.
Emma Lyon
Silver Cup Awarded by
Minerva's Chosen Bunch
Emma had a son named Buster. Buster had a grandson named Stephen. Today, Stephen owns and operates a restaurant on Boston Street named after his grandfather: Buster's Place Seafood and Oyster Bar ... in the same building his great grandmother, Emma, was one of America's first woman insurance brokers. The family eventually sold the company, Aubert Insurance, to Doug Hendry. Today it is run by Doug's son, Steve ... half a block from its original location on Boston Street.
There will be at test at the end of the semester.
St.Tammany Parish Library, 1950
Covington Branch
In 1950 the Parish moved into a new location at 325 East Boston Street.
Pictured above is the the same building today (Dom's Barber Shop, Tuscany Family Salon).

For more on the library from 1950 to 1955, check out Ron Barthet's Tammany Family Blog.
Eventually the St. Tammany Parish Library operated the Covington branch at 405 N. Jefferson Avenue.
I often told my mother I was going to this branch to study, but I was really going to meet girls.

I got shushed and admonished a lot by the librarian, Mrs. Alice Rogers.

As an adult I would become chairperson of the Parish Library Board of Control ... but Miss Alice could still shush me : )
During segregation the Black's only library was located at the corner of 29th Ave. and N. Tyler Street. The librarian was Mrs. Dorothy Williams. She also drove the bookmobile parishwide from 1958 to 1983. Speculation: I think that might be her son, Mike, to the right. He still has that same smile.
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